Men’s Fashion Redefined: TheShyClub’s Stylish Crop Tops Await, Don’t Be Shy!

What’s wrong? Did you do a double-take? Does it trip you out to see ‘men’ and ‘crop tops’ in the same sentence? Gentlemen, it’s time to embrace change. It’s time to say goodbye to the ordinary and say hello to a bold new statement in men’s fashion – crop tops for men, by men. And these men are a force to be reckoned with because they started their own cool kids’ club – TheShyClub

This revolutionary Singapore-based alternative fashion brand is here to prove that crop tops aren’t just pieces of clothing. Oh, no. Of course not. They are declarations of individuality. They’re a celebration of the fearless spirit that resides within every man. They’re a symbol of the shattering stereotypes as the world sprints into 2024. And TheShyClub wants you to feel that power as you don their newest drops.

Because who says that crop tops are just for women?

Hold on. I know what you’re thinking when you hear ‘crop tops’. You’re imagining the whole midriff being exposed, with your six-pack (Or one-pack! You’re sexy no matter what!) on display for the world to see. But let out that breath you’ve been holding. Relax your shoulders. Unclench that jaw. TheShyClub has your back. The crop is not as cropped as you’re probably imagining. 

TheShyClub - Sleeveless Crop Tank Top - Bright White
The perfect crop for everyday style or a dressed-up look.

TheShyClub aims to redefine what everyday fashion should be. They value boldness in simplicity. They want you to feel empowered as you adorn yourself in bold and daring styles that exude confidence that are anything but shy. And they do so by balancing the power of basics with the elegance of subtlety. Each of their clothing items is given a slight crop for that oomph and confidence boost. As they say it themselves, “a subtle crop for a bolder statement”.

So much thought and effort have gone into the birth of this magnificent brand on a journey to help you unravel your own. We had a wonderful chat with the founders of TheShyClub, Jeremy and Travis. They are the masterminds, the brains, and the muscles behind this brand. And what a brand they have created!

In this chat, we discovered the story behind TheShyClub, its journey thus far, its impact, and some tips for someone who wants to try out their clothing (that’s you!). And read till the end for a little gift from us to you (Psst! Styling tips!).

What inspired the idea to start this brand and launch crop tops for men? 

Jeremy: It started out as something experimental for me; I wanted to try wearing a crop top in a masculine fashion. I conservatively cropped one of my shirts with a pair of scissors, and it turned out to be the perfect length – one that is subtle yet cheeky enough to show just a little skin. It made me feel empowered, masculine, and confident, yet conservative and modest. 

Since then, I’ve tried searching for something similar in the market from online stores to the women’s sections, but I couldn’t find anything alike. So I decided to create my own line of clothing, specialising in this unique silhouette, and hope to share my crop top experience with the rest of the world.

Travis: I was then roped in as a partner sometime in March after Jeremy had already gone ahead to come up with the different designs and colours when he passed me a few sample pieces to try and asked if I would want to come on board as a partner. To be honest, crop tops were never something that I considered as part of my wardrobe, but that night was pretty life-changing as I realised that it’s stylish yet able to effortlessly complement with existing pieces in my wardrobe. 

How did you decide on this name?

Jeremy: It’s an expansion of the original name, “shy”, which stands for “stop hiding yourself”. 

Travis: We then workshopped the name further to see what would make it more recognisable as a brand, and decided on TheShyClub as we felt that we could potentially start a community of like-minded people who wanted to explore beyond the typical confines of fashion.

Can you walk us through the journey from the moment this idea sparked in your head, to the moment of your launch?

Jeremy: The journey has been tumultuous, but highly rewarding! In the beginning, I was fuelled by my excitement and burning passion to bring this newfound fashion out to the world. But with every business, there came a continuous set of problems that humbled my expectations of how much time, cost and effort it takes to run a fashion e-commerce from scratch. From sourcing for a reliable supplier to nailing down the details of the customised apparel, sampling product ideas, to building an e-commerce site, what I thought could be done in days took me several months to accomplish. It left me feeling slightly defeated…until I met Travis!

Travis: When we first met, we realised we could click really well, and aligned a lot in terms of values, especially with how we both believe in having healthy boundaries between personal and professional contexts. That was what made us realise that we would make good business partners. We also have shared experiences in marketing and e-commerce, which contributed to us being able to think on the same wavelength. I knew about Jeremy’s feelings of dejection after trying to kickstart this for a while now, and decided that we should try to make this dream happen and see what comes! 

How has the response been since your launch? How did it make you feel?

Jeremy: The response has been amazing — we’ve heard feedback from people saying that it’s not something they would’ve thought of or imagined existing in Singapore, and would love to see this fashion trend influence beyond just Singapore. Men who were initially apprehensive came back with overwhelmingly positive reactions after trying it on. Beyond liking the comfort of the premium cotton blend and minimalistic style, they felt confident and excited to wear it. 

However, some also expressed that they do not know how, and on what occasions to wear them. That gave us some ideas to create styling tips and guides moving forward. I feel optimistic and rewarded for pushing through the grunt work to make this happen, and I can’t wait to build upon our fashion line and empower more people with newfound confidence and masculine energy through our unique, minimalistic crop top silhouette.

Travis: I even brought a few pieces after our launch to a party — only because I had friends who requested to try on some pieces — and what made us feel really proud was the fact that they found it so comfortable, and that the colours we chose were to their liking. Jeremy took the effort to ensure that it was comfortable with our cotton-polyester blend, so this was a really validating piece of feedback for his efforts. 

The Pineapple Long Sleeve Crop Top and Sleeveless Crop Tank Tops are the crowd favourites! The slightly shyer ones (no pun intended) liked our Oversized Crop Top with Pocket because it’s the most versatile piece, and when worn right with, say, high-rise jeans, it actually doesn’t really scream that it’s a crop top because we’ve opted for a lower cut for our design to make it more accessible to men who might not want to show too much of their midriff. 

What was your reaction when you first saw your design come to life?

Jeremy: Mixed feelings, and here’s why — the first time the designs came to life, they were in the form of samples from the supplier delivered to my doorstep. It felt exhilarating to unbox our very own crop tops designed for men for sure, but unfortunately, we were immediately dispirited when we found out that the first batch did not look as perfect as we imagined. It had some hits and misses, and we realised that the ideas needed more work. It took us a number of back-and-forth revisions and sampling to reach something we’re currently gratified with, for our debut collection.

What were the most important things you wanted in your design?

Travis: Having that conservative low crop that strikes a balance between femininity and masculinity. We wanted a fit that looked more masculine and relaxed, yet elegant in style. Making it look more subtle and less showy also helps keep our designs versatile for different looks. And, of course, the wearer has to feel comfortable with the fabric quality.

What do you think about the fashion climate in Singapore for males, especially when it comes to exploring newer and bolder styles like this one?

Jeremy: Regardless of sex, I believe most teenagers go through a rebellious phase in their lives when we’d experiment with many things — including fashion — in pursuit of forming our identities. With the exposure of international fashion trends on channels like TikTok, I think the youth of today have impeccable fashion sense compared to those before, as they continue to push boundaries and take bolder risks on their overall aesthetic. 

With that said, I do find that millennials in Singapore, although relatively more conservative, are still keeping an open-mindedness to experiment with new fashion styles. In this climate where the line between conventional male and female fashion is increasingly greyed, our design philosophy appeals across generations by retaining subtle elements of conservatism in what is also seemingly permissive and unorthodox. I see beauty in that balance, and I believe it appeals to many too.

Are there any other new styles you’d like to explore and launch with The Shy Club?

Travis: While keeping crop tops as the focal point for TheShyClub, we hope to also delve into sportswear and streetwear, alongside launching accessories that would complement well with our clothes. 

Which item would you recommend to someone wanting to try out The Shy Club?

Jeremy: For someone feeling “shy”, we recommend starting with the Long Sleeve Crop Top or Oversized Crop Top with Pocket. These pieces aim to accentuate the upper body and give a more masculine frame that is easily paired with any mid-waisted casual or smart pants. Our Sleeveless Crop Tank Top is also a popular one, that looks especially stylish with mid-waisted pants or even shorts.

Do you have any words for someone afraid to try this style?

Travis: I’d say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It does sound like a radical piece to exist in your wardrobe but it doesn’t necessarily feel so, especially with the feedback we’ve gotten from customers so far. These crop tops are designed precisely for those who want a safer option compared to higher-cropped tops, so don’t shy away (pun absolutely intended). Instead, stop hiding yourself!

Styling Tips

We know this is a relatively newer style and a little tricky to imagine bringing into your wardrobe. But we promise these styling tips will make these TheShyClub items part of your usual rotation.

To ease into the cropped style, think about your bottoms. Try going for mid-waisted or high-rise bottoms. With your pants meeting the perfect cropped length of the top, you show the right amount of skin as the fabric of the top and the waistband of your pants play hide-and-seek, giving you a chic silhouette. For a little more oomph, style them with cargo pants or flared pants for a masculine yet elegant look. Think Harry Styles!

If you plan to start small like Jeremy suggested, go for the Long Sleeve Crop Top or Oversized Crop Top with Pocket. They are essentials in a wardrobe and can be easily dressed up or down. The possibilities are endless, making them staples in your closet. Pair this with any of their Relaxed Fit Pants. Play around with the colours to make the bold cropped look even bolder. 

But listen. Part of what makes TheShyClub’s clothing so revolutionary is the fact that this is a modern take on classic wardrobe staples – a good tank top, a short-sleeved t-shirt, and a long-sleeve shirt. These staples have seen the raging ‘80s and the chill ‘90s. And these decades have one thing in common in their fashion – their boldness. So let’s bring back the boldness from the past, combined with this bold twist of modernity, in some smashing outfits! 

They all start with the same base – TheShyClub’s tops. Anything that you’re comfortable with. 

Let’s start with an ‘80s-inspired look. We’re talking bright colours, bold accessories and big hair. With TheShyClub priding itself on its colour-blocked minimalism, their vibrant ‘Forest’ and ‘Pineapple’ shades will be perfect for the ‘80s look. But, obviously, that’s not all.

The ‘80s was a time for rock. And that means it’s time to whip out all the leather! Sacrifice comfort for fashion in this scorching weather as you layer your crop top with a leather vest or jacket or pair it with some leather pants. Or look swaggy in some ripped jeans or something in an acid or bleach wash for that ‘lived-in’ touch. Or take business casual to another level with some ‘80s-inspired suits. Layer an oversized blazer with some sleek trousers and loafers, and voila! You’re ready for the runway and office!

And now, the ‘90s. This decade was all about the casual and loose fit. Pair your crop top with light-wash (baggy) blue jeans, a black leather belt and some sneakers and complete the ‘fit with your favourite sunglasses. There you have it, a simple yet classy model-off-duty look. Layer the look with any denim jacket, cardigan or flannel for a little more oomph.

Speaking of denim, we all remember the rage of double denim in the ‘90s, right? Bring that back with the crop top as your focal point! Layer any TheShyClub crop top with a denim jacket and a pair of denim jeans in the same wash for a look that marries the coolness of the ‘90s and the refined taste of the 2020s!

Don’t break hearts, but break norms with TheShyClub!

Ending Thoughts

Class. Style. Pizzazz.

TheShyClub isn’t just a brand. It’s a celebration of confidence, a nod to individuality, and a rebellion against fashion norms. They’ve taken one small step for fashion but one giant leap for humankind. They prove that you create your own confines. You decide where to draw the line. It might be a colossal leap of faith to make, but it’s one you may regret never making.

So, gentlemen, it’s time to toss aside the fashion rulebook and embrace the unconventional. Make a statement that’s as bold and unapologetic as you are. Remember, life’s too short for boring clothes, so why not make it a SHY statement?

Once again, who says that crop tops are just for women? 

TheShyClub isn’t just changing the game. They’re rewriting the rules. And we’re here for it.


You can check out the entire catalogue of these unique clothing pieces on TheShyClub’s official website, where you can also purchase them! For more style inspo, their Instagram, TikTok and Lemon8 pages are your friends for seeking clothing and accessories that redefine fashion and where self-expression takes centre stage!

Visuals courtesy of TheShyClub.

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