5 Laneway Looks For Girls + Where To Get Them!

We’ve already established that St Jerome’s Laneway Festival is where all the cool kids hang out. The vibe is great, the acts are amazing, and the fashion scene is stellar. It’s also the place to go if you’re looking to flaunt your favourite style. If you’re a rookie and have no idea what to wear, take a cue from these 5 types of fashionistas you’ll spot at Laneway 2016.

1) The Boho Goddess

The look that you’ll most probably expect to see, fashionistas take inspiration from the Boho Goddess – Vanessa Hudgens. This look is an eclectic mix of floral headbands with fringed crop tops and of course, effortless grace. Perfect for hot & humid Singapore weather.


Pair a bandeau top with a pair of ripped jean shorts or a pair of printed shorts for a more vibrant look.


No Boho Goddess is complete without her accessories. Floral headbands are a must. But take it a step further with these beautiful temporary metallic tattoos. Also available here.


2) The Print Queen


Looking good (and feeling good) will definitely turn some heads. Bold prints and bright colours are certain to keep all eyes glued on you. Pair a print top with a pair of plain bottoms for a balanced and confident look.


Culottes and flare pants are perfect for the season, and they’re always a handy staple in your wardrobe!


Accessorise with a plain necklace and big floppy sunhat for that chill and casual look.


Okay, this one’s a little ridiculous…

3) The Edgy Princess

Not a fan of colours? Dark and edgy styles are a definite sight at any festival. Faux leather jackets are the easiest way to give that edgy look (but 12 hours under the sun in that?). Pair dark crop tops with a pair of skinny ankle fit jeans with faux leather jackets or deep coloured blazers.

If you feel like “fancying it up”, the choice of lace overlay skirts is always good.


Isn’t this lace crop top just perfection?


Accessorise with chunky bracelets, your favourite shades, and a pair of your most comfortable boots. That way you’re prepared for both rain and shine.

4) The Simple & Practical

Not too fussed about dressing up? If basic pieces are your wardrobe staple, mix in a few great pieces for that perfect Laneway look. With the erratic Singapore weather, it’s a must to own at least a pair of shorts. Pair up your most comfy shorts with simple tops or even a bandeau if you can’t stand the Singapore sun.

Beat the heat with this breezy crop top!


Really, really beat the heat with this crop top.


Plain tops are always good because you can accessorise any way you want. Pair it with a colourful statement necklace or an armful of bracelets and your favourite sunnies!


Why wear one necklace when you can wear three?


5) The Dressy Doll

Let’s face it, dresses are the easiest thing in a girl’s closet. You pick one, you wear it, and it looks amazing with (almost) zero effort. For all the dress lovers out there, here are some tips to make your Laneway Look shine.


A plain dress is always good. It doesn’t need much except for a few accesories of your choice.

Printed dresses are an absolute dream if you’re looking for an easy pop of colour. A pair of strappy sandals with your favourite pair of shades and you’re all good to go.


But if all else fails (and why would it?) you can always dress as ‘The Kanye’. An oversized sweater, your favourite pair of jeans, and the doppest pair of kicks that you have and you’re all set and ready to go. After all, it’s not always about what you wear, but how you wear it. You do you. 🙂

Find out more about the Laneway Festival 2016 here, and listen to our curated “Laneway Freshie OrientationSpotify playlist here.

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