Snack Your Way to Good Fortune: Delicious Treats for Chinese New Year 2024

Step aside, candy bars and gummy bears – it’s time to usher in the Year of the Snack! As we gear up to celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY), let’s embark on a culinary adventure like no other. From tantalising tidbits bursting with tradition to modern twists that’ll leave your taste buds tingling, we’ve curated a mouthwatering list of CNY snacks that are as irresistible as they are symbolic. 

Get ready to snack your way to prosperity and joy with our list of the must-have treats of the season. So grab a seat, loosen your belt a notch, and prepare to feast on flavours that’ll have you shouting “Gong Xi Fa Cai!” in no time!

AMI Patisserie – Festive Fruity Treats

CNY 2024 Snacks - AMI Patisserie

AMI Patisserie is gearing up for the CNY festivities with two exquisite pastries crafted by Chef Makoto Arami. Infused with auspicious symbols and flavours, these creations promise to add an extra touch of abundance and good fortune to your celebrations.

Available now, the Kumquat & Kokuto Pineapple Pie (S$68 for 16cm, S$88 for 20cm) embodies the spirit of the Year of the Dragon. It features flaky puff pastry filled with juicy Ehime kumquat citrus, almond cream, and fragrant pineapple jam simmered with Okinawan kokuto black sugar. The pie is topped with caramelised icing sugar and edible gold flakes, symbolising both prosperity and sophistication.

The Setoka Orange Tarte (S$72 for 12cm, S$108 for 16cm) is also available until the end of the Setoka orange season in late March. This vibrant tarte showcases Setoka oranges sourced from Ehime. It boasts a filo pastry base filled with Setoka orange zest and pulp, almond cream brushed with Grand Marnier and a decadent layer of orange custard. Adorned with additional orange segments and edible gold flakes, it truly celebrates flavour and elegance.

AMI Patisserie’s piquant pastries pairing symbolises good fortune and prosperity. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or catching up with friends, these divine creations are sure to impress.

🗓️Date: Till 25 February 2024
📍Location: 27 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228222

Order online for delivery or self-pickup today on the AMI Patisserie website today!

Baker X – Keto Friendly Desserts

CNY 2024 Snacks - BakerX

Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt this CNY as Baker X introduces its newest resident, Happy Low Carb Time! Dive into a delicious array of treats crafted by Lucy Asnum, the mastermind behind Happy Low Carb Time. Dedicated to creating low-sugar, keto-friendly desserts, Lucy’s creations redefine guilt-free enjoyment and cater to a variety of tastes.

Baker X showcases their Signature Cakes (S$9 per slice)lineup, where indulgence meets innovation. Dive into the exquisite Lychee Rose Cake, a keto-friendly delight boasting a chiffon base infused with the delicate essence of lychee and rose, adorned with lychees and rose petals. For a taste of nostalgia, savour the Ondeh Ondeh Cake, featuring layers of pandan sponge soaked in keto gula melaka sauce, embraced by mascarpone cream and coconut shavings. Lastly, experience the unique fusion of flavours in the Pandan Orh Nee Cake, blending pandan chiffon with mascarpone whipped yam paste, a modern twist on the beloved local dessert.

But there’s more! Discover the rich flavours of the Matcha Chocolate Cake (S$9 per slice), where the earthiness of matcha meets the decadence of chocolate in perfect harmony. For those craving a balance of sweetness and saltiness, indulge in the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake (S$9.50 per slice), featuring layers of moist chocolate cake intermingled with luscious salted caramel. For a refreshing twist, savour the Lychee Jelly Basque Burnt Cheesecake (S$9 per slice), a tantalising blend of creamy cheesecake with the subtle sweetness of lychee jelly, perfectly complemented by the caramelised burnt top. 

Full-size options for all these delectable treats and more are also available, ensuring there’s plenty to share or savour all to yourself. For prices of the full-sized cakes, please visit Baker X’s website.

Join the keto-friendly revolution at Baker X with Happy Low Carb Time’s irresistible desserts. From signature cakes bursting with flavour to savoury delights perfect for any occasion, Lucy Asnum’s creations promise to delight your taste buds and leave you craving more.

🗓️Date: Till 28 February 2024
📍Location: 181 Orchard Rd, #04-29, Singapore 238896

Available for walk-in only, you can check out Happy Low Carb Time on Instagram for more information.

Da Paolo Gastronomia –  Auspicious New Year Treats

CNY 2024 Snacks: Da Paolo Gastronomia

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, Da Paolo Gastronomia invites you to soar into the festivities with their exquisite, handcrafted CNY treats and gourmet hampers. With an Italian twist, these delectable creations promise to bring abundance and good fortune to your celebrations. From desserts to savoury delights, each offering is crafted with auspicious wishes for bliss, prosperity, and joy.

Introducing the new Bakkwa Pineapple Dragon Bread (S$11.90 per loaf) inspired by Hawaiian pizza, this milk dough bread is filled with smoky bakkwa, candied pineapple, sundried tomato pesto, onions, and mozzarella cheese. It is topped with “dragon-fire” seasoning for added heat, symbolising the strength and courage of the Year of the Dragon. 

Also newly added is the Mandarin Tiramisu (S$13.90), Da Paolo’s signature tiramisu gets a festive makeover with mandarin oranges. Savoiardi biscuits soaked in brandy and mandarin juice are layered with mascarpone cheese and tangy mandarin compote, creating a dessert bursting with flavour and good fortune. Another new dessert is the Mandarin Meringue Tart (from S$12.90), a butter tart shell filled with delectable mandarin curd, crowned with meringue and mandarin zest. It’s a delightful blend of citrusy sweetness and creamy indulgence, perfect for sharing.

Usher in prosperity with Da Paolo’s range of thoughtfully crafted gourmet Harmonious Hampers (from S$88 to S$338), presented in auspicious red gift boxes. Ideal as gifts for loved ones or business associates, these hampers are filled with a delightful assortment of treats.

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in style with Da Paolo Gastronomia’s divine treats and gourmet hampers. Whether you’re indulging in mandarin-infused desserts or sharing wishes of luck and health with loved ones, each creation is a testament to prosperity, joy, and togetherness!

🗓️Date: Till 24 February 2024

Order Da Paolo Gastronomia’s festive treats and hampers on their website today!

The Marmalade Pantry – Signature Snacks and Lavish Gift Sets

CNY 2024 Snacks - The Marmalade Pantry

Welcome the Year of the Dragon with abundance and joy, courtesy of The Marmalade Pantry‘s exquisite Lunar New Year treats. From traditional favourites to modern delights, each creation is crafted with auspicious wishes for a prosperous and blissful year ahead. Elevate your celebrations with indulgent cookies, savoury bak kwa, and luxurious gift sets designed to spread happiness to loved ones or esteemed associates alike.

Delve into tradition with The Marmalade Pantry’s Festive Cookies Set (S$20 for 8 cookies), which includes a fantastic selection of cookies, such as the Black Sesame Almond Cookies, where fragrant black sesame seeds adorn classic almond cookies, symbolising a year of smooth sailing ahead. For a savoury twist, try their Salted Egg Yolk Almond Cookies, expertly crafted with the richness of salted egg yolk, offering a delightful blend of flavours. Their Walnut Cookies, meanwhile, are crispy delights enriched with the nutty goodness of roasted walnuts. Lastly, elevate your snack game with their Shallot Cheese Cookies, featuring the aromatic combination of fried shallots and melty mozzarella cheese, a sure crowd-pleaser! 

For a savoury treat, indulge in their Petite Chicken Bak Kwa (S$30 for 300g), bite-sized delights made with minced chicken thigh and marinated with a fish sauce-based marinade, offering a perfect balance of smoky fragrance and savoury flavour.

Celebrate the season of abundance and prosperity with Lunar New Year Gift Sets from The Marmalade Pantry. Elevate your gifting game and make a lasting impression with The Marmalade Collection (S$70), a luxurious treat featuring an opulent assortment of cookies presented in a limited-edition jewellery vault. Each bite of these delicacies embodies the essence of celebration and abundance, making it the ideal choice for spreading joy and good fortune. 

For those seeking an extra touch of elegance and indulgence, The Signature Collection (S$90) is the ultimate choice. Packed in a chic pink box, this collection not only includes the delectable cookies from the first gift set but also features the beloved Petite Chicken Bak Kwa, ensuring a delightful blend of sweet and savoury flavours.

Indulge in a year of bliss and prosperity with The Marmalade Pantry’s curated assortment of Lunar New Year treats and gift sets. Whether you’re sharing joy with loved ones or expressing gratitude to business associates, these delectable creations will surely spread happiness and good fortune.

🗓️Date: 25 Jan 2024 to 28 Feb
📍Location: 100 Peck Seah St, #01-01 Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore 079333

You can have The Marmalade Pantry Gift Sets and snacks delivered to you via online order, or you can check out The Marmalade Pantry website to find an outlet near you to order in person!

Lady M – Mille Crêpes and More

CNY 2024 Snacks - Lady M

As the lucky Year of the Dragon approaches, Lady M, renowned for its exquisite Mille Crêpes, presents an abundant way to celebrate with the arrival of their exquisite 2024 Lunar New Year Gift Set (from S$105). 

The limited-edition gift box reveals a mesmerising pop-up display of spinning plum blossoms, symbolising prosperity and growth. Inside, delight in a meticulously curated selection of six exclusive confections, each carrying unique significance for the holiday, including Abundant Roasted Almonds, Cheerful Coconut Chocolates, Prosperous Melon Pearls, Sweet Sesame Crunch, Harmonious Coconut Crêpes, and Lucky Earl Grey Crêpes — every treat offers luck and happiness to all who indulge. Additionally, the set includes five lucky red envelopes, a matching greeting card, and a custom-designed gift bag, making it the perfect ensemble for spreading joy and prosperity this Lunar New Year.

Another Crêpe selection, the exquisite Festive Pineapple Mille Crêpes ($13 per slice), is available at all boutiques and the Lady M Champagne Bar or can be ordered in full online. Immerse yourself in the tropical paradise of flavours intricately woven within layers of fresh, succulent pineapples, delicate French crêpes, and sumptuous pineapple pastry crème. Each slice is adorned with a rich pineapple glaze, enhancing its sweetness, and topped with whipped cream and a hint of white wine gelee, elevating this dessert to new levels of sophistication. 

Embrace the spirit of prosperity and joy with Lady M’s luxurious Lunar New Year Gift Set and the tantalising flavours of the Festive Pineapple Mille Crêpes. Whether gifting to loved ones or indulging in celebratory treats, Lady M offers an unforgettable experience to mark the auspicious Year of the Dragon.

🗓️Date: 15 Jan to 29 Feb 2024

Lady M’s Lunar New Year Gift Set and Pineapple Mille Crêpes are available for purchase online on their website.

Homemade Unique Bakes from Shopee

For those seeking something special without breaking the bank, we’ve curated a selection of home chefs offering CNY snacks on Shopee, ready to share their culinary creations with the world. Be sure to support these local bakers!

For a sweet and sensational snacking experience, look no further than these 2024 Dragon Year CNY Chocolate Lollipop (from S$14.90). These adorable cartoon-style dragon lollipops offer indulgent, premium chocolate in every bite, putting you in a festive mood and infusing your CNY celebrations with luck and joy. Plus, they make for the perfect Instagram-worthy treat at your CNY party!

Check out the Dragon Chocolate Lollipops by nesthome on Shopee. 

Get ready to tickle your taste buds with a little tart and tang with these Dragon Pineapple Tarts (from S$25.80)! These pineapple tarts come with a creative twist — the classic pineapple tart gets a revamp, styled with endearing dragon-themed toppings! Kids and adults alike are sure to love these cute and delicious treats. They’re perfect for sharing with family and friends during your CNY gatherings.

Check out the Dragon Pineapple Tarts and other festive treats by Annabella Patisserie’s Official Store on Shopee.

Indulge in these delightful Dragon Meringue Cookies (from S$25) that are as cute as they are delicious! These cookies come in cute CNY-themed designs like dragons, pineapples, and oranges. They offer a guilt-free snacking experience and are handmade with love and no preservatives. Plus, they’re made with Halal ingredients, so you can share the joy of Chinese New Year with all your friends, including those who observe dietary restrictions. And the best part? You can even customise them with bespoke designs, making them the perfect personalised gift for your loved ones.

Check out the Dragon Meringue Cookies by Ms. Bear Meringue Cookies on Shopee.

As our journey through the delectable delights of Chinese New Year 2024 snacks comes to a close, it’s clear that the festivities are about more than just tasty treats — they’re also a celebration of tradition, culture, and the joy of sharing with loved ones. So, why wait? 

With each bite of these symbolic treats, you’re not just enjoying a snack. You’re embracing the spirit of the season and welcoming prosperity into your life. So, let’s make this CNY one to remember. Hurry, grab your favourite snacks, and share the season’s joy with those who matter most!

Have these Chinese New Year snacks and treats made you hungry for the festive season? Be sure to let us know on our socials, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok!

Visuals courtesy of AMI Patisserie, Baker X, Da Paolo Gastronomia, The Marmalade Pantry, Lady M, and Shopee Singapore.

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