They’re Here, They’re Queer — No Fear

Queerness scares people – that’s the truth. But the truth is rarely pure and never simple. What does it mean to be queer? If you wanted the pure and simple truth, then it just refers to being anything other than heterosexual or cisgender. But the world we live in doesn’t abide by dictionary definitions – neither does judgement nor discrimination. To be queer is to be invisible, to be seen through pejorative glances, to be the antipode of normal. In the small city-state of Singapore like anywhere else, the history of queerness is the history of marginalisation. Although many assume…

Grammy-Nominated R&B Songstress Kehlani To Perform In Singapore For The First Time

At a tender age of 22 years old, Kehlani has already scored two GRAMMY nominations: one for her R&B hit single “Distraction” for ‘Best R&B Performance’ in 2017, and another for her second mixtape “You Should Be Here” for ‘Best Urban Contemporary Album’ in 2015. The queer R&B singer is also an LGBT icon ever since she opened up about her sexual orientation, and is well-loved for her strong advocacy for this community. After numerous false media reports on her sexual orientation, Kehlani has clarified that she is “not bi, not straight” and that “love lies in every gender there…