Catch Genshin Impact’s First Genius Invokation TCG Asia Invitational!

Genshin Impact has certainly made an impact (pun intended) on the gaming scene! Since its release in 2020, the game has captured the awe of players with its vast world and rich characters and stories. Such is the depth of the game, that it even has its own tabletop card duelling game — Genius Invokation TCG.

Introduced in December 2022 as a new gameplay mode, the game incorporates Genshin Impact’s distinctive element-based combat system into a strategy card game, where players can build decks to compete against NPCs or even other players. Now the card game is set to become even more competitive as HoYoverse announces the start of the first ever Genius Invokation TCG Asia Invitational.

Happening from 11 January to 21 January and held in Shanghai, the tournament will see 16 top players — gathered from the Dynamic Cup and Prince Cup — battle it out for the chance at getting their hands at the ¥500,000 prize pool across the seven days.

The tournament will be played out in two phases, the group stage and the knockout stage. In the group stage, players will be randomly divided into four groups of four players each, where they will then compete against each other in a double-elimination format. Games are played out as a best-of-three and the top two players to reign from each group will then move on to the knockout stage.

In the knockout stages, the tournament will then transition to a best-of-five until the grand finals, where a best-of-seven match will be played instead.

The ‘Conquest’ format will be used throughout the competition. Under this format, players are required to construct multiple decks and are not allowed to use the same character card within a different deck. For a best-of-three match, 3 decks are crafted ahead of time and they are revealed to their opponent before playing. One deck will be banned and then the two players will duel with the remaining decks until all their decks have won. The best-of-five and best-of-seven matches will increase the number of decks by one each. 

If you’re keen to see the competition, the Genius Invokation TCG Asia Invitational will be live-streamed on @AstraCarnival on X, YouTube, and Twitch. Fans will specially be able to catch matches from 20 January to 21 January at @GenshinImpactOfficial on Twitch as well!

Visuals courtesy of HoYoverse Singapore.

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