Feel The Tension In No Duff’s Debut Single: ‘Exile’

It’s time to welcome a new band to the Singapore scene, as indie rock band No Duff debuts with their single: ‘Exile’!

‘Exile’ explores the tensions in relationships and separation contrasted against the band’s signature style of high-energy tones and rhythm, blended together with award-winning music producer, Edric Hwang of GRYD. Set to be released on 24th November, ‘Exile’ will be available on all digital platforms, with an accompanying Music Video dropping on 1st December!

Formed at the beginning of 2016, No Duff was the brainchild of frontman and lead singer Matt Yeo, who decided to put together a group to write and perform original music, citing his experiences singing in several other cover bands.

“I think I was a bit cunning because I wrote all these posts on local music forums saying that I was looking for guys to play in an “all-star super group” and that only very talented individuals should apply. I guess my trick worked because I ended up with a very strong lineup!” jokes Matt.

From the left: Linus Ng (lead guitar), Willie Lyou (bass), Matt Yeo (frontman), and Low Zhe Wei (guitar).

Describing their musical style as modern rock with a taste of the 80’s, Guitarist Linus Ng elaborates: “We’re huge fans of modern rock bands like Muse, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Panic! At the Disco and Greenday but we’re also closeted 80’s rock fans and we love our Guns N’ Roses, Skid Row, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers so we incorporate elements from quite a number of genres.”

Yet, the complex drum lines and melodic guitar runs in ‘Exile’ are emblematic of the band’s unique sound, further accentuated by Matt’s mellow vocals, as he soars into a high chorus – quite a versatile range for the lead singer!

“We were quite particular about the feel of the song. The lyrics are melancholic but we wanted the song to feel energetic and upbeat. I think we achieved that.” says Matt.

Get ready to listen to ‘Exile’ on Spotify below (when the link goes live), or get a download via iTunes here!

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