Faces Places: A Great Takeaway From Francophone Festival 2018

Faces Places (French: Visages Villages) is the ultimate vlog, blown up onto the big screen and spanning 89 meaningful minutes. It’s the first film premiere taking place during the Francophone Festival in Singapore this year. Vlogs have exploded over the past few years – anyone can attest to that. Like all forms of entertainment, vlogs are based upon a story, though told in a personal format. Someone’s virgin expedition to the Everest base camp; a flight in an airline many can only dream of; or a couple smearing makeup on one another. No matter how simple or trite, the intimate…

Interview with Scarlet Avenue: Achieving Dreams

10 years in the making, Scarlet Avenue has finally attained every musician’s goal: releasing their own album. The local duo’s first album, 2024, will land in March this year (psst, you can however, preorder it now on ITunes), 2 years after their first EP, Happy Heartbreak. With a tour under their belt and perhaps another soon, alongside numerous performances in schools and institutions, what lies ahead for the brothers? Scarlet Avenue answers some of our burning questions in an interview after they serenaded us during their cafe hop. 1. What did Scarlet Avenue do in 2015? Amos: Last year we *laughs*…