PERi-tastic: Taste Nando’s New Bowls and Wings This May 2024

In 1987, the story of Nando’s began when two friends fell in love with a chicken restaurant in a small Johannesburg suburb of South Africa. They were so impressed with the restaurant’s fire-grilled chicken that they bought it and transformed it into the Nando’s we know and love today. Their main attraction is Portuguese flame-grilled chicken in the style of peri-peri or African bird’s eye chilli.

While Nando’s prides itself in staying true to its Portuguese and African roots, it’s also vital for them to embrace the modern hustle. Hence, designed with the busy, on-the-go crowd in mind, Nando’s introduces new menus that, while convenient and easy to share, still retain the magic of PERi-PERi. 

They’ve gone a step further with new menu items like the PERi-bowls and PERi-wings, which have been available at all Nando’s outlets since earlier this May 2024. I got to try these new items myself and my tastebuds were invigorated, so hopefully, yours will be too by the end of this article!


Get ready to take flight as Nando’s brings two new PERi wings to their menu! On this winged journey, PERi-crackle Wings and PERi-honey Yuzu Wings land in Nando’s, and the first up is the PERi-Crackle Wings. 

Why crackle, you might ask? Well, if you look at the new menu, PERi-Crackle has been introduced as a new extra you can opt for to give your meal an extra sizzling kick! PERi-Crackle is a chilli oil made with toasted sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, garlic, shallots, and the staple that is PERi-PERi! 

For the PERi-crackle Wings (S$8 for 4 pieces, S$11.50 for 6 pieces), PERi-Crackle and a handful of its various seeds are unsparingly drizzled atop the chicken wings. When I took a bite, the slightly charred skin peeled off effortlessly to reveal full-fledged tenderness, and the PERi-Crackle added a note of spice and texture! 

Nando's Wings & Bowls: Crackle Wings
The PERi-Crackle Wings triumph in its tenderness

Owing to my low spice tolerance, I am guilty of choosing “Mild” when it comes to Nando’s spice levels, but the PERi-Crackle was not overpowering with its gentle heat, so don’t be chicken to try this! Even though I was given a set of cutlery, eventually, I gave up on any dining etiquette whatsoever and dug into the wings using the classic method of hands. I mean, who even uses a knife and fork to eat your wings, especially when they’re this good?!

Next was the PERi-honey Yuzu Wings (S$8 for 4 pieces, S$11.50 for 6 pieces). Now don’t be fooled by its appearance. It may look like the typical glazed wings, but its flavour is anything but typical. After you give the calamansi a good squeeze on top of the wings (I was told it is a must to do so), I sank my teeth into the meat to find a flavour explosion in my mouth! 

Nando's Wings & Bowls: Honey Yuzu Wings
Remember to generously squeeze the calamansi for an extra juicy, citric flavour!

The subtle, citrusy notes of yuzu combined with sweet honey were the perfect contrast to the slight sourness of PERi PERi embedded in the meat. As the calamansi juice soaked in, the flavours became more pronounced, and the citrus taste was highlighted in these juicy wings!

Before I knew it, the wings were gone in the blink of an eye, and the only evidence I had devoured them was the sticky feeling that clung to my fingers. So if this isn’t a testament to the new wings’ deliciousness, I don’t know what is.

Tying together the delectable start of my meal was a refreshing glass of the new Designer Drink, Yuzu Lychee Bliss (S$6.50)! Yuzu Lychee Bliss is a fizzy, fruity delight filled with whole lychees and lemon slices. This sweet, cool drink perfectly matched the PERi-Yuzu Honey Wings and helped me wash down the wings and quench my thirst! 

Nando's Wings & Bowls: Yuzu Lychee Bliss
The Yuzu Lychee Bliss is just what I need for a hot summer day

PERi bowls

As a working young adult myself, I wonder who has the time these days to sit down and savour a meal? This was the same question Nando’s wanted to solve, so after much feedback and contemplation, the restaurant chain whipped up a few new PERi bowls for the average working citizen in need of a quick lunch fix!

Say goodbye to having to lug three takeaway packs of chicken, and hello to the convenient yet filling PERi bowls! With a variety of flavours and bowls to choose from, no meal any day will ever be the same, even if you were to patronise Nando’s every day! From the PERi-crackle Grilled Chicken Bowl to the PERi-honey Thigh Rice Bowl, your tastebuds will always be satisfied.

We start with a very familiar flavour in the form of the PERi-honey Thigh Chicken Bowl (S$14.90). Inspired by local tastes, the main carbohydrate of this dish consists of fluffy jasmine rice infused with coconut, chicken, and kaffir lime flavours. Taking a scoop of the rice was like breaking into a cloud with how delicate and soft it was, and once I took a bite, I was hit with a burst of coconut and instantly reminded of the local favourite, nasi lemak

Nando's Wings & Bowls: Honey Thigh Chicken Bowl
The rice is so fluffy and fragrant, that I can even eat it alone!

The grilled chicken was just as tender as the wings, providing much-needed protein and savoury satisfaction. An edamame corn salsa also adds some hearty greens to the bowl. 

The next rice option is the PERi-crackle Grilled Chicken Bowl (S$12.90). Employing the PERi-Crackle once again, the yellow-tinted spiced rice brings additional heat to this dish! The grilled chicken is shredded and blanketed over the rice. Combine all three of these wonderful ingredients and you have yourself a flavourful and spicy dish. I couldn’t help but shove scoop after scoop of this into my mouth, and despite how deceptively simple it looks, it packs a punch!

Nando's Wings & Bowls: Grilled Chicken Bowl
Simple but scrumptious!

“But what if I prefer noodles?” I hear what you say. Good news! The PERi-Crackle Grilled Chicken Bowl also has a noodle option. I pictured it as long, yellow noodles, but imagine my surprise when instead, it was a bowl of short, semi-transparent rice noodles reminiscent of the classic Chinese noodles lao shu fen, or rat noodles in English.

These uniquely shaped noodles provided a chewy texture and went well with the spiciness of the PERi-Crackle! Although I usually lean towards soup noodles, this textural heaven required no soup to make it delicious. Out of all the PERi bowls, this dish was a winner to me due to its familiarity and homeliness.

Nando's Wings & Bowls: Grilled Chicken Noodle Bowl
Everyone at the table couldn’t stop singing praises of these noodles!

While not exactly a noodle, the PERi-Mac & Cheese (S$12.90) is also an option for those craving something noodle-like beyond the PERi-Crackle Grilled Chicken Bowl (noodles). 

I wasn’t sure how Nando’s could elevate such a simple dish, but this was truly next level. Covered in cheese crisp and shredded chicken, the contrasting textures brought the Macaroni and cheese dish to new heights. 

Nando's Wings & Bowls: Mac & Cheese
Get all that cheesy goodness into my stomach!

Every bite was loaded with parmesan flavour, and it was not too watery or thick, which made it perfect in its creamy consistency! The ever-present PERi-PERi could also be found in this dish, giving it some heat and extra flavour! This warm bowl of cheesiness is for anyone who cannot get enough of cheese, and I could vouch that this was the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Finally, we have a healthy option suited for vegetarians! The PERi-nut Salad Bowl (S$11.90) is a salad bowl packed with crunch and munch! Crispy lettuce and baby spinach are tossed in with chunks of tofu for that protein punch, and it is topped with PERi-nuts to tickle your tastebuds alongside a generous drizzle of Caesar dressing. I couldn’t make out the spice of the PERi-PERi, so the salad bowl felt a bit bland, but if you’re looking for a lighter meal, this would be great to chow down without any added guilt!

Nando's Wings & Bowls: Nut Salad Bowl
Go nuts for the PERi-Nut Salad Bowl!

All the bowls that we’ve just talked about are designed to be bang for your buck, so the next time you’re looking for something more hearty for lunch without emptying your wallet, give Nando’s new bowls a shot!

Bolo & Bolas

What’s a full meal without dessert, am I right? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the new Bolo & Bolas, but these two desserts will debut at Nando’s outlets everywhere near the end of May, so stay tuned for them!

Nando's Wings & Bowls: Bolo & Bolas
Bolo & Bolas are a killer double dessert combination!

Owing to one of the founders’ Portuguese roots, these two desserts are of Portuguese authenticity and origin. With a sugar crust, Bolos de Arroz is a traditional Portuguese rice muffin providing nothing but buttery bliss. 

Bolas de Berlim also aims to not disappoint with its generous load of sweet custard hidden in mouth-watering, sugar-coated doughnut pastry. So grab your loved ones and share these sweet treats whenever you’re aching to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Topping add-ons on Nando’s

In celebration of the launch of their new menu items, Nando’s is topping it off with an extra treat! From now till 31 May 2024, every bowl order will include a free topping add-on to give your bowls more personalisation and flavour! 

Whether you’re looking for savoury Cheese Crisp, Grilled Tofu, fresh Baby Spinach, crunchy PERi-Crackle, or Edamame Corn Salsa, the choices are endless, so choose wisely what toppings you want to add to make your bowl as scrumptious as possible!

Nando's Wings & Bowls: New Menu Spread
I salivated as soon as saw the full spread of Nando’s new menu items

Have Nando’s new menu items bowled you over? The new PERi bowls, wings, and other items are a nod to the modern yet hectic working life. Thus, whenever you’ve got a lunch break during the workday, take a chance at Nando’s new menu additions! There’s a huge variety of new items to try, so I guarantee everyone can find a new Nando’s item they will fall in love with! 

For more information, head over to Nando’s official website!


📍Location: For a complete list of Nando’s locations, visit Nando’s online!
Opening hours: All outlets operate from 10am to 10pm daily, except for Nando’s Tanglin Mall, which operates from 11am to 10pm daily

Photos by Eshani N J of the DANAMIC Team. Additional visual courtesy of Nando’s Singapore.

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