Savour Contemporary Singaporean Splendor at Amara Singapore’s Cafe Oriental

In 1986, Amara Singapore debuted as a flagship of Amara Hotels and Resorts. Proudly Singaporean, the name “Amara” means “eternity” in Sanskrit, which came from the amaranth flower, celebrated in ancient folklore for its enduring beauty. With the same mission in mind, the hotel hopes to be a place where its guests nurture purposeful connections and make new memories whilst celebrating tradition. 

Last October, Amara Singapore commenced its phased renovation, this latest transformation coming nearly a quarter-century after its last one in 2000. As a proud heritage landmark in the heart of Tanjong Pagar for the last 38 years, the hotel has grown alongside the neighbourhood for 4 decades; hence, its newest transformation has taken inspiration from its culturally rich surroundings to imbue the place with history and heritage.

And Amara Singapore’s very own Cafe Oriental is no exception to this admirable mission.  With its completed revamp, the dining destination’s newly refreshed space and menu promise to be a feast for your senses! In this new sophisticated setting, indulge in the best of our little red dot’s rich culinary heritage, where our beloved local dishes have been reimagined.

In collaboration with design firm Studio HBA, Cafe Oriental has been developed to exude a warm, inviting ambience that pays homage to traditional hawker centres we all know and love. Tiled floor patterns intermingle with sleek stainless steel counters in a setting blooming with lush greenery. Once you’ve entered the restaurant, you’ll most certainly feel right at home.

Cafe Oriental: Interior
The newly refurbished space exudes sophistication, yet has the charm of our beloved hawker centres

Under Chef Danny Bong’s guidance, Cafe Oriental’s menu is a celebration of Singapore’s local cuisine reimagined through a contemporary lens. If you’re a local cuisine connoisseur yourself, let me show you the highlights Cafe Oriental has to offer!


The cafe’s new look isn’t the only thing that pays homage to our local hawker centres though. Laksa holds a special place in many of our hearts as it’s one of the quintessential parts of our local food culture. And for Cafe Oriental, a highlight is the aptly named CEO Laksa, which commands your attention with the “executives” of the seafood world — poached tiger prawns and squid-ink noodles soaked in aromatic soya milk gravy. 

Cafe Oriental: CEO Laksa
Lead your tastebuds to success with the aptly named CEO Laksa!

Another menu highlight is the Cafe Oriental Hainanese Chicken Rice, a Singaporean staple almost any Singaporean names when asked about the faces of our local food scene! 

Boldly stamping the restaurant’s name on their version of this iconic local dish, it’s truly a Cafe Oriental signature as it pays homage to the timeless classic whilst adding a touch of sophistication by infusing it with a luscious collagen abalone chicken stock.

Cafe Oriental: Cafe Oriental Hainanese Chicken Rice
It’s hard to go wrong with Hainanese chicken rice, and Cafe Oriental’s version takes it to the next level

For a little more of a bougie experience, try the XO Fish Noodles Soup! Served with a teapot of rich brandy-infused broth, you can pour it over the thick rice noodles and crispy Arctic halibut fillets! This dish is perfect for when you want a comforting meal and to tantalise your tastebuds with exquisite flavours and a fancy presentation.

Cafe Oriental: XO Fish Noodles Soup
Comforting and exquisite are the two words I would use to describe the XO Fish Noodles Soup

And for seafood lovers, the Golden Collagen Seafood Pao is another option to indulge in! The Golden Collagen Seafood Pao is the ultimate combination of the sea’s finest treasures — from the melt-in-your-mouth, juicy abalones, to the tender scallops, clams, and fish fillets; each spoonful is pure indulgence. 

And with these ocean bounties doused in warm pumpkin conpoy soup (conpoy, or dried scallop, is a type of Cantonese dried seafood product), you’ll dive into a harmonious seafood symphony.

Cafe Oriental: Golden Collagen Seafood Pao
The Golden Collagen Seafood Pao is the ultimate seafood indulgence

Finally, a main brimming with flavour is the Silk Road Kitchen’s Ma Po Tofu. Pleasantly sharp in taste, the silken tofu is cooked with minced pork and intensely spicy mala sauce. It is served with a hearty Chinese soup to complete the meal. The dish embodies a balance of heat, comfort, and richness, so have it when you want a well-rounded, satisfying meal.

Desserts and Beverages

Cafe Oriental also serves just as enticing beverages, offering authentic preparations of traditional brews—savour fragrant blends like their robust local coffee and iced milk tea. To complement your beverages, you can sample a selection of assorted Nonya Kuehs, showcasing the excellence and craftsmanship of Singapore’s desserts! 

Cafe Oriental: Nonya Kuehs
The best of Singapore’s desserts can be found in Cafe Oriental’s Nonya Kuehs

But if you want something to cool yourself down with, have a go at the Mango Ice Kacang Bingsu or the Durian Chendol Bingsu, a dessert that you can find almost anywhere here in Singapore. 

These quintessential Singaporean favourites have been elevated by including the decadent mouthfeel and delicate ice shavings of Korea’s famed bingsus. So you’re getting the best of both worlds — an exquisite fusion of the sweet Southeast Asian delight, ice kacang/chendol, and the icy cool Korean bingsu!

Cafe Oriental: Durian Chendol Bingsu
The Durian Chendol Bingsu is a rich and sweet icy dessert

A tribute to Singapore’s rich culinary heritage. A reimagination of local classics using the lens of the contemporary. It is a perfect blend of the old and new. Sounds like everything you wish for in a restaurant? Then, the refreshed Cafe Oriental is the restaurant for you! 

For booking enquiries, you can call 6879 2626 or email [email protected]. And for more information, you can visit Amara Singapore’s website or check out their official Instagram page!

Cafe Oriental

Cafe Oriental: Dining Space
Are you ready to experience the newly refurbished Cafe Oriental?

📍Location: 165 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088539
Time: 11am to 8.30pm daily except for Sundays, when Cafe Oriental opens from 11am to 6pm

Visuals courtesy of Amara Singapore and Cafe Oriental.

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