Get To The Hearth: New Ranked Play Updates Coming to Hearthstone This March

The winds of change are upon us! Starting March, expect to see a reworked Ranked Play system in Hearthstone. Although the changes officially take place for the March season, how you play in February will impact how you start in March! Starting in March, all players reset four ranks back. Player ranks will now reset exactly four ranks below your current standing, including the number of stars in your current rank. Here are some examples: Rank 15, 2 stars, resets to Rank 19, 2 stars. Rank 1, 3 stars, resets to Rank 5, 3 stars. Legend players reset to Rank 4,…

Art & Bytes: Betwixt Festival To Launch End-February

Interstice – that’s the theme at the inaugural Betwixt Festival, a six-day event launching this February at the ArtScience Museum. Referring to “gaps, cracks, and a very small intervening space”, the theme sets the tone for the meeting of art, science, and technology. “As our social landscape swiftly becomes more and more digitalised, new mediums of expression emerge entwined in technology. Coding and physical computing have become tools for artists to create art that has an interactive nature to it, art that requires stimulation and participation to be art – in summary, digital, interactive art.” Falling almost perfectly in line with…