Face Yourself With Super Whatevr’s “Never Nothing” Debut Album

Super Whatevr – a trio-project started by Skyler McKee to encompass his musical poetry, together with bassist Thomas Waale, and drummer Luke Mensink – have released their debut album “Never Nothing”! The concept of which, “is that (what might be wrong with you) is never nothing!”

By studying the craft of songwriting with the help of a friend, Mckee penned his own songs – many of which originated from dark places. Reversedly, he hoped his songs would become reflective slithers of hope amidst one’s life-struggles – a fundamental theme of the album.

“All my songs are happy,” McKee explained. “They have a sad tone, but it’s all in a positive manner. I want to help people grow and be vulnerable. If it’s got to be dark, then it’s going to be dark. It doesn’t hurt me, because I know it’s going to help me grow and help other people grow.”

At first take, “Never Nothing” is the sound of a budding band still developing their style, but bursting with nervous, buoyant rhythmic energy, sprinkled with some hooks and melodies that are sure to give you an earwormful. Going deeper, you’ll begin to uncover the heavy themes expertly hidden inside, as they use the dreary beats as a form of poetic irony.

Never Nothing” manipulates the ominous darkness to make you realise: the only way to move past life’s problems, is to tackle them head-on! Taking a look at Kathrin With A K” – the third single off their debut album – with its lyrics detailing the dilemma of ending a toxic relationship: either to continue tolerating the pain, or choosing what’s best for your mental health. Skyler McKee adds, “It’s a song begging her to stay because the pain of a solo free fall is terrifying to me.”

Likewise, Telelelevision” – the single right after – takes on complicated themes about one’s relationship with their inner-self instead. “It’s about fighting what seemed to be a knee-jerk urge to take my life. Other people could tell me the type of person that I was but I wouldn’t hear it and certainly didn’t believe it,” Mckee shares.

You’ll notice “Never Nothing” explores quite a variety of issues, ranging from: unhealthy urges towards oneself, toxic relationships, and even inner-battles with one’s mental health! By weaving comprehensive lyrical dialogues together, the songs work cathartically, nudging you to push past your demons. Not just for the sake of self-betterment, but to be proud of the process too.

The debut album is a much worthy follow up to their 2017 EP, “Good Luck”. For the best experience, listen to the album as listed – starting with “Ah Oo Oh” and ending with “Loser”. You’ll get to see the clever energy progression Super Whatevr has put into each song, with each getting louder, and rawer in power!

Listen to Super Whatevr’s debut full-length ‘Never Nothing’ album on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify (below) now! You can also check out their visuals and music videos for several of their singles on the Hopeless Records YouTube channel!

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