Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – A Garden of Variety and Insanity

Garden Warfare 2 by Popcap Games is a whimsical third-person shooter and tower defense game set in the Plants vs. Zombies universe; where unsurprisingly, plants battle against zombies with bizarre weaponry ranging from a butter airstrike to a super-zombie’s beam attack. Yeap, welcome to a very confusing world of colour and surrealism. The sequel to the original Garden Warfare, a multiplayer-only game, GW2 brings it all back with a fun (but short) single-player campaign. Be warned – the writing is very cheesy, and only people with a toddler’s sense of humour find them hilarious. Of course, not only did I feel right…

MOSH! Is Sentosa’s Newest, Most High-Tech Playground

Orchestrate fireworks, create one-of-a-kind aquatic creatures, or launch a jumbo jet from your hand. Introducing MOSH!, Singapore’s very first immersive edu-tainment facility, which will showcase state-of-the-art multimedia technology to allow guests to create imaginary worlds of their own. “MOSH! is created from the belief that imagination fuels innovation. Some of the greatest innovations for the past centuries have positively changed the way we lived and shaped our society to what we know today. It starts with the simple question of ‘what if?’. Through this new creative future space, we want children, and even adults, to gain confidence in their own…