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DANAMIC.ORG is a Singapore-based editorial — part of the DANAMIC group — covering topics with the veracity the people ask for — and rightfully deserve.

Initially founded in 2004 as a web development portal, the platform has since evolved into an online editorial that informs, educates, and empowers members of the community with an appetence for real, honest, and relevant commentary. At times jocular, and stern when required, DANAMIC.ORG’s pieces deliver a deliberate, thoughtful view on both weighted and light-hearted issues alike.

We draw in major audiences from the United States and the general Southeast Asian region, with a monthly readership of 12,000. DANAMIC.ORG’s social media networks help connect both new and existing fans to features, promotions, and content from partner brands – keeping a further 33,000 users in the know about our best, every month.

Whether you are a reader, a user, or a creator, we welcome you to be a part of us. Follow us on Instagram (@danamicorg) too, and if you have something to share, don’t wait to tell us at: [email protected]


DANAMIC is a full-fledged creative agency based in Singapore, with its own in-house film production and photography teams. We take the guesswork out of media and technology, and help clients personalise, adapt, and package their content for their closest fans and best-suited public masses.

In making waves across the media landscape, we are not alone – our DANAMIC Network comprises partners from varying industries who extend our reach and operations through their unique niches and resources, assuring that you’re covered by a well-rounded solution.

Whether you are a reader, a user, or a creator, we welcome you to be a part of us. Enter the scene, be part of the hype, and when you’re ready: become one of the players in it. After all, our vision is simple: we empower people through media and technology.

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