What to Get for Mum This Mother’s Day 2023

Mother’s Day in 2023 comes up this weekend, falling on 14 May 2023. It is a special day celebrating everything about mothers, and we know that you’ll want to give something that your mum would greatly appreciate.

All mothers are different, so we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas of various forms to ensure that your mum gets treated to something up her alley. 

Dining In

To start our list of gift ideas, we have dining options you can have with your mum. A good dining experience is worth its weight in gold, which could make Mother’s Day 2023 one for them to remember. Check out the list of foodie goodness down below!

Hotel Telegraph Mother’s Day Course Menus

Mother's Day 2023: Hotel Telegraph Mother’s Day Course

For this Mother’s Day, travel to Hotel Telegraph — situated right in the heart of the city centre — where you and your mum can indulge your taste buds in an extravagant 5 or 6-course menu at their restaurant.

Coming in at S$68++ and S$88++ respectively, diners can expect to have only the very best, with dishes such as “Pan Fried Barramundi Fillet with Laksa Cream” and “Hot And Sour Soup with Seafood, Fish Maw, Tofu and Bamboo Shoot” sure to delight your palate to no end!

Date: 8 to 12 May 2023 (5-Course Meal), 13 and 14 May 2023 (6-Course Meal)
Price: S$68++ for 5-Course Meal, S$88++ for 6-Course Meal
Location: Robinson Rd, 35, Singapore 068876
Timings: 5-Course Meal from 6 to 10pm, 6-Course Meal from 11.30am to 3pm (Lunch) and 6 to 10pm (Dinner)

Reservations can be made by visiting the official page on Hotel Telegraph’s website.

Vibe Hotel Singapore Orchard Asian-inspired Barbeque Buffet

Mother's Day 2023: Vibe Hotel Singapore Orchard Asian-inspired Barbeque Buffet

If course meals aren’t your fancy, fret not; Vibe Hotel’s Asian-inspired Barbeque Buffet is also one for you to consider! 

With options such as Nasi Goreng Kampung, Mee Goreng Laksa, Grilled Spicy Chicken and more, you are most definitely spoilt for choice here. The Barbeque Buffet will be held on 14 May 2023 during the lunch period at ROOS Restaurant.

Moreover, you get to choose from two packages – one for just the buffet (A), and the other with additional 2 beer bottles or 2 glasses of wine of choice (B). Package A comes in at S$88++ per adult and S$55++ per child, while Package B comes in at S$110++ per adult. Do note that a S$50 deposit is also required for each booking.

Date: 14 May 2023
Price: S$88++ per adult, S$55++ per child aged 4-12 years old (Package A), S$110 per adult (Package B)
Location: 24 Mount Elizabeth, #01-05, Singapore 228518
Timings: 12 to 3pm

For more details and to book the buffet, you can check out their website here

Peranakan Classics at Sky22

Mother's Day 2023: Peranakan Classics at Sky22

Invoke a sense of nostalgia with the help of Sky22 as they present their Mother’s Day menu! Running from 13 to 14 May, their menu features classic Peranakan dishes and is available for lunch and dinner. You can have an intimate dining session with their set meals for 2, or get the whole family involved with their 4 pax option.

For the set meal for 2, you get to choose from a starter/soup, 2 mains and your choice of homemade dessert. Meanwhile, the set meal for 4 nets: 2 starters/soups, 4 mains and your choice of homemade dessert as well. Both set meals come with jasmine rice too!

As for your choices, have your pick from Satay Bohong to traditional Ngoh Hiang for starters, Itek Tim or Pong Tauhu for soups, Beef Rendang to Ikan Assam Pedas for Mains and last but not least, Bubur Cha Cha to Earl Grey Crème Brûlée for desserts to top off your meal!

Date: 13 and 14 May 2023
Price: S$38++ per person (Set Meal for 2), S$35++ per person (Set Meal for 4)
Location: 99 Irrawaddy Rd, Level 22, Singapore 329568
Timings: 12 to 2.30pm (Lunch), 6 to 10.30pm (Dinner)

For their entire Mother’s Day menu, you can check it out on this official page here.


Mothers deserve something to spoil themselves with, and if not with restaurants, then surely with experiences! So below, you can find some indulgent experiences you can provide Mum for this Mother’s Day.

St. Gregory at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Massage Experience

Mother's Day 2023: St. Gregory at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Massage

Give mum a pamper session this Mother’s Day by introducing her to a wonderful massage session at St. Gregory, the award-winning spa centre in PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering.

From 1 May to 31 May 2023, St. Gregory is running a Mother’s Day exclusive at their spa, aptly named Tribute to Mum. One of the features is a 60-minute massage, of which they get to pick between the Indonesian Balinese, which helps stimulate deep tissue therapy, or the Aromatic Body Bliss for a relaxed and serene experience. This is followed by a 30-minute Beauty Enhancer to rejuvenate the skin and leave it looking refreshed.

As part of the package, mums can enjoy complimentary access to the exclusive facilities on level five, a dedicated wellness floor — where the stunning outdoor infinity pool and 300-metre-long garden walk can be found.

Promo period: 1 May to 31 May 2023
Price: S$200
Location: PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, 3 Upper Pickering St, Singapore 058289

Reservation is required. More information about the promotion can be found on this page.

Spa Package at Away Spa in W Singapore Sentosa

Mother's Day 2023: AWAY Spa Mother's Day 2023

Over at the idyllic Sentosa Cove area, mums can experience a luxurious spa package offered by Away Spa in W Singapore.

This exclusive 120-minute Mother’s Day Spa Package begins with a soothing foot bath ritual to relax tired feet. Afterwards, there is a full-body relaxing massage to look forward to as the skilled spa technicians help ease any lingering tensions. Finally, it ends off with a hydrating facial to rejuvenate the skin.

Promo period: 13 and 14 May only
Price: S$285++ per person (Usual price at S$360++
Location: PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, 3 Upper Pickering St, Singapore 058289

For more information and to book the Mother’s Day Spa Package, visit the promo page on Away Spa’s website. 

Food + Drinks

If big meals at restaurants are too much for her to handle, you could get Mum something that she can enjoy at her leisure. So here are some food and drink items to get as a gift for Mother’s Day 2023!

T2 Tea Teatime Classic Gift Sets

Mother's Day 2023: T2 Tea Gift Set

Tea provides a refreshing perk to any time of day, so it is no surprise that it is a preferred beverage for many. As such, you can’t go wrong with giving Mum some tea this Mother’s Day. One brand you could consider is T2 Tea, with several exciting concoctions in its library.

With so many options ranging from the dessert-inspired Rosy Rhubarb Custard to French Earl Grey Blossoms, an infused take on the classic Earl Grey Flavour, it’s hard to go wrong with so many flavours being offered.

Not only that, but you can also get a whole gift pack, which packs in all sorts of goodies! For example, the Garden Party gift pack contains a limited-edition Cup and Saucer, Fun Infuser, Teaspoon and two mini cubes of tea for you to sample. 

Price: S$53-S$80

If you would like to learn more about the many offerings that T2 Tea offers, you can check out their website!

Paris Baguette Bouquet Flower Cakes

Mother's Day 2023: Paris Baguette Bouquet Flower Cakes

If you happen to be torn between getting Mum a flower or a cake, why not just get her both – together? Paris Baguette is offering Flower Bouquet Cakes this Mother’s Day, which will surely be the centrepiece of any celebration this year.

With two offerings — the Love You Double Fromage Cheesecake, and the Thank You Double Chocolate Cake — both come with a mini bouquet of fresh flowers adorning the cake, giving it a sense of elegance and beauty. 

Price: S$68 each

If you want to order the cakes, you can do so on the Paris Baguette website.

Leckerbaer Cookies

Mother's Day 2023: Leckerbaer Mother's Day Cookies

For the mums with a sweet tooth, why not get them a bag of cookies? But cookies are a dime a dozen. Leckerbaer, however, sells wonderful artisanal Danish Cookies that both visually and literally whet the appetite. 

This Mother’s Day, Leckerbaer has two new offerings – Chocolate Sable Cookies and Ruby Dipped Butter Cookies – both sure to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Furthermore, you can customise the cookies according to allergies, so you don’t have to worry about whether the cookies would be suitable for your mum! 

However, if those two aren’t your fancy, or she would like something more savoury, you can also consider their other options, such as the classic ginger cookies, or even black sesame sable cookies. Finally, for an assortment of flavours, opt for their Småkager box sets which contain a variety of cookies.

Price: S$13.50 for 130gm of Chocolate Sable Cookies and Ruby Dipped Butter Cookies

If you would like to look at more of the offerings from Leckerbaer Cookies, you can browse their website!


Sometimes, practicality is the best gift you can give someone. Below are a few gift options for the home that you can consider getting for your mum. 

RUHENS POP Water Dispenser 

Mother's Day 2023: RUHENS POP

If Mum still goes about the traditional way of getting hot water, give her the gift of convenience by giving her a water dispenser, specifically the RUHENS POP dispenser.

The RUHENS POP offers users clean, fresh water with its self-sterilisation qualities and is eco-friendly and low-energy, all while keeping a sleek design that fits most homes.

With the RUHENS POP, she’ll be able to get water in five different temperatures with just a press of a button — no more waiting for water to finish boiling or for it to cool down to drink. Additionally, the dispenser lets you pre-set the quantity of fresh water to be dispensed, ensuring they get the exact amount they need every time. 

Price: Starting at S$1,099

For more information and to purchase the RUHENS POP, head over to its Product Page on the RUHENS website.

Steriluxe Aire: Smart Room Purifier 

Mother's Day 2023: Steriluxe Aire

Health is becoming an increasingly important aspect, and air quality is part of that as well. Unfortunately, given that Singapore is prone to periods of haze, breathing could be negatively affected — a worrisome situation for everyone.

To ensure that your mum is protected from such bad air, you could get her a Steriluxe Aire, an Air Purifier with smart capabilities. The purifier is medical-graded and provides fresh, odour-free air with the help of its advanced filtration technology that kills 99.97% of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful particles.

You can also control it via its accompanying mobile app, where you can check the indoor air quality even away from home. The app also allows you to control and schedule it from your smartphone, which you can do manually or with the help of Google Assistant and Alexa for more effortless convenience.

Price: S$388 (Sale price)

For more information and to purchase the Steriluxe Aire: Smart Room Purifier, visit its product page on the Steriluxe website.

RENPHO Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Mother's Day 2023: RENPHO Pillow Massger

It’s not uncommon for mums to get tensed-up bodies from stress or overwork, but unfortunately, they rarely get the time to indulge themselves with a massage or spa. So get them something they can use anytime in the comfort of their home.

The RENPHO Shiatsu Massage Pillow is a small pillow massager that works for not just your neck, but also the back and feet. There are also elastic velcros that allow you to fasten it to a chair.

With the pillow massager, mums can experience the four massage rotation nodes kneading into their muscles to alleviate stiffness, emulating that of kneading massages from real hands. It also features an additional heating feature to improve the soothing of muscle fatigue while being massaged.

Price: S$44.99 (Original price at S$79.99)

The RENPHO Shiatsu Massage Pillow can be purchased directly from Amazon Singapore.


A confident mum is the best, and a sure way to boost that than by getting her something fashionable! In this case, we’ve combined aesthetics with practicality, offering some gift options that she can use while looking good.

TUMI Valetta Micro Tote Bag 

Mother's Day 2023: TUMI Valetta Micro Tote Bag

Every mum deserves nothing but the best. So what better gift than a stunning and practical carry-on to complete her outfit for a day out?

TUMI’s relaunch of the Voyageur collection incorporates recycled materials into core designs to produce quality products. As a result, TUMI’s Valetta Micro Tote is not only fashionable, but sustainable too! With a modern touch, the lightweight tote has just the right amount of space to store one’s essentials.

Price: $570

The Valetta Large Micro bag can be purchased on TUMI’s website.

Casio Baby-G Playful Beach

Mother's Day 2023: Casio Baby-G Playful Beach

Mums definitely need to get out of the house for a break from all the chaos once in a while. So this casual watch is definitely a must-have for all the active mums out there! 

The Baby-G Playful Beach watch will fill their mums’ lives with colour as it comes with playful and vivid designs that give a refreshing beach theme. Moreover, it is shock-resistant and waterproof, allowing them to take a stress-free dip into the water amidst this scorching weather. 

Price: $169

The Baby-G Playful Beach watches are available for purchase on Casio’s website.


Mother's Day 2023: ECCO GRUUV

Mums are always out and about running errands every single day. So what better gift to give her than a pair of comfortable shoes for more effortless movements?

The ECCO GRUUV sneakers are premium and long-lasting, perfect for long journeys. It is also specially designed to make the walking experience more comfortable and painless. Removable dual-fit, comfort-foam insoles are also included for extra width if needed. These come in trendy colours to keep up with the modern style. With ECCO GRUUV, mums no longer need to worry about being on their feet for long hours.

Price: $299.90

Quickly add the ECCO GRUUV sneakers to your cart on ECCO’s website now!

Bonus Ideas

Lastly, we have some options that don’t quite fit in with the previous categories but are items that could still put a smile on your Mum’s face.

Smart Garden

Mother's Day 2023: Smart Garden

Getting flowers or plants for your mum this Mother’s Day would make a great gift, but growing one together would be better.

This Smart Garden by Click and Grow not only brings a lovely visual aesthetic to most homes, but it doesn’t take up much space and is easy to maintain — making it an excellent option to get if your mum is a beginner with plants. 

It is a self-growing device with a built-in energy-efficient lamp and water distribution system, meaning only minimal maintenance is needed to grow your plants. Herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers can be grown in this Smart Garden, and their all-natural plant pods provide all the necessary nutrients they need. Harvest them for the kitchen once they’ve bloomed without worrying about chemicals hidden within.

Price: S$126 (Original price at S$159)

The Smart Garden by Click and Grow can be purchased directly from Amazon Singapore.

Mother's Day 2023: Disney Candle and Carosel

For mums big on Disney, give them a little slice of nostalgia with this Disney Candle and Carousel set, which they can place at home.

The soy candle comes with three layers of notes — the top has Lychee, apple, and rum, the middle layer has Geranium, plum, and blueberry scents, and lastly, the base has Vanilla and musk notes. While the sweet aroma fills the room, the golden carousel above it with Disney motifs will move on its own to create an enchanting visual as the candle is lit up. A unique spectacle to gift for your mum’s home!

Price: S$105.90

The Disney Candle and Carousel can be ordered from the shopDisney Asia online store.

We hope that one of these suggestions is something that your mother will love to have this Mother’s Day 2023. And if not, it could have given you an idea of what to get her! 

If there’s anything else you feel should’ve been included inside, you can let us know on our socials on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok!

Visuals courtesy of Hotel Telegraph, Vibe Hotel Singapore Orchard, Sky22, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, W Singapore, T2 Tea, Paris Baguette, Leckerbaer, RUHENS, Steriluxe, RENPHO. TUMI, Casio Singapore, ECCO, Click and Grow, and shopDisney Asia.

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