JRC: Why You Should Know About the Next Big Thing in Camera Equipment Rental

In the world of professional drool-worthy camera gear, everything is big, bulky, heavy, and definitely expensive. That absolutely bokehlicious shot with delicious, creamy effects probably came fro, a good camera body with a pricey lens that is wider than most people’s wrists. The average guy who is into photography will most likely be broke from investing in camera gear worth thousands, or simply from renting from places which are just too costly. We’re talking about close to $150 a day just for a decent body and lens!

But hey, wonderful news for all of us who are dying to create works that inspire with cameras, but yet hate to bankrupt our puny savings. There’s this new rental establishment called J Rental Centre (JRC), and here’s why you should know about them. They’re good, affordable, and much more.

1. They’re super pocket friendly. No joke

image04For the broke out there who dream of being the next Steven Spielberg or Christopher Nolan but lack the moolah to afford those lofty gear, JRC is there for you. Students get 10% off the listed prices, which are already around 40% below prevailing market rates. Take the Canon 5D Mark II, a video enthusiast’s favourite for example. JRC offers it for $45/day. After 10% off, it’s only $40.50. Compare that to prevailing market rates, which is close to $80. Do the math.

2. The last C is also for Convenience

image05JRC knows that the modern day singaporean is a super busy one. Just look at the schooling schedules we have here and you’ll get the drift. Hence, they are going all out to give you convenience when you rent gear by providing localised affordable rentals. How you ask? By having over a whopping 300 pieces of equipment from over 20 locations. Most pieces of equipment you see on have multiple locations, giving flexibility when the need to get gear arises. 

3. Their business model is honest

image00When they say they are offering the cheapest camera equipment rental rates in the island, they’re honest and they mean it. Just compare the prices for yourself, and you might even smile quietly to yourself – that’s how far they are going to win your heart (and money). Apart from pricing, the reason for offering such low prices is also to offset depreciation costs. We all know how fast technology advances, it’s insane. Owning an expensive fleet of equipment means servicing and maintenance are part of the equation as well. JRC actually makes close to no profit for all that it’s offering up for rent!

4. It’s run by pros in videography and photography who know their gear inside out

image01This says a lot. Renting gear at jaw-dropping rates is only half the equation – you’re going to get invaluable advice plus tips from the equipment owners themselves too. Since they are the ones who use the equipment for professional work, they would be able to impart priceless pointers on how to make the best out of the gear. Oh and did I forget to mention that you’ll be able to expand your network in the creative field as well? ‘Nuff said; you’ll end up with even more after walking away with the equipment to do your next great work. If you ask me, this singlehandedly seals the deal.

5. They have a kickass system to facilitate everything

image02You’ll be in for a fuss-free renting experience with their intuitive website: easy to navigate – complete with clearly labelled buttons to take you to your gear. Since location accessibility is also one of the main selling points of JRC, they provide you with an idiot-proof map that shows you how many camera gear is closest to home. 3 simple steps: Choose your gear, select the dates you want, and fill in your contact details. Boom, you’ll be informed in no time so that you can waste less time waiting and spend more time using!

As the gear on the site are all updated in real time, you’ll always be presented with accurate dates pertaining to equipment availability. There you have it, speed and reliability are also qualities of JRC.

With the above 5 points about JRC, it’s clearly the next big thing in camera equipment rental. Try it and never go back to conventional renting options. Click here to be one of the first to enjoy a great rental experience!

Photos Courtesy of J Rental Centre

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