Cucumbers for Cocktails? Celebrate World Cucumber Day with Hendrick’s Gin!

What’s wrong? Doubting your eyes? Confused by what this means? Is it a strange offer that sounds too good to be true? But it’s true! Hendrick’s Gin brings back its beloved Cucumber Currency Exchange, where your ordinary cucumber goes from being a lonesome fruit in the corner of a refrigerator, waiting to be yielded, to an alternative to cold, hard cash or the mighty tap of a debit card. It becomes your mode of payment for a refreshing Hendrick’s & Tonic. Oh, yes – exchange cucumbers for cocktails!

From 10 to 13 June, Singapore’s top bars, including Tipsy Tavern, Stay Gold Flamingo, and LECOQ, will swap your humble cucumbers for fabulous gin cocktails! During the magical ‘Cucumber Hours’ from 5.30pm to midnight, strut into any of the 60+ participating bars, wave a cucumber like you mean it, and trade it for a Hendrick’s & Tonic. Oh, but maybe strutting might not do the trick because this offer holds while stocks last, so run, don’t strut!

Is buying a cucumber too (cu)cumbersome? Head down to Singapore’s iconic bar districts such as Raffles Green, Downtown Marina and Tanjong Pagar from 11am to 1pm from 10 to 13 June. While there, keep an eye out for some cucumber-clad heroes, the cucumber connoisseurs, impeccably dressed and on a mission to save your night! They will be roaming around the area, carrying cucumbers like they’re priceless heirlooms, giving them away to parched Singaporeans to exchange for a delicious cocktail!

You see, even retrieving a cucumber for this too-good-to-be-true exchange is that simple. The hardest part of this trade comes when choosing your gin base. Will it be the classic Hendrick’s Gin? Or will you choose between the limited releases – the floral fantasy of Flora Adora or the oceanic delight of Neptunia? Tough choice, huh? Decisions, decisions! But we’re here to help make this decision a little easier.

Hendrick’s Gin World Cucumber Day: Hendrick's Gin
All yours. The price? A cucumber

Hendrick’s Flora Adora is inspired by garden aromas, featuring botanicals like lavender, rose, and hibiscus. It’s a very fragrant gin, promising a garden wonderland in every whiff. At first sip, it’s said to carry hints of peach and rose, with green juniper and a haze of lavender and lilac coming in as you savour that sip. The floral notes are strong here, so go for it if it’s up your alley!

Hendrick’s Neptunia is more of a seaside wonder and carries a prominent citrus note throughout the sip. But as the taste develops in your mouth, it tastes greener with some vegetal undertones. Not being too far of a cry from the classic, the Neptunia gives off a somewhat tropical and seaside vibe, which I’m sure would add a touch of rejuvenation to June’s scorching days. After all, it builds on the classic with added depth and flavour from its mysterious blend of Scottish coastal botanicals.

As for the classic Hendrick’s Gin, it’s iconically known for its infusions of cucumber and rose petals, alongside a blend of 11 botanicals that make this spirit the treat it is! With its unique floral notes and excellent incorporation of the cucumber, this gin stands proudly in the market, being an excellent option for both enthusiasts and newcomers! Its versatility means that no matter what you love, you can’t give up the most curious exchange of the year!

Hendrick’s Gin World Cucumber Day: Exchange
A yummy cocktail awaits

Charmaine Thio, Southeast Asia Brand Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, said, “For Hendrick’s Gin, the humble cucumber has always been the quintessential muse for our whimsical, refreshing libations. In its honour, we’re bringing the Cucumber Currency Exchange back to Singapore after four years to serve as a delightful escape from the ordinary humdrum of our daily lives. I can’t wait to see Singaporeans embrace the oddity of life with unbridled curiosity, and surrender to joy beyond measure upon this refreshing encounter.”

In the words of Hendrick’s Gin’s team, “In the spirit of inclusivity, all species of cucumbers will be accepted for the exchange,”. Thank you, Hendrick’s Gin, for celebrating every cucumber on its special day.

So, my dearest reader, prepare for a celebration of the cucumber like no other. It’s time to trade your greens for a taste of the extraordinary. Get ready to raise your glass (and your cucumber) because this is one gin-tastic event you won’t want to miss! Cheers to Hendrick’s Gin and the humble cucumber, our unsung summer hero.

Hendrick’s Gin: Cucumber Currency Exchange

Hendrick’s Gin World Cucumber Day: Visual

🗓️Date: 10 to 13 June 2024
📍Location: Various locations 
💲Price: A cucumber

In order to make the exchange, there’s just one more thing you have to do—register for it! Once you have registered, present your voucher to the bartender and offer your offering (the cucumber!). Pick your gin base and get sipping on that refreshing cocktail! For more information, including the locations where this offer stands, check out Hendrick’s Gin’s official website. Stay tuned to their Instagram page for more about their newest offerings!

Visuals courtesy of Hendrick’s Gin.

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