4 Amazing Foodies On YouTube You Have To Subscribe To

It’s a quarter after one, I’m a little drunk, and I need you now” This ain’t an article about Lady Antebellum and where they’ve disappeared to, but rather a quick guide to some amazing food-centric channels on YouTube for your supper cravings!

Because we’ve all been tired and hungry (and drunk) while doing our late-night Internet scrolling (or homework, if you’re responsible), here are 4 chefs/pseudo-chefs who have been cooking up a storm online. Just grab a fork and dig in!

1) SORTED Food

It’s impossible not to love the 4 British boys/men of SORTED. Comprising Jamie Spafford, Barry James Taylor, Mike Huttlestone, and Ben Ebbrell (the only one with culinary experience), the channel has been creating Insta-ready #foodporn since 2010.

From their creepily intimate “FridgeCam” chitchat sessions to the recent “Lost and Hungry” series where they explored the food of Los Angeles, SORTED has built a massive fanbase of more than 1.3 million subscribers from around the world. Fans also enjoy the fun-loving personalities of the cast, who regularly take the piss out of one another. Watching SORTED is like watching your friends cook! Just that these guys have got that appealing British accent.

YouTube fans: Relive the massive Grace x Mike ship (#Mace?) from 2013 with Bubble Tea ft. Grace Helbig!

2) How To Cake It

So I reach for my butter and I beat it up, pouring all my sugar in the measuring cup!

Fronted by Yolanda Gampp, How To Cake It is baking taken to new extremes. With quotable quotes like “think of that ex-boyfriend who hurt you, and GO!” while crushing walnuts (ouch, not our nuts please), the weekly uploads are loved by more than 600,000 eager bakers around the world.

Go on and click on that watermelon cake video. We know you want to. We’ll wait. 🙂

3) Food Wishes

This is for sure: Chef John can narrate my dreams. The one-man star of Food Wishes has never appeared on camera – an interesting tidbit considering how YouTube is a visual platform. With a bubbly, almost Disney-esque voice, Chef John does lovely voiceovers as his culinary delights are brought to life.

To prove how his golden voice can make any content sparkle, here’s Chef John teaching the Internet an impressive soft skill – “How to Flip Food in a Pan Like a Chef“! An oldie but a goodie, this is a must-watch. Seriously.

As part of the Allrecipes brand, Food Wishes’ recipes are available on and!

4) Just One Cookbook (Namiko Chen)

Hosted by Namiko Chen, the Just One Cookbook channel presents authentic Japanese recipes to a growing audience. Tackling the global market with an Asian perspective, Namiko offers up a delectable fusion of both worlds – like a (Starbucks) “Iced Green Tea Latte“!

And yes, there are sushi videos.

Do you have a burning passion for a particular YouTube channel that we (sadly) missed out? Let everyone know about your favourite cooking channel in the comments below!

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