Starbucks Spring 2024: New Drinks, Breakfast Sets, Sweet Treats & Cherry Blossom Collection

For the entirety of my student life, my secret weapon, best companion, and fuel has been Starbucks. For as long as I’ve been a caffeine addict, Starbucks has been by my side, accompanying me through late nights and long lectures. So it is with honour that I share that Starbucks’ newest Spring 2024 collection is here! This season, Starbucks fans can expect to enjoy decadent and buttery smooth coffee, amazing breakfast deals, and gorgeous new Sakura merchandise in celebration of spring!


Starbucks Spring 2024: New Drinks, Breakfast Sets, Sweet Treats & Cherry Blossom Collection: Beverages
I’m already dying to try this!

For this season’s beverages, Starbucks is putting their own spin on the beloved French pastry, Mille-Feuille, with their newest French Vanilla Mille-Feuille Oatmilk Latte, priced at S$7.90 (Tall)!

Starbucks has pulled inspiration from the flaky and buttery goodness that is Mille-Feuille. For those unfamiliar with this decadent Parisian treat, Mille-Feuille consists of three layers of puff pastry with buttery cream between each layer. Starbucks has taken these elements and transformed them into a drink with rich and bold flavours for your drinking pleasure. In their rendition, Starbucks opted for a vanilla latte base and topped it off with whipped cream before decorating it with a swirl of caramel and flaky pastry. 

As a loyal fan of almost seven years, I have to admit that oatmilk in any Starbucks beverage completely elevates the overall taste of the drink. If you are an oatmilk sceptic, I advise you to give it a shot before you deny yourself of this luxurious flavour.

The French Vanilla Mille-Feuille Oatmilk Latte, available as a hot, iced and blended drink, boasts a silky smooth, buttery and creamy texture that will have you coming back for more! 

Breakfast Offerings

Starbucks Spring 2024: New Drinks, Breakfast Sets, Sweet Treats & Cherry Blossom Collection: Breakfast Set
Is there any better way to start your mornings?

Kickstart your day on the right foot with Starbucks’ improved breakfast menu! Starbucks knows there’s no better pick me up than a nice, hearty breakfast — which is why they are presenting customers with the Breakfast Set (S$8). You can now choose from eight different delicious breakfast choices, all of which comes with its own tall cup of freshly brewed coffee!

If you prefer something light in the morning, the Breakfast Bakery Set (S$8) is definitely something you should try out! The set comes with a buttery plain scone and a tall low-fat latte, simple yet so good! A little birdie told me that the bakery item gets switched up every now and then, so make sure to keep an eye out for the new item at your closest Starbucks outlet or on food delivery apps! The Starbucks Breakfast Sets are available until 11.30am, so make sure you make time in your schedule to grab one of these delicious treats to spruce up your day!

Sweet Treats

Starbucks Spring 2024: New Drinks, Breakfast Sets, Sweet Treats & Cherry Blossom Collection: Sweet Treats
No one spoils you better than Starbucks does!

I remember the days when I used to camp in a Starbucks outlet, hunched over my work like Quasimodo, pulling my hair out because of stress. The only thing that kept me going was one of Starbucks’ sweet treats. And boy, am I glad to announce that this spring, they are expanding their menu of cakes!

Starting with the Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake (S$7.90), why struggle with making a choice when you can have all your favourite flavours rolled into one? Think of the chocolate strawberry cheesecake like a sandwich – the top layer is a moist yet fluffy chocolate sponge cake, while the bottom introduces a creamy strawberry cheesecake. Sandwiched between these two delicious flavours is a thick chocolate strawberry ganache. Just the thought of it has my mouth watering! 

From one cheesecake to another, Starbucks is introducing their Earl Grey Lemon Cheesecake (S$7.90)! As a raging tea drinker and a cheesecake fanatic, this is definitely not a treat I’m missing. The body of this cheesecake is infused with the aromatic Earl Grey and citrusy lemon – presenting a light yet impactful flavour! I can already taste the blend of Earl Grey and the lemon dancing on my tastebuds!

In line with the theme of spring, what better way to bring in the spring season than with a delightful floral treat? I’d like to introduce the new Osmanthus Honey Cake (S$7.90)! The vanilla sponge cake is mixed with lemon cream and topped with dollops of osmanthus cream alongside a decoration of flower petals – this is a gastronomic and visual treat!

Cherry Blossom Collection 

Starbucks Spring 2024: New Drinks, Breakfast Sets, Sweet Treats & Cherry Blossom Collection: Cherry Blossom Collection
Get ready to fight the long lines of people waiting to get their hands on this exclusive collection!

I am a huge fan of Starbucks merchandise. As I write this, I have at least five Starbucks cups in my kitchen cabinet. Every time I walk into a Starbucks outlet, I can’t help but reach out for a Starbucks cup or bottle. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way, so for all of us like-minded people, I am happy to announce that Starbucks is releasing their Cherry Blossom Collection – exclusively for this spring season!

With everything from mugs to coasters to snow globes, you name it! Starbucks has it! Following the theme of spring, every item in this collection sports a gorgeous floral theme with flower petals and cherry blossoms adorning each and every one of them.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Starbucks collection without an exclusive card, right? Well, for this season, Starbucks introduces the Cherry Blossom Starbucks card! Just like every other Starbucks card, this one has a minimum reload of S$10 and can be found at any physical store or on the Starbucks Online Store!

No amount of words could do the Cherry Blossom Collection justice, so please do yourself a favour by dropping by any Starbucks outlet or visit the online Starbucks store to see this collection in all its glory! I suggest having your credit card on hand because I guarantee there’s no way you’re leaving the store empty-handed!

And there you have it! Here’s everything Starbucks has to offer this spring. All items will be available starting 21 February 2024, and all food and beverage items can be found for mobile order via Starbucks Delivers as well as other food delivery apps like GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo

So, hurry on down and treat yourself to a fantastic array of delicious treats and gorgeous seasonal merchandise this spring!

Visuals courtesy of Starbucks Singapore.

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