You’ve Got Mail: Yahoo’s Brand-New Mail App

Recently, Yahoo announced their 18th anniversary major update AND their brand-new mail app. We all recall our very first (and very cringe-ily named) Yahoo email address, so what’s new in the app?

Smart Search is probably the best addition to a mail app since multiple inbox sorting. Anybody who has an email account signed up with every newsletter under the sun will definitely lament on how quickly a specific email gets lost amidst the masses, regardless of importance. Double the inconvenience if you’re working – your inbox is always topped up with more incoming emails.

Yahoo Mail App_Inbox

But not only is the email from your uncle about his new leaf blower lost, any attachments are also lost to the database unless you magically remember the subject of the email.

Good thing that Smart Search goes across subjects, content, and attachments. Just to make sure you can trawl through your countless emails with ease, the search UI arranges results by messages, photos, and attachments. So typing email buzzwords like “Important”, “Attention”, “Immediate Release” and “Update” won’t immediately list your whole inbox.

Yahoo Mail App_Mailboxes

Multiple account integration is also introduced with Yahoo’s latest update so there are less apps cluttering your phone. Now you can finally see your painstakingly-chosen background again! Outlook, Hotmail, and AOL can all be combined within the new Yahoo mail app.

For those with many email accounts serving various purposes, now you can at least see it all at once without lagging your phone while switching apps. Plus, the smart search and contacts work across the other integrated emails and not just Yahoo mail!


And of course, the little UI improvements. Now there are prettier default avatars taken from Flickr based on your initials if you’ve got no contact image. And you can also swipe to delete or mark a particular mail as important. It’s kinda like Tinder for emails.

Let’s not forget another great little addition: holding down the Compose buttons composes an email to yourself. Now you can send yourself images and notes without feeling self-conscious about typing your own email address into the recipient field (or typing “hi” in the subject bar).

There’s plenty of other small quality of life improvements we didn’t cover like a smarter auto-suggest. We guess most of you with the app got the automatic update already but hey, in case you haven’t, give it a whirl!

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