Interview With Dexter: Beauty from Pain

Now, everyone has their own way to deal with a breakup. We all mope, drowning in self-pity and tubs of ice cream. Some go onto social media and share depressing or incredibly sulky and angry posts, some stay in and play angst-filled music with a glass of wine, and some people channel their hurt into their craft, creating beauty from pain: Taylor Swift and Adele come to mind when it comes to making millions art from breakups. DANamic.ORG spoke to Dexter Choo, a new name in Singapore’s local music scene. We caught up with him as he rides on the release of…

Tech Brief: GoPro Falls From Grace, Twitter Executive Shakeup, Instagram Ads Boom

Welcome to Tech Brief, your weekly wrap-up on all that’s happened in the tech and startup industries this week!  It’s been an exciting week – perfect for our very first Tech Brief here at DANamic.ORG. Let’s take a look at the biggest stories this week, involving Twitter, Instagram, and GoPro! Twitter Execs Leave Company, Stock Continues To Fall In the 3 months that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has spent at the top following his return, we’ve seen the switch from the classic “Favourite” star to the flamboyantly-animated heart-shaped “Like”. While rumours are swirling that the tweet limit might be expanded from…