Tech Brief: Twitter Turns 10, New iPhone, And A Deer Livestream

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Twitter finally gives itself reason to celebrate, Apple releases a new thing that doesn’t cost as much as its previous things, a few hundred people around the world are watching a virtual deer on live video, and more in this week’s Tech Brief!

Twitter Is 10!

Twitter turned 10 on Monday, 21st March, and they made sure EVERYONE knew that, with a series of GIFs and videos from each country’s official Twitter account.

It’s not called the world’s noisiest platform for nothing. Also notable is how @TwitterAdsSG made about as much noise as @TwitterSG. Money talks.

We love you, Twitter! Thanks for not forcing algorithm-based timelines down everyone’s throats, unlike somebody else.

Write Poetry With Strangers… Because They Won’t Laugh At How Cheesy You Are

HaikuJAM is an up-and-coming app which allows users to collaborate on haikus from anywhere. Finish off someone else’s sentences or start a completely new stanza – it’s Lang Leav for ADD sufferers.


We’ve got 4 writers from The DANamic.ORG Team creating art on it already. More on HaikuJAM soon!

Apple Releases New Thing

The world is changed again. Contrary to earlier rumours, this thing still sports a earphone jack. Find out more about the new thing that people will be throwing their money at here.

The Future Is In This Pen and Microwavable Notepad

This one’s for all the doodlers and writers who just can’t make the switch to tech. The Rocketbook Wave lets you write or doodle in a special notepad and scan the contents via your phone.


Take a photo and the app instantly crops the page and neatly stores them in your Dropbox, Google Drive, OneNote, Evernote, or even your email address!

As for the ink, the Pilot Frixion pen is not a new piece of tech. Because the ink is thermochromic (which means they become clear at a certain temperature), you can just pop the whole notebook in the microwave when you’ve run out of notepad space and you’ll have a brand-new notebook!


Video of the Week: Watch This Deer Wreck Havoc In The GTA V World

It’s hard to explain this, so we’re just putting the official explainer from the site here:

San Andreas Deer Cam is a live video stream from a computer running a hacked modded version of Grand Theft Auto V, hosted on Twitch.tv. The mod creates a deer and follows it as it wanders throughout the 100 square miles of San Andreas, a fictional state in GTA V based on California.

The deer has been programmed to control itself and make its own decisions, with no one actually playing the video game. The deer is ‘playing itself’, with all activity unscripted… and unexpected. In the past 48 hours, the deer has wandered along a moonlit beach, caused a traffic jam on a major freeway, been caught in a gangland gun battle, and been chased by the police.”

Alright then. Watch here.

The DANamic.ORG Tech Brief arrives every Friday (kind of). Set your watches.

Go back in time and read last week’s edition here.

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