A Quick Guide For Laneway 2016 Noobs

So the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival is just slightly more than a month away! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically the closest thing to Coachella we’re ever going to get. But really though, it’s a pretty good place to chill to a fresh mix of music and artists from all over the world.

If you’re a Laneway noob (like me) and have no clue which acts to look out for, here’s DANamic.ORG’s quick guide to Laneway 2016!


For lovers of rock with a touch of local sensibility, check out Cashew Chemists. This local band beautifully melds the blues with heart-melting vocals. It almost brings you back to the 50’s, where boys tried to emulate the look of James Dean and girls had the red-lipped look pat down.

The band have just released their latest EP titled Previously On… Cashew Chemists earlier this month. The four tracks on this EP are everything you need for a chill afternoon playlist. Among their releases, I would strongly recommend taking some time to listen to “Feel Amazing” off the new EP and “Common Equation”, their debut single from 2012. If you’re looking for a post-breakup track, slide in “Over You”, and give all the Adele and Taylor Swift tracks in your “If I Ever Break Up” playlist a much-needed break.

Bonus: We spoke to the Chemists just last month, right before the Skechers Sundown Festival! Read the full interview here.

One of the coolest bands from the UK, CHVRCHES have been making waves across the world. This synthpop band has the perfect recipe to creating amazing tracks. The Scottish lads and lass have already toured and performed at some pretty big festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza. If you haven’t heard their tracks (liar), take a listen to “The Mother We Share, which was the band’s first single, which proves that they were already slaying it from the get-go. “Leave A Trace, off their latest album, is subtly empowering in the best of ways.

The light-hearted tunes make their tracks perfect for chilling with the homie (or chilling with bae). It also sounds like the choice of music at an Abercrombie & Fitch store but no complaints there. Let them serenade you on Spotify here.

A handsome face with a voice of gold, Harley Streten (more famously known as Flume) is the epitome of perfection. The Australian native is only 24 years old but he’s already producing tracks to much critical acclaim. If you love sitting at coffee houses with a good book, “What About Us and “Holding On are the perfect background tunes. It’s been a while since Flume’s released some fresh tracks, but we hear there’s going to be some sneaks of his highly-anticipated LP that’s dropping next year. Not convinced about this talented mate? Take a listen to his remix of Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down below.

An artist who brings the world into his music, Shamir is definitely a favourite for me. From R&B to pop to soul and even to house, Shamir is nothing but fearless as he weaves between genres. His 2014 hit “On The Regular is basically my anthem to the world. It almost has a Rastafari/raggae feel to it which is pretty interesting. “Call It Off is filled with sick beats and it’s the perfect track to dance to after breaking up with that ratchet lover. With such trippy tracks (and equally trippy music videos), Shamir is definitely one act to look out for.

And there we have it, a quick guide to the Laneway Festival by a freshie, for all you other freshies. Leave a comment if you feel personally victimised because we left out your favourite band, whoever they might be! 

Do watch out for DANamic.ORG’s curated Laneway Festival 2016 picks – presented in a Spotify playlist – coming real soon!

Find out more about the Laneway Festival via their official website here.

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