The Heart Wants Selena Gomez: From Disney To The Indoor Stadium

Remember the time when a baby-faced Selena Gomez was part of the Disney DNA? Back when she was (mildly) overshadowed by (then-) BFFs Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus? Well this Disney child star has come a long way and proves that she deserves to be in the spotlight.

Selena Gomez has come a long way since her Disney days. Since starting out on “Barney & Friends”, she showed that she has a knack for music as well as acting. She moved on and shined as the lead in Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” playing the sassy witch-in-training Alex Russo, where she also recorded the theme song. Fast forward a few years and a sprinkle of Disney covers, Gomez led the pop-rock band, Selena Gomez & the Scene.

If you remember the band’s many brushes with the top of the charts, they gave us the hits “Naturally”, “A Year Without Rain”, “Love You Like A Love Song and my all-time favourite jam, “Who Says”. The band had a good run with three studio albums before going on ‘hiatus’. The beautiful thing about hiatuses is that members will take that time to do their solo projects and that’s exactly what Gomez did. So far we’ve been blessed with two albums, “Stars Dance” and “Revival”, and it looks like she isn’t slowing down (or ever going back).

With her latest album, Gomez is currently on tour and she’s heading straight to our sandy shores this July! Be prepared to dance to her addictive tracks such as “Same Old Love” (which is supposedly about on-and-off beau Justin Bieber), “Come And Get It” and “Good For You”.

Personally I’m hoping she’ll perform tracks from her albums with The Scene because it really just brings back memories of hanging with the girls and coming to appreciate this multi-genre pop star. Being a hardcore fan of Demi Lovato and her pop-rock leanings, Gomez’s dance-pop music wasn’t exactly on my playlist (the loyalty was real back then y’all…) but I do admit Gomez has been improving vocally and performance-wise over the years. It helps that her new tunes are easier to chill and groove too, making them appropriate for whatever mood you’re in.

Looking back down memory lane, Gomez has definitely grown from sweet Disney girl to a fine, sensual bombshell. If her performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show earlier this year is anything to go by, we’re definitely sure that we’re in for an energy-filled (and very sensual) evening. I’m really looking forward to this night with Me & My Girls.

Oh, and we sort of accidentally made a playlist of Sel’s greatest hits. It was just so easy – she’s given us so many great tunes over the years! Listen to “Best of Selena Gomez” on Spotify right now.


With her world tour hitting Singapore on Wednesday, 27th July 2016, we’re getting ready for her to bring her string of hits to life at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets for the Selena Gomez “Revival” Tour Singapore start at S$98 and are now available up on the SportsHub website. Get your tickets now!

Find out more about the concert on the official Facebook event page here.

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