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Rufus Wainwright Pays Homage To Shakespeare With Florence Welch, Helena Bonham Carter, and More

I first discovered Rufus Wainwright by way of Robbie Williams‘ gorgeous, duets-laden album “Swings Both Ways”, from their track of the same name. The American-Canadian singer-songwriter and composer’s velvety, androgynous vocals were fascinating to say the least. Just last week, Rufus Wainwright released his ninth studio album to little fanfare. “Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets” was quietly brought into the world with a slew of artistic collaborators, including Helena Bonham Carter, Marius de Vries, Florence Welch, and Carrie Fisher. With the 400th anniversary of the master playwright’s death coming to a head with the #Shakespeare400 banner online, it’s not difficult…