Momentus Hotel Alexandra: Unveil Alexandra’s Hidden Gems with Limited Time Staycay Package!

Before anything, let me ask you a question: what kind of explorer are you? Are you a nature freak where lush greenery gets your heart thumping like nothing else? Are you a heritage fanatic on the hunt for cultural wonders and history’s hushed secrets? Or maybe the way to your heart is food, and the search for it never stops? Or just maybe, you love to quest for Singapore’s hidden kaleidoscopic canvases of mural art? Oh, you’re going to love this. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Momentus Hotel Alexandra’s ‘Dial Up Your Moments With Us’ package!

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us”
An adorable Explorer Pack awaits you!

Four-star Momentus Hotel Alexandra is nestled in the heart of Alexandra, standing proud and tall between IKEA Alexandra, Anchorpoint and Queensway Shopping Centre. They present a limited-time staycation package called ‘Dial Up Your Moments With Us’, where they encourage you to embark on a journey to explore the hidden gem of Singapore that is Alexandra, while enjoying an exciting time at Momentus Hotel Alexandra. Here’s what awaits you in this package:

  • One Momentus Explorer interactive map of your choice
  • One reusable water-resistant film camera with a roll of film
  • One exclusive eco-friendly foldable tote bag 
  • Guaranteed complimentary upgrade to a Deluxe Room 
  • $50 nett F&B credit, once per stay
  • 20% off food and beverages on a la carte menu and Modern European Weekend Dinner Buffet at Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie. 
  • 20% off food and beverages on the a la carte menu at Verandah Pool Bar & Grill. 

Within the package, you will receive a QR code that leads you to Google Maps with all the locations for each trail to become a Momentus Explorer. You can choose to explore one of four thrilling trails to explore Alexandra through a different lens and persona – as a Nature Explorer, Cultural Heritage Adventurer, Mural Hunter, or Food Enthusiast. Which one tickles your fancy? Which one calls out your name? 

Today, we dig in and spill the beans on what awaits you on each trail and our honest thoughts on the overall experience. You know very well that we’ve never been one to gatekeep, so we’ll also add some locations we think you just can’t miss out on while you’re on these trails.

Discover the natural world as a Nature Explorer!

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Ridout Tea Garden
Nature awaits your exploration!

Calling all nature lovers, bird-watchers, and outdoor enthusiasts! This one’s for you. Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the natural wonders that surround Momentus Hotel Alexandra through the Nature Explorer map. When you scan that QR code, you’ll find five nature spots to explore as part of this trail, of which we checked out two: HortPark and Telok Blangah Hill Park.

HortPark is a 9-hectare park in Queenstown filled with glorious greenery that will leave you speechless. You can walk around, take in the flora and fauna, and explore the details of the park that make it the tranquil haven of Queenstown. I’d totally recommend coming down here for a cute picnic, too! Grab snacks from a convenience or grocery store on your way here and spend the day with Mama Nature.

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – HortPark
What a stunning vantage point

While you’re here, walk a little more, and you’ll find a bridge running atop a street. It’s a glorious photo spot but also such a serene way to take in this wild world we live in. It feels special knowing that you’re taking your time, basking in the sun, and not rushing to get somewhere and do things for once. As you look down, you’ll see everyone else living their own lives, driving to places, walking purposefully, hoping to get to their destination. But you get to take it slow. It’s a privilege, one not many of us know how to enjoy. Take it and fall in love with it.

As I walked around the park, it felt very similar to walking through Singapore Botanic Gardens. Like the beloved UNESCO site, HortPark had many details that made it feel more than a park. It’s these details that make parks in Singapore so well-loved by locals and tourists alike. From adorable gazebos to many playgrounds for the kids, you could easily spend an entire day here!

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Henderson Waves
A glorious view awaits you!

Another location from the trail we visited was the Telok Blangah Hill Park. Home to the iconic Henderson Waves, you’ll truly be one with nature in this massive and stunning park. As part of the Southern Ridges, this park is a calm, peaceful getaway to enjoy nature with a view. You get to hike or relax and take in the sounds and sightings of various birds as you surround yourself with greenery.

But the highlight of the park is the Henderson Waves. It’s the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. The 274m-long bridge is known for its unmistakable wave-like structure that makes it a sight from afar and provides spectacular Keppel Harbour views. It’s a sight no camera could ever do justice. It’s also a mesmerising spot just to sit and rest on the wooden decks that are slightly sheltered from the sun’s cruel rays. Lay there as you gaze upon the views and spend your day counting your blessings, being able to hit pause on time and relax to no end.

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Henderson Waves
They’re more comfortable than you think, I promise!

We’re keeping the other spots a secret, so you can check them out when you embark on the ‘Dial Up Your Moments With Us’ package with Momentus Hotel Alexandra!

Uncover historical treasures as a Cultural Heritage Adventurer!

It doesn’t take one to become a history buff to appreciate our city’s rich heritage and history. After all, Singapore had a long journey before we even gained independence in 1965. Being under British colonial rule, so much of our nation today carries the remnants of our past. Every inch of our streets has a story, and Alexandra is filled to the brim with them. In the Cultural Heritage Adventurer trail, you will have 13 locations to check out, and we checked out three of them – Reflections at Bukit Chandu, Ridout Tea Garden, and Wessex Estate.

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Reflections at Bukit Chandu
The entrance does not let on the pain and sorrow it carries within

Ah, Reflections at Bukit Chandu. Such an unsuspecting name, don’t you think? You don’t realise the pain, the memories, and the stories this place holds upon first sight. My dearest reader, Reflections at Bukit Chandu is a World War Two interpretative centre commemorating the battle of Pasir Panjang and the men of the Malay Regiment who fought in it, as well as the history of Bukit Chandu itself. 

One of the darkest moments in Singapore’s history was the Fall of Singapore in 1942, which led to the beginning of the Japanese Occupation. Although Singapore fell into the arms of the Japanese, we didn’t go down without a fight. Our soldiers fought hard, leaving their families behind to give our nation a fighting chance to survive the war. And these moments of our soldiers’ resilience and strength are preserved and documented here at this location.

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Reflections at Bukit Chandu
On display are items the soldiers used every day during the war

From the very weapons they used to keep our country safe from the enemy to the items they used to survive every suffocating day, these fragments of our painful history have been saved. They are displayed here at Reflections at Bukit Chandu. The centre also uses immersive experiences to give you a glimpse into the lives of the soldiers and their family members. 

The most memorable moment for me was when the bugle played what sounded like ‘Taps’, as a soldier’s daughter shared in Malay how it felt to have her father fight in this battle. ‘Taps’ is a bugle call often performed at military funerals and ceremonies to honour fallen soldiers. Hearing this poignant melody in the deafening silence of the room as the names of the martyrs sat in front of me sent chills down my spine, making me feel a massive emotional weight on my heart. It was an indescribable experience.

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Reflections at Bukit Chandu
There’s something about displaying the very weapons that killed yet protected in such a manner that turns my stomach to knots

As you gaze upon these artefacts, remember that these were held in the hands of those who protected our land, while some lost their lives in the process. History mourns these souls. The least we can do is reflect on their sacrifices and remember that the war was fought not by machines but by human lives that were lost to the brutalities of war. Don’t forget: British prime minister at the time, Winston Churchill, called the Fall of Singapore “the worst disaster and largest capitulation in British history”. History was made on this land, and its stories are aching to be heard.

We also checked out Ridout Tea Garden. The name might sound unfamiliar, but dining at the McDonald’s here (one of the oldest operational branches in Singapore) was a rite of passage for us all when we were kids, no matter how near or far we lived. It’s the one with a stunning Japanese-themed garden that welcomes you in!

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Ridout Tea Garden!
Doesn’t this look familiar? Behold, Ridout Tea Garden!

Ridout Tea Garden is Singapore’s first Japanese-themed community garden. It was opened in 1970 to provide more recreational facilities for flat dwellers in Queenstown. The original garden consisted of a large pool with lights and a fountain, a U-shaped row of shops housed in three verandas and a series of wooden bridges and pavilions. 

However, misfortune struck on 26 June 1978 when a huge blaze began at a furniture shop located in the middle of a U-shaped row of shops. The fire could not be extinguished in time, and the entire garden was soon engulfed in flames. 

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Ridout Tea Garden
Ponder into the pond and watch the little turtles excitedly swim to you!

But in 1980, Singapore’s Housing and Development Board built a new garden on the ashes of the past. Reopened under the new name that we all call it today, Ridout Tea Garden, the 1.38-hectare recreation site, consists of a Japanese-styled garden where you will get glorious pictures. This magical place is now home to new memories that both you and I, as well as the rest of Singapore, have made.

And the final location we visited was Wessex Estate. As I mentioned earlier, Singapore is rich with history, tucked away in the corners and hidden beneath the glamour. But you can find a slice of Singapore’s past in Wessex Estate. As you brave this rather secluded part of Singapore (close to Singapore’s broadcast and media giant, Mediacorp), your sight will land upon gorgeous black-and-white colonial houses. You don’t see homes like that anymore in Singapore. 

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Wessex Estate
You’re looking at two people who really want to live in these homes!

While they may look polished and void of history’s marks, these homes have been around since 1930. They were built as a residential kampung of sorts for non-commissioned British personnel, with the roads named after English towns. Today, when you visit these dreamy homes (that I dare to dream of owning one day!), you will find that the homes are named after cities around the world – Arabia, Lucknow, Gaza, and more. 

While you’re there, (please) admire these houses from afar because they’re likely to be homes to some people. Snap some pictures of the magnificent architecture, play a game of how you’d decorate these stunning homes, and take a walk around to explore the neighbourhood. A hidden gem you’ll find is Colbar, an old-school kopitiam that has remained untouched by the curse of time. Short for ‘colonial bar’, this served formally as a canteen for the British army.

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Colbar
Welcome to Colbar

As you walk in, you’ll find mismatched tables and chairs, the burst of blue, rustic interior that takes you back a few decades, and physical remnants of the past – old film cameras, an old television, and many photographs of British Football Team Cafe Colbar. 

As you look at these photos and artefacts, you literally feel like you’ve been placed in a time machine, picking a year to go back and meet the people. Aside from the Western affair you’ll find here, you’ll find yourself taken hold by a powerful drug called nostalgia; strangely, for a time, some of us may not have even existed. Wessex Estate feels like a history book in itself as you wonder about the memories these walls hold and the stories they’re begging to tell. 

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – Colbar
We were enthralled by the photographs on the wall and the memories they held

The Cultural Heritage Adventurer trail offers all this and so much more! I’d highly recommend this trail for Singaporeans. It felt like a journey of learning Singapore through a new lens, and it was so illuminating to uncover never-heard-before stories of the country that I thought I knew my whole life.

Yield to the allure of street art as a Mural Hunter!

Singapore is absolutely beautiful. We all know that. The whole world knows that. But what the world (and us Singaporeans) don’t know is that Singapore’s beauty is more than what meets the eye. Of the four trails offered by Momentus Hotel Alexandra, this one is a true hunt. You’ll have to look high and low, and seek beauty in the sights the country drives past thoughtlessly. Ladies and gents, if you dare, take on this trail and become a Mural Hunter!

This trail leads you to 20 murals in the Alexandra and Queenstown area, each telling a different facet of the Singapore tale. In some areas, you might find more than one mural, while in others, you’re walking and walking for that one strike of gold. It’s a journey—one we walked to give you a glimpse!

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – “Yo-Yo” by Delphine Rama
Could I be that cool, please?

We first saw two murals at Jalan Bukit Merah, opposite ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre. The first was “Yo-Yo” by Delphine Rama. As soon as you look at it, you’re drawn in. You see a child engrossed in what appears to be a very impressive yo-yo trick. The strings of the yo-yos are wrapped tactfully around the child’s fingers. Immediately, you’re taken back to your own days with a yo-yo in hand when life was simpler. It was fun. It was easy. 

These primary colours that somehow remind us of our primary school days (see what I did there?) get you reminiscing and thinking about your youth. The use of shadows and dark colours brings upon a dark and heavy cloud of missing what you once had. Before you know it, nostalgia hits first, and then the emotional turmoil about growing up hits even harder. It’s a simple mural with very masterful techniques to invoke those heavy emotions. The use of geometry, perspective, and shadows? An intense and meaningful piece of art awaits you.

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – “Three? Four? Five stones!” by Sadiq Mansor
Across the wall, worn by the grime of time, lays this mural that tells a story that has transcended the boundaries of time

The next mural we caught sort of blinded me. It was bright. It was vibrant. It was unmissable. There it was: “Three? Four? Five stones!” by Sadiq Mansor. As your eyes glide across the mural, you uncover something new that will get you jumping for joy as you yell in recognition, “I know what that is!”. It’s yet another painting that gets you riding down memory lane, there, in the middle of a random neighbourhood. Emotions are tricky like that!

This mural tells the journey of Red Hill’s history and holds the childhood memories of its residents (and maybe even yours). In the middle of the painting, a woman in a baju kurung plays a game every Singaporean has played like a birthright – five stones. She’s surrounded by the very elements of Singapore we’ve grown up with – luscious trees and brick walls. When you look harder, you’ll find the playground dragon motif, the beloved gem biscuits with more memories than taste, and the waving lucky cat you’ve seen endlessly. Memories.

We also made our way to Enabling Village in Lengkok Bahru, the first inclusive community space in Singapore dedicated to integrating people with disabilities into society. This heartwarming place is home to three beautiful murals that create an ensemble that gives the place so much more meaning and love.

“Jolie’s Secret Garden” by Jolie Lim – Enabling Village
“Jolie’s Secret Garden” by Jolie Lim

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic crafted three murals inspired by young talents in the Artist Development Programme of Pathlight School, an institution dedicated to autism education. These three lovely murals are “Jolie’s Secret Garden” by Jolie Lim, “The Animal Parade” by Tan Jun Yi, and “Birds of a Feather” by Selena Seow. Each of these murals incorporates the use of animals and nature to allow the artists to express themselves through art and convey a message that’s deeper than what meets the eye.

“Jolie’s Secret Garden” by Jolie Lim is a whimsical take on a garden that is the backdrop of our childhoods. With the garden flora growing every which way, you see little kids basking in the joy of being in the midst of nature. They’re carefree, unburdened by the weight of growing up, but most importantly, they’re happy.

“The Animal Parade” by Tan Jun Yi – Enabling Village
“The Animal Parade” by Tan Jun Yi

“The Animal Parade” by Tan Jun Yi is a lovely ode to the animals that make us smile. It feels like we’re inside Jun Yi’s mind, seeing how he perceives animals and their existence in our world. It feels magical to see our universe from his perspective. He sees animals like we would man, with their distinct facial features and human-like expressions. I see my childhood. And I realise that we never had to lose that as we grew up. In fact, we need that more than ever.

“Birds of a Feather” by Selena Seow is another stunning mural. It’s a genius work that makes you double-take. At first glance, it appears to be a few birds sitting together. But then you realise there’s a young boy with these birds. The illusion of colours and shapes is a skilful technique to blur the boundaries between man and animal. After all, aren’t we animals, too? Seeing the love between the boy and the birds is heart-melting and invokes lots of happiness and hope. There couldn’t have been a more perfect place for this piece of art.

“Birds of a Feather” by Selena Seow – Enabling Village
“Birds of a Feather” by Selena Seow

All these and 15 more murals wait for your arrival, for you to gaze deep into the soul of these pieces and unravel the tale they’re hiding within the brush strokes. Be a Mural Hunter. But I promise you, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Munch your way through local delights as a Food Enthusiast!

Foodies, you’ve waited for this. You patiently read and scrolled through. I know you’ve been waiting for this (because I would be too). I was the most excited about the Food Enthusiast trail. Did it live up to the excitement? You’ll simply have to keep reading!

You see, Singapore is a food haven itself. It’s packed with food goodies. In fact, there are so many that so many of these gems go unnoticed and suppressed underneath the big names. Thus, the term “hidden gems” was coined. And today, we investigate whether any of these treats we tried were indeed gems. The trail will provide you with 25 spots! Ranging from yummy meals with vegan-friendly options to beverages and desserts, these locations are put together by Momentus Hotel Alexandra, which they believe to be an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre – Dial Up Your Moments With Us
Welcome to ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre!

We realised that of the 25 locations part of the trail, many of them were located in one of the two main hawkers within walking distance to the hotel – ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre and Alexandra Village Food Centre. So, we decided to go beyond the trail and let our senses and intuition guide us to more potentially hidden gems one can’t possibly miss out. And today, we lay bare our journey.

Our first stop was ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre. Unfortunately, quite a few stalls were closed when we were there at about 6pm on a Friday night. Some hawker centres are at their brightest, loudest and busiest during breakfast and lunch, and this may have been one of them, but we can’t know for sure. But we did find one stall from the trail that was open and was calling out to us as we emerged from the sinister rays of the sun, and that was Jin Jin Dessert. Yes, we’re starting with dessert! It’s never too early or too late for dessert.

Jin Jin Dessert – ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre
It was not as high as we’d like our Ice Kachang to be, but it packed a punch!

From Jin Jin Dessert, we got their Ice Kachang. The queues were long, the heat was consuming us alive, and the duress to order quickly and get out of the way was real. That means that we asked for Ice Kachang (it can never go wrong!), and they gave it to us. But when we looked at the menu, it didn’t have a simple Ice Kachang on it. So, we don’t know exactly what variation we got, but we devoured it.

I must admit, I love my Ice Kachang, but I’ve never favoured a bandung-heavy Ice Kachang. After all, the whole point is to get a different experience in every bite. But once we got deep down, the bandung was all we could taste. It was a shame, really. But if you’re a hardcore bandung fan, I know you’d eat this up! Nonetheless, Jin Jin Dessert has always had rave reviews, especially for their bestseller Power Chendol.

The following few items weren’t from the trail’s suggested list, but since other stores were open in the area, we did get other treats that looked and sounded amazing (and apparently were raved about online).

ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre – Fatty Cheong
Staring at this photo too long may be harmful to your salivary glands

We tried Fatty Cheong’s char siew roasted pork rice. Luscious pork strips were laid on a bed of rice in a thick gravy. The meat was excellent. When you bite into it, there’s a burst of flavour. Just for that juicy and flavourful pork, I’d buy this again. 

But that was all to it. The best part about our beloved chicken rice and char siew is the cohesiveness despite the fact that it’s just meat and rice. But this dish felt very separate. The rice was extremely dry and had no flavour. It didn’t match the pork. And it didn’t come with soup, which could have helped with the dryness. Unfortunately, unless I’m craving a good piece of pork, this would be a miss for me.

ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre – Bao Zai
A cute little bao to get your day started

We then tried Bao Zai’s Char Siew Bao. Now we’re talking! A good bao is what mornings smell like. When you bite into this tiny, bite-sized bao, you immediately get a taste of the sweet and tender char siew house-roasted by the stall, making it unique and stand out immediately. It was stuffed generously, too. But if I dare complain, I’d say that the bao dough itself was a little too thick and doughy for my liking. If it were a little thinner, the ratio of bao to filling would have been perfect! Nonetheless, a delicious start to the morning!

As we continued our rendezvous around the food court in search of more good food, we saw a queue. It was a long queue—the longest queue—too tempting to give up. We had to see for ourselves what the hype was. Ladies and gentlemen, our winner is Leng Kee Fish Soup ABC!

We tried the Sliced Fish Soup. It was genuinely life-changing. I’m drooling as I write. This was good fish soup. The soup was perfectly seasoned. It was salty, but not at all too much. It packed a punch of flavour without being too overwhelming. It was still a soothing concoction, something I’d want to slurp when craving a warm embrace on a thundery day. 

ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre – Leng Kee Fish Soup ABC
I’m genuinely drooling just thinking about it

And that fish? Don’t even get me started. It was fresh! You can tell when you’re having stale seafood. You just know. But this was nothing like that. This felt so light, like I was in the ocean myself, taking in the coolness of the sea under a scorching sun. It stands out against the heavier flavours of the soup. It tasted terrific and was a match made in heaven with the soup’s perfect seasoning. A definite must-try if you’re here!

That was ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre. But another food court lurks amid the neighbourhood – Alexandra Village Food Centre. It was a (very) rainy day, so I fear this must have been why it wasn’t as busy as we thought it would be, with many stalls closed (including the one we’d been eagerly waiting for the whole way there!). 

But we found three words that instantly caught our attention: black burger buns. Oh, we had to try it! This is Ashes Burnnit, known for their charcoal burger buns. They started off as a conversation between two friends about bringing gourmet burgers to the hawkers’ scene. And today, they’re getting ready to bring their burgers to the home of the burgers, New York City! So, of course, we had high hopes!

Alexandra Village Food Centre – Ashes Burnnit
Black buns for your burger? What’s this magic?

And they delivered! We asked those working at the stall for recommendations, and they suggested the Truffle Shroom Burger. We tried it, and we were blown away. Between the iconic charcoal buns (ready to pose for an Instagram story) sat a juicy beef patty, atop which laid a bed of mushrooms that looked seasoned to a tee. The truffle’s unmistakable fragrance wafted through the air. The fries looked plump and ready to be devoured. Our eyes had feasted, and it was now time for our tastebuds to party.

As soon you take that bite, you get the juiciness of the patty. You could say that it even tasted like the McDonald’s cheeseburger beef patty. With the tenderness of the beef came the springiness of the mushrooms. The sauce was very well-seasoned and sang in perfect harmony with the meat. The truffle, though, seemed to play hide-and-seek. We could smell it but couldn’t really taste it. It was more like a subtle accompaniment to the seasoning rather than a shining star. Some might even prefer it that way. All of this is sandwiched between the soft and airy buns. Ah, beautiful.

I would point out that the fries were pretty thick, and only those at the top of the pile were seasoned, leaving those at the bottom tasting rather bland. Since you work through your pile, if you’re left with any fries after the burger disappears inside of you, they would be those at the bottom. Ending off a rather tasty meal with unseasoned fries feels like a pity. Nonetheless, this is an experience and one you can’t miss!

Alexandra Village Food Centre – King Avocado
A green shake… interesting?

And finally, we were desperately hoping for Mr Avocado Exotic Fruit Juice to be open. Unfortunately, we came on the one day they’re closed: Saturday. So, learn from our mistakes! Plan your visit well so you don’t end up disappointed like we were. 

However, we weren’t disheartened for too long because, as it turned out, there were at least three other stalls selling avocado shakes. I’d never heard of an avocado shake before, and to see so many stalls selling it in one place felt like a fever dream. But we managed to get in (a very long) line for an avocado shake just two stalls away from Mr Avocado, King Avocado.

Apparently, they’re the closest to the original drink sold at Mr Avocado. We got the Avocado Chocolate Shake. It tasted just like you’d think it would. Imagine an avocado in beverage form, and there you have it! The chocolate threw us off, but it aided in sweetening the drink rather than lending its cocoa and nutty flavour. I could not taste it, and if you hadn’t told me there was chocolate in it, I wouldn’t have guessed. It was fascinating and something I’d surely try again. If you’re into avocados, this could be up your alley!

Alexandra Village Food Centre – King Avocado
We also got the Soursop Strawberry drink to shake things up a little!

We also got something on the other side of the spectrum – a Soursop Strawberry drink. This is the answer to all my roasting weather-related problems. It’s so refreshing! It’s got the tartness from the soursop, and the sweetness of the strawberry balances it out. It didn’t taste artificial, either. It tasted like a refreshing fruity drink that could make everything okay!

Also, a part of the trail was Momentus Hotel Alexandra’s very own Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie, where we enjoyed a wonderful modern European semi-buffet, and Verandah Pool Bar & Grill, where we were served by a lovely bartender, Vina, who made drinks for us just the way she’d thought we’d like them! From the ambience to the food and drinks we stuffed ourselves with, both places would be a delicious stop on your food trail!

Ending Thoughts

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us” – HortPark
Architecture in nature – a truly Singaporean park

There you have it! Four trails to explore Alexandra through a new lens. While the trails themselves are fun once you figure out where you want to go, we were a little disappointed by the format of these trails as offered by the hotel. We went in imagining a tour guide bringing us about, or at least someone briefing us on the must-sees on each trail. But this is totally free and easy, which means it’s you and Google Maps against the world. 

You are to choose from over 10 locations (more than 20 for some trails!) and plan your own route with no recommended trail routes from the hotel. While that freedom to explore as you wish is liberating, this is something you can do without the hotel package, too, which makes you wonder if a compiled list of all the locations to check out is all you get from this. In that case, a little research and some quick Google searches would’ve done the job, too. 

I’d even recommend renting a car or bringing along your own to check out these trails (which was what we did!). With the unpredictable weather that our indecisive skies offer, any extreme weather change could damper your exploration (which happened to us). And some locations are a little further apart, so you’d be spending a lot of time just travelling. While that is part of the experience, it might not be the most effective use of time. 

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us”
A film camera awaits you!

While the idea of exploring hidden gems in a rather overlooked part of Singapore that is brimming with nature, culture, art, and food is wonderous, the execution of it wasn’t the best. Nevertheless, I loved the addition of the film camera in the package. It’s a precious way to capture candid moments and look back at this experience once you get the film back. You’d have to develop the film yourself (which is also not the most ideal), but we’d recommend Whampoa Colour Centre, known for its affordable yet quick services.

Despite it all, we can’t deny that these trails are super fun if you pick the one that calls out to you the most! My personal favourite was the Cultural Heritage Adventurer trail. I’m not the biggest history buff, but it was an eye-opening experience learning and hearing history’s deepest secrets and sorrows. I got to see Singapore from a completely different perspective, and that’s something I’d wish upon every Singaporean.

My least favourite trail is the Mural Hunter trail. It didn’t feel as rewarding to hunt murals around the neighbourhood as trekking through nature, learning about our past or feasting on delicious finds. However, it all comes down to what you’re most passionate about. If you’re an art lover, I think you’d love this. I think you’d adore watching the buildings that have bore witness to many stories be transformed into canvases for artists to tell theirs.

The Momentus Hotel Alexandra’s ‘Dial Up Your Moments With Us’ promo is available for you to enjoy from now till 30 June 2024. But wait, there’s more to this. Also, till 30 June 2024, you stand a chance to win a one-night stay in the Deluxe Room with a Weekend Buffet Dinner for two (worth S$600++)!

Reflections at Bukit Chandu
I had goosebumps the whole time I was in there (and not because of the cold)

All you’ll have to do to enter the final draw happening on 30 June 2024, is share your moments from your stay here at Momentus Hotel Alexandra in two posts – one showcasing your favourite spot from the exclusive Momentus Explorer Card, and one capturing your cherished moment within the hotel’s relaxing ambience. Post these on your Instagram page, make your profile public, tag their Instagram handle, @momentusatalexandra and use the hashtag #DialUpYourMomentsWithUs for your entry into the contest!

Results will be announced exclusively on Momentus Hotel Alexandra’s Instagram page. You’ve still got time! Go for it and explore Singapore like never before!

So, once again, I ask: what kind of explorer are you? Are you a nature freak where lush greenery gets your heart thumping like nothing else? Are you a heritage fanatic on the hunt for cultural wonders and history’s hushed secrets? Or maybe the way to your heart is food, and the search for it never stops? Or just maybe, you love to quest for Singapore’s hidden kaleidoscopic canvases of mural art? 

Oh, you’re going to love this.

Momentus Hotel Alexandra ‘Dial Up Your Moments With Us’ 

Momentus Alexandra “Dial Up Your Moments With Us”
This could be you – checking in and making your moments, too.

🗓️Promo Period: Till 30 June 2024
📍Location: 323 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159972

For more details and to book your staycation with Momentus Hotel Alexandra’s ‘Dial Up Your Moments With Us’ package, check out their official website and their Instagram (you have a contest to win!).

Photos by Leo Chia and Eshani N J of the DANAMIC Team.

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