Elevate Your Visual Experience with BenQ MOBIUZ: Introducing Colour Shuttle and Newly Optimized HDRi!

MOBIUZ — BenQ’s line of gaming monitors offers a visual portal for gamers to experience their favourite titles in the best way possible. From sharp, detailed image quality to blistering high refresh rates, BenQ MOBIUZ has a great many features for users, and even now, new ones are making their way to the monitors.

The BenQ MOBIUZ line is upgrading the user experience by introducing its new Colour Shuttle software and a newly optimised HDRi feature. 

Colour Shuttle — Easily experience visuals optimised for games

Ever felt that a game was missing a little something? That it could look even better? Well, likely, you have yet to optimise your monitor for that game. Think about it: Now you can get your favourite title looking great visually — whether by balancing out the colours for a more realistic look, or enhancing the vibrant aesthetics of the world and characters.

Optimising your display settings to upgrade your visual experience, however, can be an arduous and time-consuming task, especially if you need to continually do so for multiple games. That’s where Colour Shuffle comes in.

BenQ’s Colour Shuttle is a software application for users to receive and apply colour profiles onto their MOBIUZ monitor. There is no need to slowly mess around with your monitor settings to get your games looking better when you can simply use other people’s already optimised profiles.

These colour profiles have been set by BenQ’s own Colour Experts and content creators within the gaming community to ensure that you get the best visual experience available. And the great thing about this is that popular titles like Marvel’s Spider Man 2, Baldur’s Gate 3, Diablo IV, Final Fantasy XVI, and more already have colour profiles available.

Users can start using Colour Shuttle by downloading the software from BenQ’s official website. Once installed, you can immediately begin exploring the different colour profiles on offer for various games. When one catches your eye, you can download the respective .mbz colour profile format file onto your computer before dragging and dropping it into the Colour Shuttle software. From here, you can click ‘apply’ on the new colour profile, and your MOBIUZ monitor will now show it — simple!

If you think you can make it look even better, you can fine-tune the profile via the display settings and save it within the Colour Shuttle software; you aren’t locked to that specific colour profile. 

The best part is that you can share your settings for others to enjoy! You can create an account allowing you to generate a URL link or instantly share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. 

Colour Shuttle is currently available for download on the BenQ support page and is compatible with the MOBIUZ EX270QM and EX3210U models, with more models to be compatible coming soon. For now, if you own either of them, you can start upgrading your visual experience now! More models are expected to be compatible in the following months, so be sure to keep updated.

Newly Optimised HDRi — Bringing HDR to the next level

HDR (high dynamic range) is highly regarded by enthusiasts for delivering more realistic, vivid, and detailed visuals, aided by using a wider range of brightness and colours. HDRi, BenQ’s proprietary technology, enhances the standard effect by using proprietary

algorithms to adjust your display’s colour tone and detail according to the ambient light detected.

HDRi has two modes to choose from: Game HDRi and Cinema HDRi. For Game HDRi, BenQ increases the contrast and saturation of red tones, which is an essential element for games, utilised for human skin on characters and environmental objects like rocks, bricks, leather, and fire. In addition, the mode also improves overall brightness and clarity to ensure that game scenes are more engaging.

Cinema HDRi meanwhile adjusts each pixel’s colour balance and contrast levels to create a consistent colour performance across different scenes and lighting conditions. The contrast ratio between the darkest and brightest parts of the screen is also boosted to create a deeper sense of depth and dimension, making content more vivid and lifelike.

Both of these modes have been further enhanced with a Newly Optimised HDRi to provide a stunning visual experience.

The core concept of the Newly Optimised HDRi revolves around providing ‘Flexibility’ to users. With that in mind, BenQ has equipped the HDRi modes with 20 levels of Color Vibrance to play around with — ranging from subtle simplicity to eye-catching vividness; enabling you to match the visuals with your perfect scenario.

The Newly Optimised HDRi is backwards supported by several models in the MOBIUZ family: EX480UZ, EX3210U, EX2710U, EX2710Q, EX270QM, EX3410R, EX3415R. Those with these models can experience the new feature by updating the monitor firmware via the Display QuicKit app; a convenient way to upgrade your firmware.

All you have to do is connect the monitor to the PC/laptop through USB-C or HDMI/DP + USB A to B cable and download Display QuicKit from BenQ’s support page after choosing your monitor model. Once you run the corresponding exe file, Display Quickit will detect your device and run the update. Now, you get to enjoy the upgrade!

Future updates will include more options, so stay tuned to get more with your monitor!

The BenQ MOBIUZ line already has incredible visual performance. Still, the addition of new features for the monitors grants them relevance even as visual technology continues to improve over the years.

For information about the various models in the MOBIUZ family, you can check out its page on BenQ Singapore.

This post was brought to you by BenQ.

Visuals courtesy of BenQ.

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