What If Juliet Didn’t Die? – We speak to ‘& Juliet’’s Lorinda May Merrypor Ahead of its Asia Premiere in Singapore!

The greatest love story ever told. The most tragic love story ever shared. When two star-crossed lovers fell in love and met their doom. When sworn enemies fall so hard, they kill each other. Such is the great yet tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet. This love story has been retold many times in many styles and forms. But this Broadway show reimagines Shakespeare’s greatest classic in a way you’ve never seen before. It asks the question, “What if Juliet didn’t die?”. Ladies and gentlemen, Broadway brings to Singapore, for the first time ever, & Juliet.

Only until 15 October, can you watch ‘& Juliet’ in Singapore for the first time, making its Asia premiere right here! This musical has taken over Broadway with its bold and brand-new outlook on the otherwise tragic tale. 

& Juliet Interview: Cast
Romeo? What are you doing here? It’s Juliet’s story!

But don’t be fooled! This is no ordinary musical. No, not at all. In ‘& Juliet’, you will hear music. But that’s to be expected of a musical, isn’t it? What if I told you that in ‘& Juliet’, you will hear some of the biggest hits in music history? What if I told you that the songs you hear will make you want to get up, scream and belt those lyrics like you’re performing at Madison Square Garden yourself? 

In this one-of-a-kind jukebox musical, you will hear smashing hits like Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way, Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time and Oops!… I Did It Again, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and Roar, Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life, and so many more absolute bangers! Convinced yet?

We got to speak with the cast of ‘& Juliet’, specifically the starlet that plays Juliet, Lorinda May Merrypor! She does an exceptional job bringing this brand-new version of Juliet to life with the voice of an angel. We asked her some questions about playing a character with such an empowering story and more about the production itself. 

Check it out!

& Juliet Interview: Dance
Juliet is looking fire here!

Can you give us a sneak peek into the world of ‘& Juliet’? How does it reimagine the classic Romeo and Juliet story and set itself apart from other Romeo and Juliet adaptations?

Lorinda May Merrypor: ‘& Juliet’ completely flips the script on the Shakespeare classic and reimagines it for today’s audience by asking, “What if Juliet didn’t die?” It ultimately empowers Juliet to go on a journey of self-discovery and second chances. At the same time, the audience gets to know some of the classic characters in a new light and also introduces some more incredible characters into the story. 

And the whole story is infused with some of the best pop hits of all time from artists like Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande and more. It’s unlike any show I’ve ever seen before, and the joy we get to experience onstage, and feel from the audience every night, is unlike any theatre experience out there.

The play ‘& Juliet’ has been praised for its modern and empowering take on the classic tale. How do you feel about bringing this fresh perspective to the stage, and what made you take up the role?

Lorinda: It’s so refreshing to be able to breathe new life into such a classic and well-known character. Juliet in our version, is so much like me; I relate to her a lot. 

The journey of figuring out who you are is never-ending, so I think people of all ages relate to and are inspired by her. That’s really a big part of why I was drawn to this show, also how skilfully it gets its message across whilst simultaneously feeling like a pop concert. I get to sing so many absolute hits in this show, so that was definitely a big draw card as well!

& Juliet Interview: Cast 2
Can we join you?

The soundtrack of ‘& Juliet’ features some iconic pop songs. How do you think these modern songs enhance the storytelling? What is your favourite song and why?

Lorinda: ‘& Juliet’ is an absolute masterclass in what a jukebox musical SHOULD be. It feels as if these songs were written FOR the show. They blend seamlessly from scene to song, coming in at the perfect time comedically or heart-wrenchingly. I can never pick a favourite, but right now, I’m particularly loving to perform the mashup of Problem and Can’t Feel My Face. It’s so genius, and it’s got the perfect amount of emotion and pop star.

What is your favourite scene from the entire play that you think the audience should look out for?

Lorinda: One of my personal favourite scenes to watch in the show is Angelique and Lance’s Medley of Teenage Dream/Break Free. Casey and Hayden are such powerhouse performers; this number shows that off so incredibly!

& Juliet Interview: Set
What a stunning set – everything about this production looks magnificent!

What challenges and joys did you experience while bringing this innovative production to life?

Lorinda: I have experienced so, so many joys bringing Juliet to life, and I still do feel so much joy every time I am onstage. To sing and act and dance is just everything to me at the core of my soul, and I wouldn’t be me without it, so the fact it is now my job will forever totally floor me.

There are definitely challenges that come as well. This is such a massive role, so I’m not immune to feeling the pressure that comes with that, but I’ve got a lot of passion and love for what I do, so it’s all worth it.

Why should theatre enthusiasts and fans of the original story catch ‘& Juliet’? What do you hope they take away from this unique and contemporary production?

Lorinda: If you are a fan of Romeo & Juliet, this twist will absolutely capture your heart, and you’ll definitely be privy to some little inside jokes and Easter eggs throughout the show. And if you’re a fan of pop music, you will be itching to sing along and get up on your feet! 

I hope every person that comes to watch our show has the time of their life! I hope they leave feeling inspired and represented, and full of love. That’s what ‘& Juliet’ is all about.

& Juliet Interview: Story
The tension is palpable.

You know that when the cast is this passionate, the show has to be phenomenal! It’s no surprise it won 3 Olivier Awards in 2019!

The show’s Australian Producer, Michael Cassel, who is also producing the Singapore season, said, “We have seen, time and time again, that audiences in Singapore love a good night out and ‘& Juliet’ promises to do that. This remarkable production takes decades of Max Martin’s extraordinary hits. It wraps them around a hot new take on the greatest love story ever told – creating the biggest party in the city, and we can’t wait to party in Singapore.” He read us like an open book!

& Juliet Interview: Costumes
The lights, the costumes, the make-up – such is the Broadway favourite, ‘& Juliet’!

Brought to you by Base Entertainment Asia, which strives to make Singapore the Broadway of Asia, ‘& Juliet’ is a story for today. In the world we live in, everyone is on their own journey of self-discovery. Everything about this beautiful production will inspire and empower you to write your own story and live on your terms.

So, once again, we ask, what would have happened if Juliet hadn’t ended it all for Romeo? What if she got a second chance at life and love – on her terms?

To find out, watch ‘& Juliet’ now.

& Juliet

Date: From now till 15 October
Duration: 2h 30min

Glittering Premium with thematic drinkS$198 – S$238
VIPS$178 – S$208
A ReserveS$148 – S$178
B ReserveS$128 – S$158
C ReserveS$98 – S$118
C Reserve Grand CircleS$98 – S$118
A Reserve Dress CircleS$148 – S$178
Premium Box with thematic drink (4 Seats)S$792 – S$952
D Reserve Grand CircleS$88
E Reserve Grand CircleS$68
A Reserve Box (4 Seats)S$592 – S$712

Get your tickets to ‘& Juliet’ right now on Marina Bay Sands’ official website, SISTIC, or (15% off tickets)! If you’re a Maybank card member, you get a 15% discount on your tickets. Quick, they’re running out fast!

For more information about ‘& Juliet’, check out Base Entertainment’s official website, Marina Bay Sands’ official website and the ‘& Juliet’ Instagram and Facebook pages.

Visuals courtesy of Base Entertainment Asia.

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