#RIPAlanRickman: Potterheads React To Death of Prof. Snape
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#RIPAlanRickman: Potterheads React To Death of Prof. Snape

British actor Alan Rickman has passed away from cancer, aged 69. Remembered for a variety of iconic roles over a 30-year career, his multi-generational appeal is testament to his talent for playing the villain in many memorable roles. From embodying Bruce Willis‘ adversary in 1988’s “Die Hard” to his singular performance as the misunderstood Professor Snape in the “Harry Potter” series, even the most nonchalant moviegoer would no doubt have a vivid recollection of his work. DANamic.ORG writer and Potterhead Hannah Halim has compiled a list of dedications on the Internet from the Harry Potter fandom and beyond. http://feellng.tumblr.com/post/137280110732/when-im-80-years-old-and-sitting-in-my-rocking “He was probably the bravest…
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