Experience the LEGO BTS Dynamite Pop-Up, Where Music and Bricks Collide!

Whether you love the 21st-century pop icons, BTS, or the bricks that literally built our childhood, this will be one for the books for you! LEGO brings you an explosive collaboration between music and bricks with their LEGO® BTS Dynamite experience inspired by the LEGO® IDEAS BTS Dynamite set

Dance your hearts out and unleash your inner fangirl or fanboy as you marvel at 1.2-metre figurines of your beloved idols, or the fact that they were built using 161,000 LEGO bricks, and so much more at this massive pop-up at Orchard Road — happening from just 7 to 16 July 2023.

LEGO BTS Dynamite Experience: Venue
If you’re at Orchard Road, you literally can’t miss this!

The pop-up spans across three zones – the LEGO BTS Big Builds Stage, the Disco Retail Zone and the Record Discovery Zone – along the 39-metre stretch on Orchard Road, right outside Ngee Ann City. Along with jamming out to BTS’ biggest hits, there are plenty of photo opportunities and interactive activities to try out. 

Come dressed to the nines in your retro, Dynamite-inspired outfits and go all out! Remember, if LEGO has taught us anything growing up, it’s to go big or go home. That’s exactly what they’ve done this time too. Let’s see how they’ve pulled all the stops with their fantastical pop-up.

LEGO® BTS Big Builds Stage

LEGO BTS Dynamite Experience: Render
OMG, it’s BTS! (In LEGO form)

Get your photo with BTS! Sorry, just kidding. Get your photo with BTS figurines made entirely of LEGO bricks. 161,000 of them, to be exact! Your faves will be standing at 1.2m, ready to snag a photo with you. Take a selfie with just one LEGO BTS member or a group photo with all of them. 

Right next to the stage is a backdrop that could be the star of your next Instagram post. It is inspired by the BTS members dancing at the basketball court in their Dynamite music video, which has now amassed over 1.7 billion views! Recreate the scene or show off your moves against the eye-catching backdrops at the Open Courtyard at your very own “set” of the Dynamite music video!

Disco Retail Zone

LEGO BTS Dynamite Experience: Retail Zone
It’s beauty, it’s grace, it’s Dynamite.

Then, make your way over to the Disco Retail Zone and check out the first-ever large-scale BTS diorama, inspired, once again, by the scenes of the Dynamite music video. Spanning across two metres and made up of more than 10,000 LEGO bricks, BTS fans and LEGO fanatics alike are invited to go nuts at the attention to detail and the beauty of the scene. 

While you’re there, participate in a little game too – Spot the Balloons. Pretty self-explanatory, count the number of balloons you see in the diorama (they’re hard to miss) and submit your answers to the QR code on the glass panel for a chance to win LEGO sets! Within the zone, snap away at the interactive photo booth where you get to freeze that moment in time with an instant, physical photo and customise it to your taste with an array of Dynamite-inspired stickers. 

LEGO BTS Dynamite ExperiInteractive Photo Boothence:
Hey, look, it’s us! I was making very important decisions about which stickers to use on our photo. Big decisions, indeed.

After your hay day counting balloons and snapping shots, end off the Disco Retail Zone with some shopping! Get your hands on various LEGO sets, including the must-not-miss, 749-piece LEGO® IDEAS BTS Dynamite set, with special promotions of up to 25% off! But that’s not all. A little birdie told me you might even get some other enticing promotions, like a gift with your purchase or bundle deals on selected items. You just have to head down to see what awaits you!

Record Discovery Zone

It’s time to get up and move it, move it here at the Record Discovery Zone! Three exhilarating activities await you in this section where, no matter if you’re an ARMY or a LEGO lover, you’re set to have the time of your life!

LEGO BTS Dynamite Experience: Donut Build
It’s history in the making!

Start with the LEGO Donut Build, inspired by the music video’s massive doughnut structure. But this activity also has an extremely special add: You are invited to the Singapore Book of Records by building a LEGO Donut to add on and form Singapore’s largest Donut Wall, with over a whopping 500 donuts built onsite. You can’t miss this; you’re literally making history!

Then, once again, get your hands to work at the ‘BRICKTIFY Me’ station. Build your very own mini-me LEGO figures. Choose the face, the hair, and the ‘fit and share your rad mini-me with the world on Instagram with #LEGOBTSSG!

LEGO BTS Dynamite Experience: Dance Off
We promise the moves are easy!

Finally, get your dancing shoes on because it’s time to dance. BTS is known for their powerful and slick choreography, so it’s only fair we do them justice, isn’t it? In this very simple follow-along, watch the screen and copy the steps as you dance to a BTS song and let your moves shine! 

Ending Thoughts

There are five interactive stations throughout the Dynamite experience – BRICKTIFY Me, Dance-Off, LEGO Donut Build, LEGO BTS Big Builds Stage – Snap and Share, and the Spot the LEGO Balloons! Upon completing each station, you receive a stamp. And when you receive three stamps, you get the chance the play the LEGO Claw Machine, where you get to win special prizes. 

I tried my hand at this claw machine, and I must admit, this was one of the easiest claw machines I’ve ever played. So don’t miss this chance to win!

LEGO BTS Dynamite Experience: Claw Machine
I’ve never seen a human being as focused as one at a claw machine.

If you feel that Fire in you to Run to the LEGO® BTS Dynamite experience at Orchard Road, then Go Go! Make sure to look Left and Right and participate in every activity you see, and don’t miss this chance to meet your Idol in a life-sized LEGO form! (Sorry, we tried.)

Nonetheless, everything about this pop-up feels so explosive and powerful. LEGO really went all out with this experience to make it a haven for BTS ARMYs and LEGO buffs alike in this collaboration that will go down in history as one of LEGO’s most iconic ones – bringing together bricks and music.

Thank you for another core memory, LEGO. We’ll add it to the list of many you’ve bestowed upon us over the years.

LEGO® BTS Dynamite experience

LEGO BTS Dynamite Experience: Discovery Zone
It’s never been in our DNA to back away from amazing places like this, so Go Go!

Date: 7 to 16 July 2023
Location: Outside Ngee Ann City, 391A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238873
Opening hours: 11am to 9pm 

For more information about The Lego Group, visit their official website and Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can also purchase the new LEGO® IDEAS BTS Dynamite set right now!

Visuals courtesy of The LEGO Group and ©BIGHIT MUSIC & HYBE.

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