Shop in Style: Sony Store Opens at One Holland Village with Opening Sales Promotions!

Holland Village has a new mall in the area, One Holland Village! Located within residential neighbourhoods and must-eat food destinations, the mall offers an eclectic mix of experiences symbolising the Holland V culture. A few retail stores still need to add a few finishing touches before opening, but the shopping complex is available for the public to visit right now. And one store that is open for business is the Sony Store!

Sony Store One Holland Village is the tech brand’s newest retail store in Singapore, with this outlet offering a unique, curated experience for both Sony fans and new consumers. Join us to see what the new store presents!

Private Home Entertainment Test Experience

Sony Store Holland Village: Home Entertainment Area
Sony Store Holland Village features a dedicated home entertainment area which you can book out

Sony BRAVIA TVs are lauded for their exceptional quality, but understandably, people still want to see how a television set looks and performs in person before making a purchase. Checking out the display set in a store is still the default, but since the store specially curates the media on it, it isn’t the best way to see if a TV is fit for your home. The Sony Store at One Holland Village offers a decidedly bespoke option to test their TVs.

Sony Store One Holland Village has a dedicated home entertainment area, allowing visitors to get an actual feel of their TVs in a home setup. The space has been designed to look like a typical living room, with a cosy couch for you to relax and experience what the TV is like in a living space.

But there’s more to the home entertainment area. Visitors can book a private appointment with the Sony Store to really see what the BRAVIA TV is all about. The hour session lets you pick out what TV model you want to experience and bring your own media to test out the TV with. A Sony representative will accompany the session to help explain and guide visitors through the features.

The private session doesn’t just apply to TVs. For those looking to upgrade their audio setup, Sony Store One Holland Village also lets visitors try out their range of home theatre and soundbar systems.

Same-day Product Loans

Sony Store Holland Village: Lens Display
Not only can you view the lenses, you can loan them to use as well!

Similarly, for camera enthusiasts, the best way to know if you will love a camera is if you get to try it out, and this Sony Store allows you to do so!

Sony’s line of camera systems is neatly arranged for viewing within the store — from the popular Alpha 7 IV to the latest Alpha 7C II, all of which can be found here. The same goes for its G Master Lenses, which have a dedicated display area for visitors to see up close. While the cameras sit on the display tables, you can check the drawers underneath to see accessories for the specific systems you can play around with.

But rather than trying your hand with the cameras and accessories at the store, why not use them outside? As for its TVs, Sony Store One Holland Village encourages a “test before purchase” concept for its cameras, letting consumers borrow its devices for 2 hours to test them out before they decide on purchasing. And the 2-hour loan period extends to the lenses as well! 

Within those couple of hours, you can roam around the surrounding Holland Village neighbourhood to try out the cameras and lenses. With the unique architecture and vibes of the area, it is sure to bring some creative inspiration.

Curated Workshops

Sony Store Holland Village: Store Space
This area of the store is modular and can host workshops that people can participate in

Sony Store One Holland Village is more than just a store; the company is keen to engage the Holland Village community with programmes and activities.

The store will offer curated monthly workshops that are open to the community. These include photo walks, where people can capture their favourite Holland Village locations through the lens of a Sony camera.

Sony will also share selected photography masterpieces captured by customers through their BRAVIA TV, which can be seen by anybody roaming the mall. It all adds to the community experience when visiting the space.

For its opening, the store is also hosting a photography contest that anyone can join, preceded by free workshops by experts in street, creative, and architecture photography to guide customers on their skills. Information on the contest and workshops can be found here.

Those are the highlights of the special experiences when heading to Sony Store One Holland Village. Still, special deals and promotions are also available to coincide with the store opening! 

Till 31 December 2023, shoppers can enjoy cashback, 2X loyalty points, and a limited-edition Sony Store Recycle Bag, exclusively at the store. Alongside Sony’s Year End Promotions, this presents an excellent chance to get whatever Sony devices you’ve been eyeing for a good deal!

Store One Holland Village

Sony Store Holland Village: Storefront

Location: 7 Holland Village Way, #02-38/39 One Holland Village, Singapore 275748
Opening hours: 11 AM to 9 PM Daily

Photos by Russell Loh of the DANAMIC Team.

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