Unveiling the New Balance Spring and Summer Collection 2024: MADE in USA 993s

I was 12 when I got my first pair of New Balance shoes. I bought them out of desperation on a family trip because my not-so-trusty shoes had kicked the bucket (pun intended). My dad, who is a soothsayer when it comes to shoes, picked out a pair of New Balance 993 for me. He swore that these shoes would be in trend and that my buying them would set me ahead of the hype. Lo and behold, he was right, and everyone around me started wearing New Balance shoes – never underestimate the foresight of a father when it comes to footwear. 

New Balance has always been known as the go-to “dad shoe”. When I was 12, I would’ve never chosen to buy a pair for myself, but now, the tides have changed, and the vintage and nostalgic era has made a comeback. This has launched the brand straight to the top and at the forefront of any shoe lover’s to-buy list. With more releases and versions than I can count, New Balance is in the running for the top shoe brand next to competitors like Adidas and Nike.

And now these shoes are coming out with a new Spring and Summer Collection for 2024! That means new colour schemes in the same design that we all know and love. What a great way to usher in the upcoming season!

A Brief History of New Balance’s MADE in USA line

Let’s set the stage first. If you’re like me, and you’re a mere admirer of shoes, let me open the doors to the world of New Balance. Since it first came onto the market, its focus has solely been on being the best-running sneakers on the scene – which is why many of its products have soles made with cutting-edge technology to prioritise comfort and functionality.

Before we delve into the 993s, we have to talk about their cousins, the 990s. New Balance introduced their MADE in USA line in 1982 with the 990s, a complete game changer. It retailed at US$100 when other shoes in the market averaged a clean US$60, but its iconic grey suede and top-of-the-line technology (for the 80s) justified that heavy price tag. 

The uniqueness of the MADE line stems from the fact that almost 70% of the shoe is made in the United States – which emphasises the brand’s support for local suppliers. The craftsmanship and meticulousness that goes into every single shoe in the MADE line is insane. When you wear a MADE shoe, you’re wearing the best from American sneaker manufacturing. 

MADE in USA: The 993s

Unveiling the New Balance Spring and Summer Collection 2024: MADE in USA 993s: Sea Salt
Introducing New Balance’s MADE in USA 993s!

Now that we have covered the basics, we can dive head-first into the world of the 993s. As I said, New Balance has always been about giving its fans a versatile shoe they can wear out for a jog or to the office—it’s all about functionality, comfort, and style. If those check all your boxes, I’d say the 993s were made for you.

Let’s start with the comfort that the shoe provides. While New Balance shoes all boast a certain level of comfort, the 993s take it to another level. The shoe is relatively light and has this pillowy feel to it. The tongue of the shoe also has an extra cushion, making it feel like you’re walking on clouds – perfect for a long day on your feet!

Functionality-wise, the 993s are fit for any occasion. Whether you have to clock in your steps or go for a night on the town, the 993s have your back. It’s not as bulky as other New Balance shoes but still has elements of the dad shoes that everyone is obsessed over. These are more sleek and breathable than others I’ve seen.

Unveiling the New Balance Spring and Summer Collection 2024: MADE in USA 993s: Chive and Interstellar
New Balance is introducing three new colours to their 993 models: Chive, Sea Salt and Interstellar!

Previously, the 993s came in a multitude of greys—and while that’s a safe choice in anyone’s shoe rotation, some people prefer to spice up their outfits with more colourful shoes. Well, New Balance has heard your prayers and has since introduced three more colours to its MADE in USA 993 collection. 

Unveiling the New Balance Spring and Summer Collection 2024: MADE in USA 993s: Group shot
Spice up your outfits with New Balance’s Spring and Summer Collection for their 993 model (from left to right: Chive, Sea Salt and Interstellar)

Presenting the three colours: Chive, Sea Salt, and Interstellar! I’ve always been a firm believer that the best shoes to pair a basic outfit with are New Balance shoes. The fit and the colours just have this magical ability to up your outfit—and with the introduction of these three new colours, my belief has never been more firm. 

Before this drop, there were a million and one ways to wear the 993s, but thanks to these three new colours, there are a million and four ways. The chive shade of the 993 gives the shoe a bit more vibrance and freshness that will easily catch anyone’s eye, no matter what you’re wearing. This one’s for those of you who enjoy a more muted splash of colour in your outfits. 

Meanwhile, the sea salt colour is more conservative than its counterparts, so if you still want to stay versatile, this is definitely a colour I would suggest trying out. This colour leans more towards cream (with a dash of yellow), but it blends so well with the black accents and brown of the shoe. Picture styling this with a simple white top and black slacks; you’re ready to head to the office. 

Last but certainly not least, we have Interstellar. Now, this is for those of you who are looking to make a bold statement. Interstellar is a deep and royal purple that is bound to make you look more sophisticated. If you have darker tones in your wardrobe and turn to your shoes to make your outfit pop, this is a shade you must try!

Spring and Summer Collection 2024: MADE in USA 993

And there you have it! That’s the New Balance MADE in USA Spring and Summer collection for the 993 model. They’re yours to purchase at S$349 online and at selected stores. New Balance is a brand that will never go out of style, so might I suggest running to their official website for more information to simply cop them right now!

MADE in USA: Sea Salt
28 June 2024ION 
Bugis Junction
Suntec City
MADE in USA: Chive and Interstellar
31 May 2024ION 
Suntec City

Visuals courtesy of New Balance Singapore.

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