Meet the DANAMIC team at MOX’s First Year Anniversary

MOX, a co-working space and community for creatives, will be celebrating its first year anniversary this Saturday (27 Oct). As a part of the MOX community, join us there as we open our doors to the public for the very first time to commemorate their anniversary! Over the past year, MOX has bred the spirit of creative entrepreneurship by allowing like-minded creative professionals to collaborate and be inspired by each other within the same workspace community. Its first year anniversary aims to advocate the works that its creative practitioners and community leaders have been working on within its spaces for…

Cakerholic: Turning Crazy Cake Ideas Into Reality

If you could wish for any birthday cake in the world, what would it be? Mine would be some sort of a savoury cake, you know, like a twelve-inch burger or a mountain of salmon with a candle on top. I’m just a savoury over sweet kind of person. But my only gripe is, those ‘cakes’ aren’t really cakes. It’s just a round, gigantic version of what we eat for lunch and dinner. I wished there was something that looks like a cake, that makes for a good dessert course and yet, savoury. And then, one day, a fairy god-baker…