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Stay In This Valentine’s Day For “Muthar Kanave”

As a multi-cultural society, Singapore is no stranger to cross-cultural love stories. Many of us experience the struggle between fulfilling parents’ wishes and following our hearts.

This Valentine, Vasantham brings you “Muthar Kanave” (“First Dream”) – a musical telemovie that tells a story of boy-next-door Shravan and his journey in finding love. Follow Shravan’s struggles as he tries to accommodate to his traditional parents and their customary rules, while falling deeper into his attraction for Charlotte, who is of another race. The movie sheds light on an extensive array of issues such as cross-cultural relationships and the complexities of traditional Asian society.

shabir_jaeWe’ve got high expectations for the cast of Muthar Kanave – with Shravan played by local musician Shabir Tabare Alam – Best Actor at Pradhana Vizha 2011. The 2005 Vasantham Star winner will also be composing the telemovie’s theme song. As the female lead Charlotte, Jae Liew of “Tanglin” fame will also be starring in her first Tamil telemovie. With supporting cast Kokila and Soundarajan Jeeva (winners of Pradhana Vizha 2013 Best Actress and Pradhana Vizha 2014 Best Actor in a Comedy Role respectively) playing his parents, we have no doubt the film will be a balance of comedic and sentimental moments.

Add this film to your must-watch list with your partner (or alone – that’s fine too) this Valentine’s Day as it premieres on Mediacorp’s Vasantham Channel at 9PM.

Special thanks to Millenia Motion Pictures.

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