Panic! At the Disco: Death of a Bachelor, Life of a Performance

The last time American rock band Panic! at the Disco came to Singapore was eons ago, dating all the way back to 2008. Back then, they were a still quartet – consisting of Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith and Jon Walker. Remember the good old days when they helped to popularise “guyliners”, emo haircuts and face paint?

Panic! at the Disco‘s iconic song, I write sins not tragedies, says it all as well.

8 years on from the last performance here, we can safely say that the band has evolved tremendously – in terms of member count, musical style and overall fashion aesthetics. Today, while Brendon Urie (or “Beebo”, as his fans affectionately call him) is the sole founding member left in the band, we’re actually really excited to catch him rocking it on stage for the second time this August.

Over the years, he certainly helped the band transform tremendously, gradually steering away from the “emo-ness’” of the late 90s and experimenting with different genres to blaze down new musical directions (eg. fusing jazz and rock together). There’s also his pursuit of timelessness: many of his new tunes in the latest album, “Death of a Bachelor “, are inspired by the Frank Sinatra and Queen.

Brendon UrieWhether you are a new Panic! listener or a zealous long-time fan, do keep an eye (or ear) out for some of the latest hits Brendon has created back in his home studio (the studio was specifically built for the purposes of making this new record, talk about dedication). “Victorious” and “Emperor’s New Clothes” are some of our favourite singles so far. With so much life and energy bursting in the music videos, these songs are bound to get stuck in your head, like it did to ours.

"Panic! at the Disco Live in Singapore!"

We can’t wait to see him translate all that work from his humble home studio to the grand stage of the Suntec Exhibion & Convention Centre on 16 August 2016. Brought to you by LAMC Productions, do grab your tickets starting from $98 from SISTIC before it sells out. If you’re too late, your soul might just be as dead as the bachelor…

Photos Courtesy of Play Buzz, Upset Magazine and LAMC Productions

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