Pet Lovers Rejoice: Dive into the Excitement of Pet Expo 2024!

Getting a pet is a life-altering decision. As the owner of a seven-year-old Maltipoo, affectionately named Tofu, I know that having a pet is like having a child—you only want the best for them. Which is why I’m happy to share that we had the opportunity to attend the Pet Expo—Singapore’s largest pet event! Being surrounded by hundreds of booths, all catered to the care and betterment of our furry loved ones, I felt like I’d died and gone to pet heaven.

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Pet Expo was back bigger and better than they’ve ever been before! With the sheer number of booths and activities to try, I would’ve stayed the whole day if I could, but alas, I had to wake up from my daydream and face the bleak world beyond Hall 5B and 6 at the Expo. As a pet owner myself, I would want to hear about everything that went down at the Pet Expo, so allow me to walk you through the best finds and the vibes that made the event an unforgettable experience!


Pet Lovers Rejoice: Dive into the Excitement of Pet Expo 2024!: Ambience
How could you resist how cute they are? The cuteness overload was taking over me!

We got to the venue at about 10:30 in the morning, and there was already a line snaking out of the hall – a true testament to how big of an affair this is! Being a pet-centric event, of course there were tons of people with their furry friends standing in line. I was literally overtaken by the need to squeeze every one of them. There were also more dogs than cats, but given the nature of an event like this, it made sense to see so many more extroverted animals out and about. More dogs were probably in attendance than humans, but I’m not complaining! 

Given the number of animals in attendance, I half-expected the Expo floors to take a hit by the end of the day, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. A group of extremely hardworking cleaners kept every corner of the Expo hall clean and covered, keeping the hall in tip–top shape—which I’m sure was greatly appreciated by all the human and animal attendees alike!

Pet Lovers Rejoice: Dive into the Excitement of Pet Expo 2024!: Ambience
What would Pet Expo be without our furry friends?

The lengths that the organisers went to were astronomical! There were designated toilets for animals to use, and of course, everything was pet-friendly. Most notably, during the cake-cutting ceremony, you would think that the cake would be for humans, right? Well, you’re wrong. The talented team at BossiPaws made the cake especially for animals to eat! Trust Pet Expo to organise an event you and your pet will never forget!


At an event as big as Pet Expo, people are often intimidated by the mountains of booths offering a ton of different things! But not to worry—that’s what this guide is for! Let me help you break down the big happenings and booths at the Pet Expo for your future reference!

Adoption Drives

Every animal deserves a loving and caring home, and the people at Pet Expo agree wholeheartedly with that statement! At the heart of the Expo were booths set up by animal adoption initiatives like Purely Adoption and the Cat Welfare Society. The booths were dedicated to helping animals find their forever homes, with participants interested in adopting pets.

You always hear people tell you to adopt pets instead of buying them, to give animals in need of a home a new lease of life. But no one ever tells you how difficult it is to adopt one in the first place – where to look or how to begin adopting pets! But Pet Expo was a one-stop place for all your adoption inquiries. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt a pet right now, at least you know where to start looking, all thanks to the Pet Expo!

Aquamania 2025

Pet Lovers Rejoice: Dive into the Excitement of Pet Expo 2024!: Aquamania 2025
Who knew so much thought went into the upkeep of marine pets?

The word “pet” in Pet Expo doesn’t just refer to common furry friends like dogs and cats; it also encompasses marine pets. I’m talking about fish and all! In conjunction with their 10th birthday, Pet Expo has gone above and beyond to include marine pets on their roster! Located at the back of the Expo hall was an aqua utopia——think Atlantis, if you will——selling everything from tanks to premium fish pellets! 

There was even an aquascaping activity that participants could sign up for, where they decorated fish tanks. Even after watching my father tend to his fish and terrapins weekly for the past 20 years, I never knew how much thought and care went into caring for fish. Everything, down to water pressure and the greens you put into your tank, has to be meticulously thought out in order to keep your pets healthy and booming with life. 

Aquamania 2025 was more of an educational affair for me than anything else! Seeing everyone share their own knowledge and experiences made my heart swell, knowing that they were brought together by their love for their pets.


Pet Lovers Rejoice: Dive into the Excitement of Pet Expo 2024!: Harmurry
Discovering Harmurry was one of my best finds!

Speaking from personal experience, one of the hardest things my family has had to deal with since getting Tofu seven years ago has been his skin. Like many other dogs, Tofu has the tendency to scratch himself to the point of concern. And we’ve tried everything. Switching his diet, allergy tests and even daily medication – there was even a phase where all we fed him was frog meat! But none of that seemed to help.

So, I was on a mission to find a solution at Pet Expo. Based on the hundreds of booths, I was sure an answer lay somewhere, and I was determined to find it. That was when I stumbled across Harmurry, a booth selling shampoo for dogs and cats with sensitive skin – checkmate! 

Hailing from Japan, Harmurry’s lineup of shampoos was incredible. After a few questions about Tofu’s condition and finding out more about the shampoo we were using, the lovely booth assistant directed me to their products. We’ve been disappointed many times by shampoos that claim to be suitable for dogs with sensitive skin, so finding Harmurry was like finding a rainbow after a dark and heavy storm.

All the ingredients used in a bottle of Harmurry shampoo are natural and organic, making it safe and extremely gentle on your animal’s skin! In fact, it’s even safe for human use! Yes, you read that right. That just goes to show how delicate it is on your pet’s skin! Safe to say, Harmurry is the only shampoo Tofu that will be using for years to come! Good things must be shared, so run over to their official website and start shopping!

woofgang bark 

Pet Lovers Rejoice: Dive into the Excitement of Pet Expo 2024!: woofgang bark
woofgang bark almost had me fooled with their macaroons

Some pet owners are known to pamper their furry friends – and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m one of them. On Tofu’s birthday every year, my family has a tradition of buying him a slice of sugarless roll cake to substitute for a birthday cake. But in the depths of the Pet Expo, I seemed to have found a replacement for these flavourless cakes, all thanks to woofgang bark!

At first glance, it looked like they were selling typical macaroons for human consumption, but upon closer inspection, we discovered that they were actually for your pets! Their macaroons are 100% natural and fresh and aren’t made with flour, sugar, preservatives or artificial colours – none of that bad stuff. 

Each macaroon is packed full of nutrients that benefit your pet in one way or another. All their macaroon shells are made with yoghurt, which strengthens bones and joints, and Chinese yam, which targets the spleen and stomach. Every other macaroon is coloured in accordance with the main ingredient, and each has its own unique benefits. A healthy treat for my pet that they’ll love? I’m sold! You already know the drill: Check out their official Lazada page to bag yourself a treat for your furry friends!


Pet Lovers Rejoice: Dive into the Excitement of Pet Expo 2024!: fejapets
If I could add everything to my cart, I would

fejapets takes apparel to a whole new level! You always tend to see pretty tacky catchphrases on apparel designed for pet owners to wear – enter: fejapets! Their apparel lineup covers everything from graphic tees to my favourite, sportswear. Not only were the designs superb, but the quality of the materials were outstanding! Thankfully, you can shop their apparel online and find them on Instagram – we’re not ones to gatekeep here, so happy shopping!

If it wasn’t clear enough, we had an absolute blast at this year’s Pet Expo. The energy was electric, and the air was buzzing with excitement. I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m so grateful for an event like Pet Expo – where like-minded people can gather, share their experiences, and learn from one another. 

Whether you’re looking to get educated on what it takes to own a pet or still learning how to take care of your furry friend, have no fear; the Pet Expo is a place for all to gather and share! If you’re bummed out from missing out on this year’s list of activities, no worries, for Pet Expo will be back again next year. Make sure to check out their Instagram page and Official website for more happenings! See you there next year!

Photos by Leo Chia and Pauline Caoile of the DANAMIC Team.

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