Get Cozy and Chic: UNIQLO’s 2023 Fall/Winter Collection and Fresh Collaborations Revealed!

We recently viewed the UNIQLO Fall/Winter 2023 Collection showcase at the School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA). The showcase featured the brand’s all-new and updated clothing and exciting collaborations! 

Some of the new season’s items have already been rolled out online and in stores, but there’s more on the way! So don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for new items to come in the remaining months. Here’s what you can expect.

Fall/Winter Collection 2023

If you have any travel plans in store, this collection is something you should keep an eye out for! The start of the cooler months to winter requires comfort, warmth and style; this collection has everything you need From sheer knits, utility bottoms and outerwear, to various wool, knits, and other warm textures in tonal colour schemes such as grey, off-white and more. 

UNIQLO Fall/Winter Collection 2023: Modern Layering of Style
Stylishness that doesn’t overlook casual lightness.

The theme of the showcase was “Modern Layering”, the practice of combining multiple garments or pieces of clothing to create stylish and visually interesting outfits. Layering itself is a versatile technique used in both casual and formal wear, allowing individuals to adapt their clothing choices to different seasons, occasions, and personal styles.

The new season’s collection explores the endless possibilities of fashion, blending function and style to bring warmth, comfort, and aesthetics for the upcoming season. The showcase aims to show how one can comfortably express themselves through multiple layers of different clothing types, such as innerwear, coats, cardigans and more. 

UNIQLO Fall/Winter Showcase 2023: Pufftech Parka
Bundle up with the cosy puffer jackets, which are as soft as marshmallows!

Not only are the clothes super comfortable but versatile too. The temptation to get almost all the clothing was there; I was spoilt for choice. 

My absolute favourite piece of clothing was the all-new Pufftech Parka. The new technology of the Pufftech Parka is much more advanced than the regular Powder Soft Down Jacket; now, it can be hand-washed, making it more convenient for maintenance. The jacket is also super soft, comfortable and not too puffy as before, so you won’t feel suffocated wearing it. 

If you do not have any travel plans to chilly places, don’t worry about FOMO(ing), there’s still something in store for you. This not-so-secret news will have you taking out your wallets right away! Many might be familiar with the viral UNIQLO U DRAWSTRING Bag, which might be too big for a simple day out. Get your wallets ready, as they will now come in a smaller, cuter size! 


UNIQLO Fall/Winter Showcase 2023: HEATTECH
The evolution of HEATTECH

UNIQLO’s showcase also features the fashion and technological evolution of HEATTECH throughout the years in commemoration of its 20th anniversary. 

The HEATTECH collection is exceptionally comfortable and provides that extra layer of protection against the chilling weather you need in cold climates. What’s great is that you can wear it for layering purposes or even on its own! I was impressed at how advanced the technology of the latest 2023 Women’s HEATTECH Ultra Light T-shirt was. 

It is a specially knit ‘HEATTECH’ made with extra-fine fibres giving it an incredibly warm yet lightweight feel, making it perfect for travelling as it won’t take up space in your luggage. Hence, you no longer need to experience concerns about not having enough room in your luggage when travelling. 

Roger Federer collection by JW ANDERSON

UNIQLO Fall/Winter Showcase 2023: JW ANDERSON
Stay active while looking good with the Roger Federer collection by JW ANDERSON.

But that’s not all; look forward to UNIQLO’s exciting collaborations with talented designers worldwide. 

The Roger Federer collection by JW ANDERSON is a new collaboration line between UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador Roger Federer and JW ANDERSON. 

This collection is perfect for those who lead an active and comfortable life. It will feature a combination of Federer’s classic style with JW ANDERSON’s modern and colourful rendition of sports and performance wear, enabling a seamless transition between sports and the everyday. Don’t forget to mark your calendars, as this collection will be available in-store and online on 11 September.  

Ines De La Fressange

UNIQLO Fall/Winter Showcase 2023: Ines De Fressange
This collection will have you feeling like a girl boss.

Calling all my ladies! The UNIQLO / INES DE LA FRESSANGE Fall/Winter 2023 collection is something special for you to look out for. The collection will see Ines returning to when she first established her style and reflect her ongoing commitment to providing timeless wardrobe essentials that all women can wear comfortably to reveal their beauty. We love to see women supporting women!

The collection will feature workwear as the essence of fashion and represent Ines’ appreciation for clothes made of natural materials, as well as her desire for people to wear simple, rugged and elegant garments that have durability for daily wear. 

Shoppers can look forward to denim offerings, classics like pintuck blouses, matching corduroy outfits, traditional shirts with hand-finished style stitching, and more. So quickly save the date as the collection will launch on 25 August 2023.


UNIQLO Fall/Winter Showcase 2023: PEACE FOR ALL
Two out of four of the stylish PEACE FOR ALL T-shirts

Not one but four new PEACE FOR ALL UT T-shirt designs are coming your way! Designed by talented collaborators — Daido Moriyama, Creative Director of MARNI Francesco Risso, artist Julian Opie, actress, and UNIQLO LifeWear Ambassador Haruka Ayase. These major figures have volunteered to design T-shirts that embody their peaceful wishes, as they share the vision of “It’s time for action, in the name of world peace,” with UNIQLO. 

100% of sales proceeds (20% of the retail price) in Singapore will be donated to UNHCR to support humanitarian response efforts related to Cyclone Mocha that struck Myanmar and Bangladesh. Get your hands on it now to look good for a good cause. The collection is available online and in stores to increase your chances of getting them.

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So what are you waiting for? Don’t walk; run fashionably over to your nearest UNIQLO store ASAP! Or, if you do not have the energy to run, simply head over to the UNIQLO Singapore website and start loading up your cart today!

Photo by Sharleen Nadya of the DANAMIC Team. Additional visuals courtesy of UNIQLO Singapore.

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