Make “CONTACT” with The Cosmic Armchair

Singapore-based electronic pop/synthpop duo Cosmic Armchair released their debut album: “CONTACT’ yesterday on Friday, November 17.

A synthwave-induced melting-pot, “CONTACT” comes with 15-tracks influenced by band’s Asian roots, human “contact” with the citizens of planet Eart, and their cosmic dreams of the future. It’s an interesting mix of modern synthwave with a palate of melodic synthpop, New Wave and electronica – a pretty cosmic experience for all who come in contact with this marvelous album.

In midst of their planning and recording for “CONTACT”, the duo managed to juggle having a baby, their respective day jobs and make good on their family responsibilities – a triumphant feat for artists producing their first full-length album. Yet for all the uplifting, otherworldly sounds you’d find, the duo’s lyrics are pretty home here on Planet Earth – a relatable tapestry of human stories.

“Every song on the album was inspired by a different encounter or situation in our lives,” says Cosmic Ben. “Fly Away” came from a particularly tough day at work. “When Will You Learn” is about a close friend who betrayed us, while ‘Not You’ is about another friend with self-destructive tendencies. “Falling” is about the joy of falling in love.”

To knock the comet out of the park, Cosmic Armchair will be launching “CONTACT” with a series of live shows in Singapore – performing songs from the album and revealing their creative journey in the pursuit of their sound for “CONTACT”.

If you’re unable to catch them in the flesh, you’ll be able to see them on Facebook Live as well or just listen to their album on Spotify below – perfect if you’re tuning into their signals from beyond the stars!


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