From Vroom to Boom – Our Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 Experience!

As we reel from the adrenaline-packed weekend, the electrifying concerts, and the astonishing race results, we can safely say that the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2023 was a fever dream and an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster. Can we expect any less from the home of the original ‘night race’ for Formula 1? With the early-bird tickets for the Singapore Grand Prix 2024 already out, we’re here to spill the tea about the night we had and whether the tickets are worth the price tag. Once again, we never gatekeep, so be ready to hear it all!

Our team headed down to catch all the vroom-vroom and boom-boom action on the second day of the Singapore Grand Prix 2023. That night, we caught the Qualifying Race as well as two headliner acts that had everyone giddy with excitement (pun very much intended; read to find out what we mean) – multi-platinum selling and three times GRAMMY award and BRIT award-winning band, Kings of Leon, and five-time diamond-certified GRAMMY Award-nominated phenomenon, Post Malone!

F1 Grand Prix 2023: Kings of Leon
The crowd went nuts for Kings of Leon, who performed for the first time in Singapore that day!

So, should you buy your tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix 2024? 

I mean, where should I even begin? The fact that your ticket entitles you to a jam-packed line-up of performances from acts around the globe, as well as an exhilarating race that will keep you at the edge of your seat, should mean an instant yes. 

Although we don’t know which artists will be performing next year, the Singapore Grand Prix never misses with their performance line-ups! In 2022, they had Black Eyed Peas, The Kid LAROI, Westlife, and Marshmello. In 2021, we saw the queen herself, Cardi B! In other years, we also saw Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, and many more iconic superstars that have graced the most anticipated weekend of every year! So we’re definitely in good hands.

I wonder who’s going to make the line-up for next year. Maybe Olivia Rodrigo? She did just release her sophomore album, after all!

F1 Grand Prix 2023: The Kooks
Aside from the headlining acts, we also caught a glimpse of The Kooks, an English pop-rock band from the 2000s.

Watching Kings of Leon and Post Malone this year was definitely not on my bingo card, but the concert gods had their eye on me! While the performances were beyond phenomenal, dear concert-goers, we have some lessons to learn.

Kings of Leon were amazing. Watching day turn into night with the Padang in the background, under the rose-tinted sky, and heavenly vocals oozing into my ears was nothing short of perfect. Just as we’d predicted in our tell-all, holy grail guide to the Singapore Grand Prix 2023, Kings of Leon indeed did perform Sex on Fire, Use Somebody, Closer, and Pyro. They performed a total of 16 bangers, including Waste a Moment and Molly’s Chambers!

F1 Grand Prix 2023: Atmosphere
Doesn’t this just look spectacular?

The crowd here was super chill. Everyone was primarily millennials, considering Kings of Leon played their favourite love song anthems growing up. People here were just here to have a good time – phones were mostly down, and everyone was just jamming and looking happy. There was a little pushing here and there, but I enjoyed the set and the crowd so much. 

All in all, their first time in Singapore couldn’t have been better.

And then, it was time for Posty. He was a sweetheart through and through. He came in wearing the sickest shirt I’d ever seen. He also kept thanking the massive crowd; you could tell he spoke from a place of love and genuine sincerity. It was so precious to hear how that night was as special to him as it was to us.

F1 Grand Prix 2023: Post Malone 2
Do you see that shirt? I think we all feel it is now socially acceptable and cool enough to wear in public, thanks to Posty.

He performed a total of 23 songs at Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023, including Better Now, Wow., Circles, and Congratulations! He ended the set with two of his most iconic songs that won over the world – Sunflower and Chemical. Post Malone is such a talented artist, and that night, it showed. The way he sang I Fall Apart gave me actual goosebumps. The dopamine rush I got from watching him was like no other. I’d do anything to go back and feel that again. 

Okay, maybe not anything. The crowd that night was not it – from throwing cups of beer into the audience and having a piece of cardboard hit me in the face because someone thought it would be funny to throw it to nothing but phones in the air (blocking our view), immense squeezing and pushing and someone lighting a cigarette and smoking. At the same time, we were trapped body-to-body in that endless crowd. 

F1 Grand Prix 2023: Concert
Just look at the number of phones up there.

The camping for Posty had started at least an hour and a half before (some even attended Kings of Leon’s show in hopes of getting front row for Posty). While it was still somewhat peaceful at first, it got crazier with every passing minute. And remember how I said we were all giddy with excitement? Oh, we were giddy, alright! But mainly from that claustrophobia of being squeezed within a pit of people. 

On top of that, when Post Malone actually showed up on stage, the phones shot up into the sky, blocking everyone’s view. It was ridiculous how many people around me were focusing on taking videos, barely jamming out to the icon in front of us all in the flesh.

F1 Grand Prix 2023: Post Malone
We loved the shirt. But shirt off? That’s a different story.

Learn from their mistakes, ladies and gents. Concert etiquette is key! Don’t push. Don’t squeeze. Live in the moment. Give yourself and others space to jam out and dance. Keep those arms down and phones in your pockets. Take a couple of photos and videos of your favourite parts and retire your poor device. If we all do this, I promise that the worth of the price tag on that ticket increases tenfold. 

As for the race, we know it never disappoints. And this is coming from a newly-turned-fan. The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 has converted me. The more I learn, the deeper I fall down the rabbit hole. First of all, did you know that Singapore has one of the toughest tracks among all the other Grand Prix stops in the world? Because I didn’t!

F1 Grand Prix 2023: Qualifying Race
The car zoomed past us so fast I didn’t even know it was there.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is exactly what it sounds like: a street circuit. While most other circuits around the world are built purposefully for such high-speed racing, a street circuit is bumpier and rougher. Coupled with our scorching heat and humidity and the fact that the race is at night, the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix is one of the most challenging stops.

To be able to watch this in real life would be a life-changing experience. People from all over the world come to Singapore to watch this action unfold before their eyes. 

And wasn’t it worth it this year, seeing Red Bull lose its winning streak right here on our sunny island, giving Carlos Sainz Jr. his “first smooth operation in Ferrari”? History was made at the Singapore Grand Prix 2023. We can only imagine what will happen next year! It will truly not be one to be missed!

F1 Grand Prix 2023: Cars
It may feel like a couple of cars zooming past you, but when you’re there, the adrenaline takes hold as you scream and cheer with the rest of the crowd.

Well, that’s the entertainment. What about the sustenance? There are plenty of food and drink stalls all around the circuit. Rest assured that wherever you are, there will be a fare of food and beverages around you. 

Although, I won’t deny that the prices are kind of insane. $16 for a Soju Highball, which tasted very diluted, was not really worth it to me. Getting some drinks in with your friends at events like this is always fun, but to pay so much and not even taste it felt a little crazy.

So when you decide your budget for the night(s), make sure to factor in the food and drinks you will probably end up buying while you’re there. But a pro tip (a little spoiler from our tell-all guide) – almost every MRT station has a 7-Eleven or a convenience store where you can get yourself some snacks. While snacks aren’t allowed into the circuit, you can have a quick bite and slurp before heading in. Exiting and re-entering the circuit is permitted as long as you have a valid ticket. Keep these in mind as you make your decision to purchase your tickets.

F1 Grand Prix 2023: Queues
Oh, and the queues can get insanely long.

Overall, it was a crazy experience. One I definitely need to relive next year. 

While prices have risen since Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 (thank you, inflation!), the stakes are also higher. There’s a stain on Red Bull’s (so far) squeaky-clean record. Singapore is their Everest. Ferrari is soaking in that win, but how long will their taste of victory last? If not for that unfortunate elimination during the final lap, Mercedes could have had it all. 

It doesn’t take a superfan to enjoy the grand spectacle the world calls the ‘Formula 1 Grand Prix’. Skip the queue now and get your tickets (while you still can). Many tickets are already sold out, but fret not! These are just the early bird tickets, with individual day tickets still not out yet. But keep your eyes peeled for any looming announcements.

F1 Grand Prix 2023: Crowd Views
Oh, what a beautiful weekend that was.

As the checkered flag falls on this high-octane extravaganza, we bid farewell to an unforgettable weekend of racing and music that left our hearts pounding and our spirits soaring. Till we meet at the next race, keep that fire burning in you and place your metaphorical bets on who you think will be crowned this year’s World Champion. 

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2024

F1 Grand Prix 2023: Crowd Views 2
Once again, we’ll see you at the stands.

Dates: 20 – 22 September 2024

Prices of available tickets*: 

*Hospitality refers to all-in-one package experiences that include unobstructed views and dining. Grandstands provide prime vantage points to see the racers. Walkabouts allow free roaming around the circuit map zone, with designated viewing points available.

Hospitality Packages:

Formula 1 Paddock Club™ 3-Day Pass: S$11,664
Sky Suite 3-Day Pass: S$8,856
Twenty3 3-Day Pass: S$7,776
The Green Room 3-Day Pass: S$5,508
Lounge@Turn 3 3-Day Pass: S$3,888


Bayfront Grandstand 3-Day Pass: S$998

Get your early-bird tickets to the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2024 right now! Stay tuned to the latest happenings on Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix’s Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok pages.

Photos by Brendan Tan of the DANAMIC Team.

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