Anchorpoint Mall Revamp: Say Ahoy to New Interior and Homegrown Stores!

Ahoy shoppers and seafarers! Anchorpoint Mall has gotten a revamp and is ready to set sail and let everyone experience a blend of new homegrown brands and tide-and-true favourites.

Docked in the heart of the Queensway neighbourhood, Anchorpoint Mall is a symbol of the community. New nautical elements are elegantly integrated into its interior design, where arches in the lobby mimic the hull of a boat and travertine stone flooring replicates a wooden deck floor that extends through the Main Lobby onto The West Deck. At the same time, the B1 atrium is filled with a sea of blue mosaic tiles. 

Anchorpoint Revamp: B1 Interior
The revamped Anchorpoint Mall was designed by local design firm Amongst Studio and pays homage to its storied heritage

But beyond admiring the oar-inspiring style of the interiors, what else is there to experience? Let’s seas the day and have a boat-load of fun as I bring you along on my day, where I check out the revamped Anchorpoint Mall!

Set Sail at Anchorpoint Mall

Let’s start in Anagram Coffee over at The West Deck, a homegrown café founded by former Muay Thai Champion James Bird. The café is designed to exude an atmosphere of urban chic combined with a relaxed and welcoming ambience, influenced by the coffee scene in Melbourne. 

Anchorpoint Revamp: Anagram Coffee Exterior
Anagram Coffee celebrates its first anniversary in the revamped Anchorpoint Mall; come down and find your favourite coffee blend!

The cafe features an open layout, providing a spacious feel that encourages interaction and a sense of community. I usually opt for the outdoor seating, but there are a variety of seating options, such as the indoor communal benches, and a standing bar for those not looking to battle the Singaporean heat.

At the heart of the café stands the sleek coffee bar, equipped with a top-of-the-line espresso machine, exhibiting Anagram Coffee’s commitment to the craft and aligning to their core principles of showcasing the best “Coffee, Service, and Design”.

Anchorpoint Revamp: Coffee Machine
Let Anagram Coffee’s baristas work their magic behind the counter to serve you the best coffee suited to your preferences

Anagram Coffee boasts a rotation of local and international roasters hailing from Australia, Ethiopia, and the UK, to name a few. I was recommended a Colombian blend that had an earthy aroma, but I found it to have an acidic aftertaste that I wasn’t too fond of. James guarantees that there’s something for everyone, even if they have to source from their secret stash — so I know what I’m doing next time!

If just coffee isn’t enough to kickstart your day, the café also creates baked goods in-house to guarantee that extra crunch and freshness to your morning pastry. Anagram Coffee is where coffee enthusiasts can savour and discover their next favourite brew, appreciate the art of coffee-making, and embrace a sense of community in a stylish and inviting environment; get updates about them on their Instagram here!

For those still feeling peckish after your coffee and pastry combo, head next door to Overbrød, my next stop. It is a Scandinavian-inspired deli that was dreamt up during the co-founder’s honeymoon to Denmark. The establishment is charming and welcoming, reflecting the cosy and minimalist Scandinavian design principles. It creates an inviting and stylish environment for patrons to savour their staple open-faced sandwiches that you’re sure to love. 

Anchorpoint Revamp: Overbrød Gordon Tan
Overbrød co-founder Gordon Tan meticulously handcrafts their open-faced sandwiches with authentic ingredients and in-house baked rye bread

Overbrød features an open kitchen concept that lets you witness the craftsmanship that goes into preparing the open-faced sandwiches. The delicious aroma of freshly in-house baked rye bread and toppings wafts through the air, sure to tantalise your senses. 

Overbrød aims to introduce Singaporean patrons to Scandinavian cuisine and put a taste to the name. But they also put a twist on the sandwiches by elevating the toppings that were traditionally made of leftovers.

I had the opportunity to try out a selection of Overbrød’s menu items that caught my eye, including the Toast Skagen and Gravadlax, made from the Norwegian shrimp and salmon, garnished with a zesty kick that piqued my tastebuds. The Roast Beef Sandwich, Mushroom Sandwich, and Swedish Meatballs were rich with mouth-watering umami goodness, which had me craving more, and the delectable Dream Cake satisfied my sweet tooth with its moist texture topped with a luscious dollop of cream. 

Anchorpoint Revamp: Overbrød Menu Selection
(left column from top) Roast Beef Sandwich, Mushroom Sandwich, Swedish Meatballs; (right column from top), Dream Cake, Toast Skagen, Gravadlax

These creations are beautifully displayed on their counters, so go explore and choose your favourite combinations! Learn more about what Overbrød has to offer on their Facebook page

Of course, if coffee and sandwiches still aren’t enough, you can always go for a local favourite, The Marmalade Pantry. It is located just opposite the mall’s grand entrance, so you can’t miss it! The space has been renovated to exude an air of chic sophistication with its stunning Art Deco interior design and sleek storefront— you can just feel the place oozing classiness!

Anchorpoint Revamp: The Marmalade Pantry Exterior
The Marmalade Pantry receives a new look to match Anchorpoint Mall’s revamp

As you step inside, you are instantly transported to an era of glamour and elegance. The interior is a striking blend of rich, lavish materials and geometric patterns, creating a visually captivating and luxuriously comfortable atmosphere. The warm lighting casts a flattering and intimate glow onto the deep emerald green walls and lustrous gold banquettes of plush velvet. It is all complemented by the royal blue chairs that give the space a refined, yet relaxed feel; perfect for a casual lunch gathering or a romantic dinner. 

I was already stuffed from our day of coffee, pastries and sandwiches, and I could only go for a drink. So here I tried out their new Lychee Earl Grey Iced Tea, a harmonious blend of citrusy, floral, and slightly astringent notes from the Earl Grey tea, coupled with lychee’s succulent and sweet taste. Both flavourful and revitalising, it’s an excellent pick-me-up for anyone!

Anchorpoint Revamp: Lychee Earl Grey Iced Tea
Kickstart your day with the Lychee Earl Grey Iced Tea

Look out for new menu items and offers on The Marmalade Pantry website before you plan your next visit!

That’s what I went for this morning. Still, there are always the classics that we all know and love, such as Jack’s Place, Acai Bros, Indonesian restaurant Daun Bistro, and Japanese Fish Mart Sakuraya — eateries all helmed by owners who are incredibly proud of what they have to offer.

Wind Down & Sail Away

With all the food and drinks settled, how about some self-care? Let’s sail away from our troubles and head over to the new branch of Nithya Priyan School of Yoga at Anchorpoint Mall. They welcome students of all levels, from beginners to seasoned yogis, and offer programmes ranging from drop-in sessions to a 27-week curriculum with a structured and integrative approach geared towards gaining physical proficiency and mental serenity. 

The serene interior immediately envelops you in a sense of peace and mindfulness. They feature a soothing colour palette of soft shades of cool greys and warm beiges. Here, the yoga mats and props are neatly arranged, emphasising the studio’s commitment to providing a welcoming and organised environment for you. The floor-to-ceiling mirrors also reflect the soft, ambient light to create a peaceful space for meditation and relaxation. 

Anchorpoint Revamp: Nithya Priyan Class
Warm and dedicated instructors, including guru Nithya Priyan himself, will lead classes

The Nithya Priyan School of Yoga embodies the essence of Zen and follows the tenet of finding “Joy in the Body and Peace in the Heart for all”. For the busybodies, you can expect a sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of Singapore, immerse yourself in their practice, and achieve a sense of inner peace and well-being.

I went in for a quick drop-in session, where the theme of the week was horizontal movements. Guru Nithya Priyan himself led the class, where we started with working on standing positions such as Triangle Pose and Extended Side Angle Pose that focused on muscle strengthening and flexibility. Then gradually, we transitioned into seated poses, such as the Childs and Corpse Pose, with an emphasis on mental clarity and breathwork. Despite the short session length, I felt rejuvenated and was ready to continue our day of exploration!

Learn more about classes and the weekly themes on the Nithya Priyan School of Yoga website, where you can also sign up or contact them for more information.

After a yoga session, let’s liven up the mood again with a nice cup of wine and dessert at Common Man Night Shift by Common Man Coffee Roasters! Newly renovated and featuring an al fresco section, you can have natural wines thoughtfully paired with sumptuous desserts.

Anchorpoint Revamp: Brewmaster House Exterior
The Brewmaster House (formerly the first commercial brewery in Singapore) preserves its iconic facade and becomes home to well-loved local brands, Common Man Coffee Roasters and Yoga Movement

This enchanting space offers a unique dining experience that blends the charm of outdoor dining with an elevated culinary journey. Common Man Night Shift features over 80 wine labels (and 18 that can be ordered by the glass) from reds, whites, rosés, dessert wines and even the massively popular orange wines. If you, like me, can get too overwhelmed with options, you can just go for the wine flight, handpicked by the sommeliers daily, and sometimes even feature off-menu labels!

Anchorpoint Recamp: Common Man Night Shift Wine Tasting
It’s always wine o’clock, so why not pair it with the perfect dessert

The sommelier recommended the natural wine flight selection featuring labels from worlds of old and new, paired with the most perfect desserts. We started with a sparkling wine, Parés Baltà Prima Petnat, from Spain. The wine’s light and bubbly body, paired with its floral and fruity nose, was an ideal pairing with the deep-fried Common Man Churros

Next, an orange wine from France, Dominique Andirano Chut!. The lovely balance of the wine’s herbaceous and floral notes as well as acidity perfectly complemented the Yuzu Cheesecake that had a fragrant yuzu aroma and a rich and creamy body. 

The third pairing consisted of a robust rosé from France, Opi d’Aqui les Cliquets. The deep fragrance and full-bodiedness of the wine sat wonderfully with the gluten-free Not Your Common Chocolate Cake loaded with chocolate, fresh fruits, and ice cream. 

We end the selection by travelling to the new world with Terroirs Bogus by Christophe Beau from Chile. A sweet dessert wine that has a nuanced aroma of exotic fruits and floral and citrus notes paired perfectly with the sweet and savoury notes of the Okinawa Black Sugar Tiramisu. It’s an unforgettable culinary experience that everyone should try whenever they are in the neighbourhood! Learn more about Common Man Night Shift and check out their menu here at their website.

Apart from yoga and wine, you can relax and immerse yourself in the world of graphic novels at the Comics Library, which will remain open until September 2024. You can also go clothes hunting at Cotton On or partake in some retail therapy for accessories at A KIND OOOF Jewellery‘s inaugural store, where you can browse a selection of jewellery and accessories suited for “You, Me & Everyone”. 

Finally, you can just have peace of mind in knowing that you can find an effortless solution for all your family’s essential needs, where you can easily stock up on groceries for the week at Cold Storage and the Modern Indian Grocer Baazar. Address your concerns at Mr. D.I.Y, Mister Minit, and Straits Clinic, and then reward yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment at a beauty salon of your choice. 

That’s how I chose to spend my day at Anchorpoint Mall, but the fun doesn’t stop there, as there’s more to come this Christmas season! So come on down and embark on your perfect day!

Sail-ebrate at Anchorpoint!

Celebrate good times this festive season at Anchorpoint Mall’s pop-up Christmas Arcade, which will take place every weekend from 25 November to 24  December 2023. It promises fun for everyone who drops by!

Additionally, The Marmalade Pantry at Anchorpoint Mall will offer an exclusive Yuletide Feast Menu, available from 1 November 2023 to 7 January 2024, featuring hearty seasonal dishes like Roasted Bone-in Beef Short Ribs and The Marmalade Mac & Cheese.

Anchorpoint Revamp: Yuletide Feast Menu
A feast fit for family and friends, or a band of buccaneers

There is also the pop-up store hosted by the independent designer discovery platform ZERRIN over at The West Deck from 3 November to 31 December 2023

The two-month event revolving around the theme of “Crafting Change: Best of Asia” will showcase a carefully curated selection of over 30 clothing, beauty, and wellness brands, along with sustainable fashion concepts from Southeast Asia that emphasise exquisite design and eco-friendly practices. Find out more information on the ZERRIN pop-up store website.

Anchorpoint Revamp: ZERRIN pop-up
Start your sustainability journey with ZERRIN, and build a wardrobe that’s kinder to people and the planet

All these new events have gotten me excited for the upcoming holiday season, so I’ll definitely be checking out Anchorpoint Mall again to enjoy their weekly events and seasonal menus, and I hope you do too! See you on the flip-tide!

Be sure to check out Anchorpoint Mall’s website for more helpful information and a directory!

Photos by Jeffrey Lee of the DANAMIC Team. Additional visuals courtesy of Anchorpoint.

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