Revisiting Chingay 2024: Where Dragons Roared and Flowers Blossomed

Another February passes, and another Chingay parade comes to an end. The cloud of new beginnings that makes the air feel electric from January to February has passed along with the final float at the Chingay Parade. Yes, we’re facing withdrawal symptoms with the end of Chingay 2024, which was held on 23 and 24 February at the F1 Pit Building, and we want to relive this magical piece of Singapore’s cultural tapestry with you!

This year’s theme was ‘Blossom’, and it was so apt, considering the journey Chingay has walked to be where it is today. The horrid virus shut the world down, including the parade that started as a small street procession and evolved into the beloved People’s Parade. With the return of the live parade only in 2023, Chingay 2024 has truly adapted to the new normal and, beyond that, has blossomed, fully living up to its theme.

Chingay Parade 2024
Chingay 2024 brought all the drama!

The 32,000-seated audience at Chingay 2024 witnessed the beauty and grace of flowers, along with the fierce grandeur of the dragons, to commemorate the year of the dragon. Chingay 2024 was narrated by The Gardener (portrayed by George Chan) and the Flower Fairy (portrayed by Tan Rui Shan). This element is a breath of fresh air in comparison to other renditions of the parade.

The parade saw six spectacular acts plus the Overture, giving rise to seven segments. Each element of the parade was a sight to behold – from gorgeous costumes, props, and make-up to majestic fireworks that you couldn’t help but stop and marvel at. But the highlight of the parade was a newcomer to the feature that has set a record – we saw the longest interactive floor projection at a length of 230 metres! 

If you missed the parade, you’re going to love us because we’re bringing to you the parade, a piece of 2024 immortalised into an unforgettable memory, as if you were right there…

The Parade

As mentioned, the parade consisted of seven segments: the beautiful Overture that started the night off, followed by six acts that blossomed into the tale of Chingay 2024.

President Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam at Chingay 2024
The dragon that kicked it all off and brought the parade to life!

The Overture kicked us off as a dragon snaked its way through the parade floor, with blazing fire acts by skilled performers that delivered the illusion of a fire-breathing dragon, an ode to the year of the dragon. There was also a classic lion dance that is a nod to Chinese culture and the humble beginnings of the Chingay Parade, considering that Chingay started as a street parade to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

And then, there were screams. There was elation in the air. As the floats made their way across the parade floor, there was one that had the whole venue screaming with excitement. 

On board the float with the gold dragon was our President, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, making this his first Chingay Parade as President of Singapore, elected in September 2023. Joining him was Mr Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth. Seeing them grace Day 2 of Chingay 2024 with their presence was a sight for everyone present. Our Prime Minster, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, attended Day 1 of the Parade.

Chingay 2024
Our Guest of Honour has arrived!

And all of a sudden, the sky erupted in gorgeous fireworks. Ladies and gentlemen, Chingay 2024 has begun!

From then on, the night was jam-packed with 3,500 on-site performers. Taking on different forms, costumes, and concepts, they truly exemplify the spirit of Chingay.

We started with 320 youths dressed as the Vanda Miss Joaquim flower, representing hardiness and grit. This made it the perfect start to the parade and its wonderful theme, Blossom. From fireworks filling the sky to bubbles filling the air, the parade never stopped wowing us. In the gorgeous backdrop of these bubbles, out came hundreds of children taking the floor with their adorable bicycles, showing off their amazing tricks (they can ride a bike better than me; I’m not jealous at all). 

Chingay 2024
Watch the floor projection come to life together with the performers!

The performances continued, with the flower motif never failing, with floral props becoming a sight for the masses at Chingay 2024. Throughout the show, we also saw stilt walkers in different acts, showcasing their balance and coordination. They mesmerised the crowds with their skill, along with their beautiful make-up and costumes that had my jaw on the ground. Performers of different ages took to the parade floor to bust out their best moves and bring their culture and skill to the audience that marvelled at them, us included! 

Part of the enamour of Chingay is the beautiful floats. Throughout the parade, we saw these floats take the spotlight. Brought to life by different communities and neighbourhoods in Singapore, these floats are a testament to the community spirit that, after all, has shaped Singapore and our society. The true essence of what it means to be a Singaporean is paraded right before our eyes!

Chingay 2024
The flowers, the colours, the drama!

The Chingay Parade has transformed from a Chinese New Year celebration into a calendar event for our multicultural society. Chingay represented some of these communities—an international group from Uzbekistan performing alongside groups from China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Thailand. However, I did wish there was a more powerful representation of the various cultures living in our midst throughout the parade to fully depict Singapore’s melting pot of cultures. 

Throughout the parade, we also heard various renditions of the theme song of Chingay 2024 – Blossom. This song invoked goosebumps every time I heard it, and to listen to the singer, TENGY, sing this live amidst the performers and live instrumental was an unforgettable part that had me jamming to Blossom even after the parade (true story). 

Chingay 2024 Floor Projection
The true star of the show!

And the floor projection? At 230 metres, it’s the longest Chingay has ever seen, making this the parade highlight. It complemented and enhanced the performances unfolding before our eyes. It was heartwarming how the hosts rallied the entire audience to scream as loud as they could to bring the projection to life. The audience high up in the stands certainly got a better view of the projection, but it was a sight to behold no matter where you were.

From start to finish, Chingay 2024 was a joyous celebration of culture and community, which are truly the essence of Singapore. 

PAssionArts Street @ Chingay

PAssionArts Street @ Chingay
Our beloved icon meets with the innovation of its nation’s inhabitants!

But hey! Chingay is more than just the parade; do not be mistaken. The parade was the heart of the grand spectacle we call Chingay, but there’s more to it. Remember, Chingay is about the community spirit, or the kampong spirit, that Singapore is trying to bring back. And PAssionArts Street @ Chingay is a testament to this.

This stood along the other side of the F1 Pit Building. These pieces reflected the talent and creativity that live in our midst – from a crocheted dragon and a merlion spewing “water” made of bottle caps to painting blocks piece by piece that come together to finish a beautiful art piece that captures the essence of Singapore!

PAssionArts Street @ Chingay
The community comes together!

The stretch is adorned with 11 community art installations co-created by residents and community artists. These pieces were created during the PAssionArts Festival 2023 and the Singapore Art Week 2024 and complemented the parade’s happenings well.

Blossom Art-Venture

300 students. Seven schools. We witnessed a transformation of the F1 Pit Building. The space outside the building was now a magical garden with floral-themed arches using various types of recycled materials made by these young souls who were driven by the passion for creation. The space had blossomed, and it attested to the creativity and imagination of the young minds that are blossoming in our nation! 

Blossom Art-Venture
One of the Blossom Art-Venture’s created by Xingnan Primary School


The parade may be over, but the final float remains to pass. Chingay 2024 is not over yet, and it’s your last chance to catch a piece of it this Saturday, 9 March 2024! Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chingay@Heartlands!


Chingay @ Heartlands has got us on our good side 🤩 From the gorgeous floats to the performances and fun activities for the whole family, there’s something for everyone when Chingay is in the neighbourhood! 🥰🎆 Find out where our floats are heading to next at 🏘️ #ChingaySG2024

♬ original sound – Chingay Parade SG – Chingay Parade SG

Chingay brings the parade to your neighbourhood, dearest Westies! Chingay@Heartlands brings back the iconic floats you saw on the parade floor while giving it its own community twist with never-seen-before performances.

On 9 March 2024, follow the convoy of floats and caravans from Telok Blangah Community Centre, ending off at Jurong West St 91, beside block 953. Along the way, the floats will be parading the streets of the West and making various stops where you will be able to enjoy all sorts of activities with your friends and family, including clay art and dragon artwork! Check out the full route and what to expect on Chingay Parade’s official Instagram page!

Ending Thoughts

Chingay Parade 2024
The performers were shining!

Overall, Chingay is always a grand spectacle that has the nation rapt with anticipation. And rightfully so! It was a beauty to behold in person, but still such a joy to relive together with you. From here on out, we wish that Chingay continues to blossom, and more so, as a celebration of culture in Singapore. While we hope to see more representation, Chingay has certainly soared since its humble start in 1973, and we hope to see this growth unravel even more.

Chingay, it was a pleasure. Till we meet again next year.

Catch the whole Chingay Parade 2024 through this webcast now!

Chingay 2024

Chingay Parade 2024
The wonder that was Chingay 2024 comes to a close together with the month of February.

For more information on Chingay@Heartlands and to revisit the parade on your devices, check out Chingay Parade’s official website, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages! Oh, and may your year blossom with beauty!

Photos by Russell Loh and Baani Kaur of the DANAMIC Team.

Editor’s Note: Article has been updated with a YouTube webcast of Chingay Parade 2024.

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