bamboo bowls Bring Hearty Nutritious Bowls To Marina Bay Link

bamboo bowls — a healthy food bowl concept store — has opened its fourth outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall! There, you’ll find each bowl specially curated using only fresh ingredients containing zero added sugar. It is made with ethically sourced produce whenever possible and served in thoughtfully chosen compostable or recyclable packaging as they are committed to sustainability and flavour.

The store aims to provide healthy, hearty, nutritious bowls for busy professionals and health-conscious individuals working and living in the bustling Central Business District (CBD). bamboo bowls is a sustainable food chain which aims to revolutionise healthy eating by making delicious chef-crafted meals accessible to all.

bamboo bowls: rotating pods
These rotating pods to collect your food feel like we’re in the future!

This new outlet features a chic, minimalistic interior that centres around a row of futuristic-looking rotating pods from which diners can collect their meals. It felt like I was living in the future!  

We, from the DANAMIC Team, recently had the opportunity to head down to Marina Bay Link to check out the new store. Here’s what you can expect at the newly-opened outlet!

Retail Corner & Coffee Bar

bamboo bowls: coffee bar
Something good is brewing.

The new outlet features an all-new In-store retail corner where you can get your very own bamboo bowls condiments, such as the Spicy Gochujang Sauce, the zero-calorie Monk Fruit Syrup and more. I highly recommend the vegan bb’s Kimchi — literally one of the best Kimchis I have ever tasted (I’m not being dramatic). 

The store also features a coffee bar where diners can enjoy a variety of hot and cold beverages. Like a typical Gen Z, I tried the Iced Matcha Latte (S$5), which did not disappoint. The latte combined the perfect amount of matcha and milk, the ideal solution to combat the scorching heat. 

You can also consider choosing a healthier beverage alternative from the Still & Sparkling menu. We tried the Almighty Peach & Ginger (S$4), which had a tinge of sweetness and fizziness; not commonly seen from your usual healthy drink. 

Asian-Inspired Menu

Inspired by unique flavours and culinary traditions across Asia, the menu consists of easily customisable bowls curated by a team of esteemed chefs across the region. Treat your tastebuds to the taste of different cuisines across Asia, which can all be found in just one store. 

bamboo bowls: Bombay Bowl
The Bombay bowl tasted the bomb.

A whopping total of eight bowls are available to choose from, such as Bangkok, Sichuan and more; you’re spoiled for choice! 

The first dish we tried was the Bombay bowl (S$10), with the addition of Lamb Kofta (S$5) as a source of protein. True to its named location, this aromatic bowl was rich in spices and flavour. A bite into this dish will have you feeling like you were walking through the bustling streets of India.

The soft sweet potato ball’s taste surprised me, as I was expecting it to simply be a plain fried sweet potato ball. Instead, the sweet potato was mixed with spices, giving it a sweet mixture with a tinge of spices. The Lamb Kofta may look small, but it is filling! It paired perfectly when topped with the chana dahl khichdi gravy. I’m not kidding when I say that we devoured this dish! 

bamboo bowls: Seoul Bowl
This bowl has my heart and Seoul.

The next dish we tried was the Seoul bowl (S$10), paired with Gochujang Prawns (S$5) for protein. You can’t have a Korean-inspired dish without… Kimchi, of course! The Kimchi used is not your typical kind, but bamboo bowls’ own vegan bb’s Kimchi. As a Kimchi lover, trust me when I say this is one of the most delicious Kimchi I have ever tasted! It had the perfect amount of spice, and the portion given was more than generous. 

The gochujang tofu was slightly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. But that’s not all; this tofu was oozing with juiciness. I usually don’t have many expectations for tofu because they all taste the same to me, but this tofu hits differently. 

I’m a sucker for prawns as well, so I did have high expectations for this. Thankfully, the Gochujang Prawns did not disappoint. The prawns were bigger and juicier than I had expected. And I was elated when I realised that they provided even more of the vegan bb’s kimchi which I was obsessed with, together with the prawns.  

Alas, I’m not a huge fan of vegetables, and this bowl had too many vegetables for my liking. But this bowl was so full of flavour that even the bland vegetables tasted good. So it’s safe to say that this bowl has captivated my Seoul because it’s that good! 

bamboo bowls: Bombay and Seoul
Look at all the different delicious food!

Besides the self-kiosk located at the store, there is another way you can make your orders to maximise efficiency!

Ordering is now made easy with the bamboo bowls app. Simply download the bamboo bowls app via the App Store or Google Play, and proceed to sign in or create an account. You can opt for the Self-Pick up option or the Delivery option accordingly. Choose your desired bowl, which you can easily customise according to your carb preference, size, and energy level. You can also add a source of protein to pair with your chosen bowl. 

Don’t worry about healthy food tasting bland, as bamboo bowls have completely revolutionised the concept of healthy and nutritious food so you can eat deliciously and healthily!

bamboo bowls

Location: 8A Marina Boulevard, Mall, #B2 – 33 Marina Bay Link, 018984
Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 7.30 am to 7.30 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: Closed

So what are you waiting for? Do your precious body a favour and start eating healthily! To find out more, visit the bamboo bowls’ website to satisfy your curiosity and, eventually, hunger.

Photos by Marcus Lim of the DANAMIC Team.

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