Singapore Gamers Rejoice: Secretlab’s Anime Collections are Launching this AFA Singapore 2023!

You may have heard of Secretlab’s awesome array of gaming chairs and desks. So, what happens when you combine their most advanced gaming chairs with the thematic designs of the hottest anime out right now?

Releasing this 24 November in conjunction with the upcoming Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023 (AFASG23), Secretlab proudly announces three new collections from popular titles: Naruto Shippuden, Demon Slayer, and Attack on Titan! These special collabs will accompany the Jujutsu Kaisen Edition Secretlab TITAN Evo that is currently available.

The TITAN Evo – Optimised Comfort

All three anime collaborations aim to be a visual centrepiece for Secretlab’s latest model chair  — the TITAN Evo. Though it may resemble their typical gaming chair, it comes loaded with patented design features that improve comfort: Its backrest provides adaptive lumbar support as you shift in your seat. The adjustable hand rests offer the perfect position to rest your arms. There’s even a head pillow made of memory foam that can be magnetically attached for additional comfort.

All this means you’ve got the best seat to do what needs to be done on your computer, whether it’s rushing for deadlines or winning your next match online. It also means that you can have the most comfortable gaming chair that adorns the looks of your favourite anime show! So let’s take a peek at what the new Secretlab anime collections will look like!

Naruto Collection

Regarded as one of the all-time greats for many, Naruto Shippuden tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki and his journey to becoming the leader of his village. The show’s intricate plot featuring a complex world and interesting characters has led to the show still being talked about to this day.

For fans of the iconic series, Secretlab presents the Naruto collection, characterised by motifs of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and the infamous Akatsuki group. Made from a soft, breathable fabric used in their SoftWeave Plus chairs, these skins slot over the TITAN Evo chairs, doubling as a protective cover from dust and potential spills.

Secretlab's Anime Collections: Naruto Shippuden X Secretlab
Personalise the look of your TITAN Evo with these minimal, yet effective

Don’t those designs spark some nostalgia from watching the show? If you’re keen to relive the old-school shounen hype and have an existing TITAN Evo chair, the collection is available as part of Secretlab SKINS, an outer cover you can place on top of your gaming chair. These designs are available in small, regular and XL sizes, so be sure to grab one that fits your seat!

Demon Slayer Collection

Ever since Demon Slayer first burst onto the scene in 2019, fans have been treated to its outstanding style of animation scenes while carrying a heartfelt story. The show’s cast of characters all have their distinct looks and personalities that have made them incredibly recognisable to the broader masses.

It’s no wonder then, that Secretlab’s Demon Slayer collection draws inspiration from the iconic colours, patterns and iconography of the characters’ garments. Choose from four distinct designs that match the look of the characters: Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Giyu!

Secretlab's Anime Collections: Demon Slayer X Secretlab Tanjiro and Nezuko
Need help visualising the special collection in your room? Head down to Booth C41 at AFA23SG on the 24 November!

Secretlab has Tanjiro’s familiar green-checkered haori design lovingly featured on the TITAN Evo. Meanwhile, Nezuko’s pink asanoha kimono pattern is beautifully recreated for her edition — plus, it feels as good as a real kimono with the SoftWeave Plus material!

For something especially cool, Giyu’s design in particular has an industry-first feature of colour-changing decals. His sword changes from black to a deep blue hue, just like the Nichirin Swords in the show! While you may not be able to carry a sword, this dynamically changing chair makes you feel almost like you are a part of the demon slayer corps!

Attack on Titan Collection

Spanning just over 10 years, Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan (AoT) series has finally reached its conclusion. In that time, it has amassed thousands of fans who treasured the themes of overcoming adversity, achieving peace, and portraying how different perspectives shape and influence others. Indeed, the multi-faceted series has truly compelled everyone to ‘Shinzō wo Sasageyo!’ (dedicate your heart!).

Secretlab's Anime Collections: ttack on Titan X Secretlab
Commemorate the final chapter with the exclusive AoT collection!

For this collection, Secretlab has dedicated its hearts to incorporating the series onto the TITAN Evo, borrowing design cues from the uniforms worn by members of the Scouts’ regiment. The symbolic ‘Wings of Freedom’ of the scouts emblazoned the chair’s backrest, with shades of khaki and dark green representing their pants and hooded cloaks.

Available in Small, Regular or XL sizes to ensure you have the perfect fit, every purchase from the AoT collection gets you a packet of AoT Edition Secretlab Leather Wipes, so you can keep your collector’s special spick and span (just as Levi would have it!)

Check out the designs at AFA!

If you’re heading down to this year’s Anime Festival Asia from 24 to 26 November, be sure to head down to Booth C41 and get exclusive on-site deals!

If you can’t make it to the festival, you can still purchase the new anime collections directly from the Secretlab official website, where they are now available as part of the evergreen offerings in Singapore. Rest easy!

Visuals courtesy of Secretlab.

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