Embark On The Craziest Nomadic Adventure With Red Bull In 2018: Can You Make It?

Hollering out to all the gutsy and fearless tertiary students out there who are complete suckers for adventure – Red Bull’s Can You Make It? is back this year after a 1-year hiatus to give you an opportunity to embark on the adventure of your lifetime. This is no understatement as you literally have to survive using Red Bull cans as your only currency to get around. Yes, that also means no phones, no tablets, and certainly no credit cards for any assistance. You’ll be uncontactable and cashless, so the only thing you can rely on is your grit for survival – with Red Bull drink cans!

For the whole nomadic expedition, you and your team have to cover more than 1,000 exhausting kilometres in one week in Europe to reach the city of Amsterdam, and only use Red Bull to trade for anything and everything. Yes, right from convenient rides on wheels to quick bites to fuel the gruelling journey.

Here’s how the whole adventure roughly pens out. Firstly, your team of 3 will have to depart from any of the five starting points in beautiful Europe – Budapest, Madrid, Manchester, Rome and Stockholm. Each of you will have to surrender your cash, credit cards and beloved phones, and have exactly 1 week to make your way to the final destination – Amsterdam.

Instead of using cash and credit cards to purchase items in your journey, your team has to master the art of trading Red Bull cans for everything you need on the journey. As you can expect, this is where your adventure becomes truly legendary and one to remember for life.

Teams will chart out their own destinies by visiting checkpoints in various European cities where they will be tasked with a myriad of Body and Mind challenges, completing as many tasks on the Adventure List as possible, along with documenting their progress thru photos and videos to build rapport among followers.

Each group will be assessed based on the Checkpoint Challenges, Adventure List tasks and total Social Following achieved. So time to get your A-game on and pull off some whacky stunts and capture all the epic stuff on camera.

Just F.Y.I: in the last Red Bull “Can You Make It?” held back in 2016, 165 teams managed to live out the experiences of their wildest dreams, from jumping out of a plane (were they crazy?) to obtaining much-coveted tickets to a Champions League game. All with mere aluminium Red Bull cans, mind you!

If you’re ready to rumble, here are the steps to sign up for the ultimate adventure.

Step 1

Gather a team of 3. Best if they are all adventure aficionados. All will need to be current tertiary students enrolled in any tertiary institution.

Step 2

Create a 1-minute long video explaining why your team should be chosen, and submit it at www.redbullcanyoumakeit.com, no later than 14 February 2018. It’d do your video plenty of help if you share what makes you smart, clever, travel ready, and primed for possibly the greatest adventure of your life.

Bonus points if you have some special ability such as having the superhuman ability to converse in 5 different languages, or possess a super irresistible voice to swoon others. Give a sneak-peek on camera!

Remember, you should highlight key points and capabilities that you can leverage on to master Europe with just Red Bull cans.

Step 3

Canvas for as many votes as possible for your video through sharing your video everywhere, ‘cus the video with the most votes in that particular country will emerge as finalists! Red Bull is looking for true conquerors, so go all out getting support for your noble cause.

And finally…

A panel of judges will select the winners from the top finalists, and will then be invited to fly to one of the five starting points in Europe to begin their nerve-wracking adventure.

Visit www.redbullcanyoumakeit.com for all the necessary deets and submit your entry by 14 February 2018. As always, may the odds be forever in your favour!

Photos courtesy of Red Bull.

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