A Relaxing Retreat Awaits: Oasia Resort Sentosa is Your Wellness Paradise!

Countless massages. Delicious food. Endless naps in the cosiest rooms dripping with luxury. That is paradise. After all, you deserve it. You deserve a retreat where you are your own priority, where nothing is on your mind but when your next massage is. You’ve made it through a hellish roller-coaster of a ride that has been the first (nearly) half of the year. Lucky for us all, there’s a sanctuary waiting for us, a mere drive away. Tucked away in the tranquillity of Sentosa Island, you’ll find the ultimate wellness destination in Singapore – Oasia Resort Sentosa by Far East Hospitality!

Ugh, what a year it’s been! How is it only May? Time is one crazy concept. At Oasia Resort Sentosa, you will freeze time and live on your own terms. Multiple massages a day, fun workshops to bring home a cute little something, and really focusing on your body and mind’s needs—that’s what Oasia Resort Sentosa offers. In fact, they offer a little more, and we’re about to get into it all today!


Oasia Resort Sentosa – Courtyard Premier Room
Behold, the newest room at Oasia Resort Sentosa!

They’ve just unveiled a new room, the Courtyard Premier! I checked it out and am already planning my next treat! Here’s what we think about it.

When you step in, it doesn’t just feel like a room. You know it’s a host for all the beautiful memories you’ll make within this spacious 36-square-metre space. These rooms have a spectacular alfresco area, with cosy bean bags to laze around all day and even a dining table to dine with your loved ones. The faux grass and the retractable roof are such attentive details that blend the indoors with the outdoors, giving you and your mind that relaxation you need! Truly, this is your personal sanctuary.

Oasia Resort Sentosa – Courtyard Premier Room
Whether you’re heading there for a family retreat or a romantic getaway, your stay will be a supremely magical one with these additions 

I loved how colours and textures were employed to give you that authentic indoor-outdoor feel. The wooden texture and brown hue throughout the room and the alfresco area gave the room a very serene feel. It feels minimalistic, like it’s waiting to be a backdrop for the memories you will make. They also feel luxurious, with the marble-like floor feeling like you’re stepping onto the beach. The interior was crafted tastefully to make this room feel like the true retreat it promises to be.

Till the end of the year, you can book an Oasia Escape (S$517 per night) in the Courtyard Premier room, where you get a mesmerising massage at the award-winning Oasia Spa with S$100 credits (more on this soon!) and daily breakfast.

While each room is perfect for two adults (and one child), there are nine sets of connecting rooms, meaning you can bring your whole fam-bam or all your besties for a fantastic time together. This would be an excellent option if you’re planning a birthday staycay or a bachelorette party for you and your girls. If you book these rooms and split the cost, it becomes more affordable.

Oasia Resort Sentosa – Courtyard Premier Room
Just imagine that adorable stuffed dog to be your darling pet!

In fact, Oasia Resort Sentosa takes your wellness very seriously. They know the reason for your sanity is your furry baby, your pet. For the first time ever, they welcome your furry companions to your humble abode, the Courtyard Premier room! This will be part of their Paw-fect Retreat (S$612), which includes pet amenities on top of a one-night stay in the Courtyard Premier Room for two adults and one domesticated dog 10kg and below.

This is in collaboration with local partners, including a paw-fect bandana by The Twinship Co., premium pet amenities by Silversky, delectable handmade treats by Feed My Paws and an interactive peacock snuffle mat by Woofy Goofy.

Oasia Resort Sentosa
The stunning alfresco area in question

In this package, you will receive a Welcome Pet Amenities Set, which includes a Paw-friends Island Guide, bandana, toy, treats (including pork jerky and laksa kueh bangkit from popular pet brands!), wet wipes, pee pad and poo bags, along with an in-room Pet Bed and Bowl, so you can come over with a peace of mind that your fur child is taken care of. In fact, the alfresco space will be your pet’s favourite thing ever, giving them all that room to run and be free! It’s not just your wellness paradise, but your pet’s too. 

Along with this much-needed room that Oasia Resort Sentosa has kindly bestowed upon us, they’ve also refreshed the Junior Suite to make it feel more like the wellness destination it’s meant to be.

Oasia Resort Sentosa – Junior Suite
I’d never get up!

This was a dream. The floor-to-ceiling windows where you overlook Singapore’s newest and

latest day-to-night multi-sensorial attraction, Sentosa Sensoryscape, the new wooden panelled headboard that centres the bedroom makes the room feel more like a warm hug, with the wood motif continuing throughout the room.

The bathroom! We need to pause and talk about it. That dark flooring contrasts against the brown, textured wall lit up with hidden wall lights illuminating the bathroom to make it feel more luxurious. Feel like an emperor or empress as you decide whether to sink into the bathtub or seek solace in the spacious shower.

Oasia Resort Sentosa – Junior Suite
This screams luxury!

This room is absolutely perfect for the fitness freaks, and you will freak out when I tell you why. The TV in the room comes with curated in-room fitness programmes for you to lose those calories and sweat it out (which means you get to enjoy a lovely bath in the gorgeous bathroom; a win-win!). But here’s where you realise that Oasia Resort Sentosa wants the best for you. Three words: Lululemon fitness mats. Cue the freakout! Imagine having a fulfilling workout with that view! You’re entirely taken care of here, whether it’s your mental or physical health. 

One thing I would complain about, though, is the room’s orientation. It’s not at all small, but it does feel as though the “living room” area is a separate, narrow room that leads you to the main bedroom. They both individually feel a tad small, which makes the overall suite feel a little small, too. The walking area in the bedroom itself is a little tight, too. Nonetheless, the features and amenities within make it all better, making this my personal favourite of the two rooms (that view has me sold!).

Oasia Resort Sentosa – Junior Suite
Simply the most spectacular view!

Experience the renewed Junior Suites with the Oasia Wellness Signature (from S$1,241) package, which includes a minimum two-night stay, a 60-minute body massage at Oasia Spa, an Oasia wellness journal, daily breakfast, wellness snacks (snacks from Amazin’ Graze and Oasia’s in-house tea blends), and a daily turndown gift.


To complement these new and refurbished rooms, Oasia Resort Sentosa has also refreshed its line-up of fitness activities and workshops calendar. It’s specially designed for guests with different interests. Some of us like to indulge in wellness with relaxation and zen, but others may want to focus on their bodies and sweat out the stress. There’s something for everyone here.

Oasia Resort Sentosa – Yoga
A glimpse into the yoga class

These include Sunrise Yoga (how dreamy does this sound?) alongside pool activities like Handball, Water Polo, Captain’s Ball and Ring Toss, Aqua Boxing and Tabata, and Aqua Zumba. But I’d like to highlight the last wellness activity, Sunset Pilates — there’s something enchanting about loving your body as you bask in the embrace of the sunlight. These activities are open to guests from all of the hotels under Far East Hospitality, including Village Hotel Sentosa, The Outpost Hotel and The Barracks Hotel, along with Oasia Resort Sentosa.

But wait! For those staying in the Junior Suites at Oasia Resort Sentosa, you’ve got so many more options that are, honestly, calling out my name. With the spotlight on wellness, you also get to try other workshops like the Oasia Balm Making, Body Scrub Making, Bath Bomb Making, Soap Making, Tea Appreciation, and Wax Candle Making. You’ll get to bring home your creations and take with you a piece of wellness, a promise to take care of yourself and prioritise yourself above all.

Oasia Resort Sentosa – Balm-Making Workshop
Class is in session!

I got to try out the Oasia Balm Making workshop and made myself a lip balm! One thing to know about me is that I love lip balms, so I took this extremely seriously. And I will be the judge of whether the balm lived up to my hardcore standards.

However, as for the workshop itself, the instructor was kind, patient, and knowledgeable. She walked us through the process and made someone like me, who’s horrendous with DIYs and crafty stuff like this, excel at making my balm, even praising me, saying that I nailed the consistency and that it was of “commercial standard”. After hearing those precious words, I walked with a bit of extra oomph that day.

Oasia Resort Sentosa places a mega emphasis on organic, homemade items. Hence, this balm was shockingly simple to make, requiring only three core ingredients and one optional ingredient—beeswax, shea butter, oil, and essential oil. These ingredients already tell you that this balm will be nourishing and super kind on the skin. You can use this balm anywhere on your skin.

Oasia Resort Sentosa – Balm-Making Workshop
The set-up of our very own essential oil ingredients!

As for the essential oils, the instructor very clearly explains how to pair the various oils together to create a balm that works for you and your needs. For example, you can create a sleeping balm using eucalyptus oil and a lip balm using orange oil, which I did. Every time I use my lip balm, I’m hit with the whiff of citrus that is soothing on the skin but also has such a refreshing fragrance.

As a lip balm fanatic, I’m pleased to share that this was amazing, life-changing, even! It remains firm in the adorable glass container they provided, and you just need a tiny amount to lather your lips. It instantly melts from a balmy to a rather oily texture and gives your lips the pick-me-up they need. It doesn’t last as long as you’d want, though. But given that it’s homemade and organic, I dare not complain. My lips are thanking me!

Oasia Resort Sentosa – Balm-Making Workshop
Can you tell I was excited?

Oasia Spa

You know what’s the pinnacle of wellness and relaxation? A good massage. And, boy, does Oasia Spa deliver a fantabulous massage!

Crowned “Best Hotel Spa in Singapore” by Travel + Leisure Asia Pacific Luxury Awards 2023, Oasia Spa offers specialised facial and grooming treatments and full-body massages combining traditional Thai massage, Japanese shiatsu pressure points, and Indian massage techniques. It is also the first to offer cryotherapy facials and Australia’s Biology Smart Skincare refillery station.

Oasia Spa
Ladies and gentlemen, Oasia Spa!

I treated myself to a neck, shoulder and scalp massage and virtually felt the stress leave my body. I don’t know how long I was there, but I desperately needed more. Even before your massage begins, the masseuses are very gentle as they lead you into the room and prepare you for the massage. You will be asked to fill out a form to share the areas you’d like massaged and the strength you’d like, among other things that allow the masseuse to prepare for the massage you need.

The massage was a godsend. Accompanied by soothing music that adds to the calming ambience, the masseuse uses Oasia Spa’s special body oils, which are very fragrant and also add to the experience. Above all, the masseuse I was served by was very skilful. She used just the right strength (checking in with me initially to ensure it was perfect) and worked my scalp, neck and shoulders well. A detail I really appreciated was the hot wet towel to wipe away the oil used so that you don’t feel gross and sticky afterwards. It was all perfect!

Oasia Spa
I was in heaven!

Ending Thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen, you deserve this. You deserve paradise, and, fortunately, paradise is a place on earth called Oasia Resort Sentosa. From new rooms to exciting workshops and a sinfully relaxing spa, paradise awaits you! 

While Oasia Resort Sentosa focuses on wellness, the other three hotels managed by Far East Hospitality focus on different things to give you the stay you’re looking for. Village Hotel Sentosa is more family-oriented, with areas where you can unwind with your kids. Meanwhile, The Outpost Hotel is adult-centric, with the star being the iconic rooftop bar, 1-Altitude Coast. The Barracks Hotel is the hallmark of luxury among them all, once a British artillery outpost, home to soldiers from afar. Whatever you’re looking for, one of these hotels most certainly has it for you!

Oasia Resort Sentosa puts the limelight on wellness, and they do it right. From the stunning interior to the fragrance wafting through the reception, the attention to detail is evident and reinforces their mission to be your ultimate wellness destination. So, treat yourself as May dawns upon us and indulge in a stay here at Oasia Resort Sentosa!

Oasia Resort Sentosa 

Oasia Resort Sentosa
This could be your marvellous dinner at Oasia Resort Sentosa!

📍Location: 23 Bch Vw Rd, Palawan Ridge Sentosa Island, Singapore 098679

💲Price of packages:

  1. Oasia Escape: S$517 per night
    1. Daily à la carte breakfast at Bedrock Origin
    2. Daily SGD 100 NETT Oasia Spa credits*
    3. Up to 30% off participating F&B outlets and Sentosa attractions
  2. Paw-fect Retreat: S$612 NETT
    1. One-night stay in Courtyard Premier for 2 adults and a furkid*
    2. Breakfast for 2 persons at Bedrock Origin (Alfresco area)
    3. Welcome Pet Amenities Set, which includes Paw-friends Island Guide, bandana, toy, treats, wet wipes, pee pad and poo bags
    4. In-room Pet Bed & Bowl
    5. 15% off 1-hour stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking at Ola Beach Club
    6. 15% off Royal Albatross’ Breakfast or Sunset Cruise
    7. Up to 15% off Sentosa’s pet-friendly dining outlets: Baristart Coffee, FOC Sentosa, Le Faubourg, Rumours Beach Club and Tipsy Unicorn
  3. Oasia Wellness Signature (S$1,241 NETT)
    1. Daily à la carte breakfast
    2. Oasia Spa 60 mins body massage for 2 persons per stay worth S$383.68 NETT
    3. Personalised wellness amenities, including Oasia Herbal tea, Wellness Snacks, Wellness Turndown Gift, and Oasia Wellness Journal
    4. Complimentary Wellness Activities
    5. Up to 30% off participating F&B outlets and Sentosa attractions
    6. Up to 15% off a la carte spa treatments at Oasia Spa

To book your stay (right now!) and for more details, check out Oasia Resort Sentosa’s official website and Instagram page!

Photos by Leo Chia of the DANAMIC Team.

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