Where Cheesecake and Brownies Collide – Meet Cel’s Cheesecake Brownies!

Whoever invented cheesecakes knew what they were doing. Such a deliciously sinful and creamy treat that screams comfort with every addicting bite deserves a special spot in a museum. And whoever invented brownies changed the world with this chocolatey, fudgy masterpiece. But what if I told you that a small business right here in Singapore has fused the best of these worlds and bestowed upon us a treat you won’t be able to resist? 

Oh, dearest one, you might not be ready for this. Take a deep breath. Ready?

Cheesecake brownies. The soft, unmistakable layer of cheesecake sits on a fudgy, decadent brownie base. Brought to you with lots of love by Cel’s Cheesecake Brownies.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can try this indulgent treat in Classic, Red Velvet, Oreo, Matcha White Chocolate, Mixed Berries, Coffee, Zesty Yuzu and Earl Grey Almond.

Cel's Cheesecake Brownies
Where Cheesecake and Brownies Collide – Meet Cel’s Cheesecake Brownies!

Cel’s Cheesecake Brownies come in small cube-sized cuts to form a stunning checkerboard design. And it gets even better – if you’re up for it, you can choose up to two flavours per regular box, which will deliver in taste and aesthetics!

We got to try three of the most popular flavours, and we’re going to tell you (no holds barred) how we feel about them. The three flavours we tried were the Classic, Oreo and Mixed Berries.


Cel's Cheesecake Brownies - Classic flavour
The Classic Cheesecake Brownie looks so classy.

You know, they say ‘old is gold’ for a reason. The classic never goes wrong! 

The classic flavour might have been my favourite. It tastes like your run-of-the-mill cheesecake – sweet, dense and velvety. While that distinctive cheesecake taste wasn’t as pronounced as you’d expect your typical New York Cheesecake to be, I felt it worked well with the brownie. But if you’re worried that it would taste too sweet with the brownie, let out that breath you’ve been holding! 

Cel's Cheesecake Brownies - Classic
Getting that perfect bite – a little cheesecake, a little brownie, a lot yummy!

The chewy and fudgy brownie is actually the perfect accompaniment to the cheesecake. It cuts the sweetness of the cheesecake really well, which ensures this yummilicious treat isn’t too jelak. It might be fudgy, but it isn’t too heavy, which is the allure of Cel’s Cheesecake Brownies. The mysterious balance that is struck with both worlds coming together doesn’t cause the apocalypse (in your tummy) that you’d expect, but rather the peace you never thought you were missing.

This Classic Cheesecake Brownie works in mystical ways, and we approve!


Cel's Cheesecake Brownies - Oreo
Creamy Oreo cheesecake with brownie? Sign us up!

I think I speak for the whole of Singapore when I say that we grew up with Oreos. Seeing Oreo sneak into menus and treats as a superstar ingredient doesn’t faze us anymore. We don’t start shaking in excitement the way we used to before. In fact, we stand tall and put on our judging caps, ready to see if the treat before us does our childhood hero justice.

In this case, as scrumptious as the Oreo flavour was, it, unfortunately, did not do our rockstar justice. The taste of the Oreo didn’t fully come through. It might have been because the Oreo biscuit itself does contain chocolate and cocoa, which might have been masked by the chocolate from the brownie. This is why the brownie and its chocolatey taste become the star of this treat, instead of the two coming together in symphony the way the Classic flavour did.

Nonetheless, this was great. It might have been missing that pizzazz that the Oreo is supposed to bring, but my taste buds still thanked me for this treat.

Mixed Berries

Cel's Cheesecake Brownies - Mixed Berries
Barbie pink, anyone?

Anything that’s berry-flavoured is happiness in a bite. The bright sweetness that comes with the occasional tang is a flavour that we put our trust in for a light and refreshing pick-me-up.

This treat was a marriage of chocolate, berries, and cheesecake. Unfortunately, three’s a crowd. It tasted just a tad artificial, likening its taste to that of our other favourite snack growing up, strawberry Yan-Yan, which could be either a hit or miss for you. The taste of the berries was a little too strong for me personally, and when combined with the sweetness of the cheesecake, it felt a little much. And the brownie could not quite balance it out.

A lot of experimenting is required for berries to mesh well with chocolate without one taking over the other or a sweetness overkill. While this treat is almost there in achieving that balance, it could do with a little more experimentation with the ratios, especially since cheesecake is also one of the elements.

Final Thoughts on Cel’s Cheesecake Brownies

Cel's Cheesecake Brownies
Any of Cel’s Cheesecake Brownies can be paired with some coffee or green tea for a yummy tea-time snack!

The Classic Cheesecake Brownie deserves a spot in the dessert hall of fame for its balance and precise flavours.

While the Oreo and Mixed Berries flavours didn’t fully live up to our expectations, the Red Velvet and Earl Grey with Almonds are calling out to us. Cheesecake is an essential ingredient in Red Velvet, which guarantees delight! And, Earl Grey is a subtle flavour which enhances any dessert it joins, so we’re sure Earl Grey would be a smooth and interesting accompaniment to cheesecake and chocolate in this revolutionary treat. And with a satisfying crunch from the almonds? Yes, please!

You can choose between two sizes – the regular box of an 8-inch square cake, which comes with 36 bite-sized pieces, or a small box with 16 bite-sized pieces (minimum two small boxes per order). You can choose to get more than one flavour, but check out their FAQs on their Instagram highlight for more information. If you’re craving decadent brownies that hit the spot or a rich and moist chocolate cake, you can order those too! 

Where innovation shines, where magic is created, where cheesecakes and brownies collide – meet Cel’s Cheesecake Brownies.

Cel’s Cheesecake Brownies

Cel's Cheesecake Brownies
A delicious gift from us to you!


  • Classic – S$34
  • Oreo – S$36
  • Mixed Berries – S$36
  • Red Velvet – S$36
  • Coffee – S$36
  • Matcha White Chocolate – S$36
  • Zesty Yuzu – S$36
  • Earl Grey Almond – S$38
  • Two-Flavoured Checkerboard – S$36


  • Classic – S$17
  • Oreo – S$18
  • Mixed Berries – S$18
  • Red Velvet – S$18
  • Coffee – S$18
  • Matcha White Chocolate – S$18
  • Zesty Yuzu – S$18
  • Earl Grey Almond – S$19

To place your order, check out Cel’s Cheesecake Brownies on Instagram and Facebook, and DM them your choice of flavour at least three days before collection or delivery. Once you make your payment via PayNow, your order will be confirmed. Let their team know whatever the occasion is, and they’ll prepare complimentary paper cake toppers for you. Enjoy!

Photos by Sharleen Nadya and Baani Kaur of the DANAMIC Team.

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