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Empowering Diversity and Inclusion: The Inspiring Journey of Ainul Md Razib (@AinLovesCode)

In the ever-evolving world of the tech industry and the ever-changing world of social media, there exists a trailblazer whose story illuminates the path toward diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. Meet Ainul Md Razib, affectionately known as Ain (@AinLovesCode) — a tech influencer, software developer, and advocate for change in the tech industry. As the first in her family to pursue coding, Ain’s story transcends pixels and lines of code on her screen. It’s also a story of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of inclusivity. 

On this International Women’s Day, join us as we delve into Ain’s inspiring journey, from navigating uncharted territories as a first-generation coder to spearheading initiatives that inspire and empower individuals of all backgrounds to embrace the boundless possibilities of technology.

Pioneering Pathways in Tech

Ain’s journey into the tech industry began as she embarked on her higher education at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a specialisation in Information Systems Technology and Design. The transition to university life was daunting. “Being the first in my family to pursue an IT career, as well as being a woman of a minority race in tech, the lack of representation of other individuals with similar demographics as me was isolating,” she recalls, particularly for someone navigating unfamiliar territory without the guidance of familial precedent. However, Ain’s unwavering determination and resilience fueled her determination to succeed. 


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Ain’s passion for coding and technology propelled her forward. Reflecting on her experience studying at SUTD, she says, “I had struggled with impostor syndrome and felt outclassed by my schoolmates who learned coding much earlier than me.” However, instead of allowing self-doubt to deter her, Ain used these challenges to motivate her. She sought out mentorship, sought feedback, and sought opportunities to prove herself, determined to carve out her own path in the world of tech.

Breaking Barriers and Advocating for Inclusion

Drawing inspiration from the experiences shared by creators on social media and local community organisations such as Yayasan Mendaki, The Codette Project, She Loves Data and Women Who Code Singapore, Ain recognised the power of representation in reshaping the narrative surrounding underrepresented groups in tech. Motivated by a desire to bridge the gap and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, Ain created Ain Loves Code, her social media brand dedicated to advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in the tech community. 

Through Ain Loves Code, Ain shares her journey as a software developer, offering practical advice for breaking into the tech industry and mentoring aspiring technologists from underrepresented backgrounds. 

One notable aspect of her approach is the intentional representation of her cultural identity. Ain wears the hijab in her videos, a deliberate choice that resonates with many women of minority races who share similar cultural backgrounds. This visibility not only empowers individuals who may have felt excluded in the tech community but also serves as a powerful symbol of representation and inclusivity. 

Alongside her partnerships with entities such as SkillsFuture Singapore, National Library Board, Google, and Girls Who Code, Ain uses her platform to amplify the voices of minority individuals in tech and provide support and guidance to those navigating similar paths. As Ain aptly puts it, “It is crucial to establish clear guidelines on work etiquette to foster a safe space for individuals from minority races to not just work in, but also thrive professionally and confidently seek advice and support when needed.” Through her own experiences and insights, Ain hopes to inspire others to embrace their unique identities and pursue their passions in the tech industry.

She also takes on the role of Head of Social Media for Malay Muslims iN Tech, a ground-up network of Malay Muslim tech professionals working together to empower the next generation of tech professionals in Singapore. In her role, Ain speaks at youth networking events and actively engages with her community, taking pride as a mentor and advocate for budding technologists from diverse backgrounds.

“I noticed a lack of representation of Malay and Muslim women at the tech events and conferences I attended,” she shares. “This motivated me to take the initiative to volunteer my time and career insights at community outreach events organised by Malay or Muslim organisations.” These events serve as invaluable opportunities for Ain to connect with individuals who may be navigating similar challenges and provide them with the support and guidance they need to succeed in the tech industry.

As she wholeheartedly puts it, “Believe in your worth, seek mentorship, and share your journey with trusted professionals who understand the challenges minorities face in tech.” By sharing her own journey and offering practical advice, Ain’s commitment to mentorship and advocacy serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring technologists, inspiring them to navigate the complexities of the tech industry with resilience and determination.

Through her candid and informative content, Ain creates a sense of belonging for individuals who may feel isolated or overlooked in the tech community. Reflecting on the impact of her videos, she says, “Being able to hear firsthand how my videos have helped to inspire and motivate others to pursue a career in this space was truly moving.”


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It is through this venture that Ain also brings visibility to the challenges faced by marginalised communities and advocates for greater diversity and inclusion. 

“Social media platforms like TikTok expand access to knowledge, making community building easier and providing an outreach platform for anyone to share their journeys and advice,” she explains. “My content has sparked conversations around the challenges of minorities and women in tech, legitimising the obstacles they encounter and advocating for better diversity and representation.” 

Through her strategic use of social media, Ain amplifies the voices of underrepresented individuals and advocates for systemic change within the tech industry. By sharing stories of resilience, triumph, and empowerment, Ain hopes to inspire others to challenge the status quo and work towards a more inclusive and equitable future for all individuals in the tech community.

A Trailblazer for Inspiring Inclusion

As International Women’s Day approaches, Ain remains steadfast in her commitment to inspiring inclusion within the tech community, both locally in Singapore and globally. “I hope to continue showing up on social media to inspire minority groups and women like me to pursue their interests, even if they might be part of a small group following this path,” she asserts. “I also hope to continue sharing my insights and experiences as a minority race woman in tech to raise awareness of the challenges faced by women like me and to create a more welcoming and encouraging space for women to thrive in.”

Looking ahead, Ain’s vision extends far beyond her own journey. She aspires to inspire individuals of minority groups and women to pursue careers in the tech industry, while also working to challenge and change the stigmatised perceptions surrounding women of minority races. To achieve this, Ain aims to continue growing in her career as a software developer, enabling her to provide better mentorship to aspiring technologists and offer practical advice on navigating the industry. 

Additionally, she plans to expand her educational content on TikTok, focusing on technical coding tutorials, tech news, and sharing stories of inspiring minorities and women in tech. Through her dedication and passion, Ain is not only shaping her own path but also paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in the tech industry.

Ain’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of perseverance, passion, and advocacy. As she continues to break down barriers, empower underrepresented individuals, and inspire inclusion within the tech community, Ain’s impact resonates far beyond the confines of the digital world. She is not just a tech influencer and software developer but also a beacon of hope, a trailblazer for diversity and inclusion, and a true inspiration for generations to come.

In honour of International Women’s Day, let us celebrate Ain and individuals like her who champion diversity, inclusion, and empowerment in every facet of their lives. Together, we can build a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

Has Ain’s journey and passionate advocacy for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry inspired you? Or are you in for more engaging content, coding tutorials, and empowering stories advocating inclusivity and representation? Dive deeper into Ain’s insights and expertise by following her on TikTok (@AinLovesCode)!

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