Should You Return: Copeland Makes a Comeback

The last we saw of indie rock band Copeland was at one of their final shows in 2010, as we bid them a tearful farewell before their break up. Fast forward to the present and the band are back together with a new album and a new date in Singapore!


Copeland’s return to Singapore is organised by Snowbird Productions, who was previously responsible for bringing in Against The Current and Lenka. The show has been set for Tuesday, 3rd May 2016 at TAB Singapore with tickets now available from Peatix. Tickets are $78 for general admission and $98 at the door. There are also limited VIP meet-and-greet tickets priced at $128 each.

Copeland have no need for an introduction to fans of indie rock, their songs about life and relationships resonate with just about anybody. While Copeland’s songs range from piano ballads to full-on rock, lead singer Aaron Marsh‘s airy vocals remain a cornerstone of the band’s identity. Their newer material is laced with a weary melancholy and generous use of electronics, perhaps an allegory for the band growing older yet starting anew.

The Florida-based quartet laid dormant for four years before dusting themselves off and making a surprise reunion announcement. It was accompanied by the announcement of a new album, “Ixora”, and the release of a new song, Ordinary. The remainder of the album would be released in the following months.

Speaking of the reunion, Aaron claims that it was due to popular demand from the fans. “I would see people on Twitter and Facebook kind of lamenting about Copeland breaking up, but I had no idea how many people were out there really wanting [a reunion].”

Running along with that concept, Copeland’s tour will be played by request with fans picking out the setlist. To do so, fans can send out a tweet to Snowbird Productions with their song choices along with the hashtag #CopelandByRequest. Alternately, this request format can also be submitted via Snowbird Productions’ Facebook Page by commenting under the image of the show’s poster. The final setlist will ultimately be decided by the band.

As we wait (im)patiently for their return, we can all dream of the perfect Copeland setlist. Here’s my pick of songs that I’d like to see them perform. If you’ve never heard of Copeland, this makes for a good introduction to the band too.

[Note: I really wanted to include the songs “By My Side”, “I’m Safer in an Airplane”, and “The Last Time He Saw Dorie”, but unfortunately they’re unavailable for streaming on Spotify 🙁 ]

Additionally, the songs “Have I Always Loved You?”, “I Can Make You Feel Young Again”, “Chiromancer” and “Ordinary” are only available on Spotify in an alternate version. We presume that Copeland will not be performing this exact version of these songs.

For new listeners, here are a little more of my thoughts on 3 of the best songs that we’ve picked out:

Should You Return”: It would be perfect if they opened their set with this song – it’s the first song that I heard from the band! The song begins with Aaron’s solitary vocals cutting through in a haunting falsetto. It makes for a sombre opening which would set the tone perfectly for the rest of the songs.

California”: This song starts off slowly but then morphs into a blistering rock fest in the last quarter. It’s closer to the sound that Copeland started with and will be a welcome addition to fans familiar with their older work. In any case, it provides a pleasant change of pace within the set.

Ordinary”: Before their reunion, I was resigned to the fact that Copeland were gone forever, so imagine my elation when they released this gem! It’s remarkably simple but it exudes a quiet hopefulness that’s genuinely arresting. I suppose that’s where Copeland’s strength lies: to make something more out of the ordinary things.

Get your tickets now!

Find Copeland online: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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