Relive childhood memories at the new Timezone Orchard Xchange

Arcades used to play a big part in my life when I was younger – be it running to the claw machines or blowing down the Shuto Expressway in Wangan Midnight, they made for enjoyable moments and memories with friends. In recent years however, I haven’t quite managed visits to an arcade, so when Timezone announced that they were opening a new 22,000 square feet outlet in the town area, you could almost sense my excitement. This is the new Timezone Orchard Xchange!

The biggest arcade in the entirety of Southeast Asia, this new Timezone has a lot of brand-new shiny toys that even other arcades might not have, so here are some of the new rides and games you can expect to see when visiting here!

Bumper Cars

Timezone Orchard Xchange: Bumper Cars
The Bumper Cars inside of Timezone were really fun!

Remember the thrill of driving straight into others? (Though, please don’t do this in a real car) Well, the Orchard Xchange outlet can proudly show off its new Bumper Car attraction, with six cars available for visitors to create some mayhem.

The cars all have high backseats, meaning you don’t have to worry about injuring your back or neck. They can also spin 360 degrees, allowing you to have full mobility and control over the direction of where you are going, making it all the more fun for everyone.

To top it all off, the cars can seat up to a maximum of two people at one go, so you can choose to ride with your besties, or opt to sit alone and have complete control over your car (which means you can be as aggressive as you want!).

Bowling Lanes

Timezone Orchard Xchange: Bowling
The Social Bowling’s lanes are shorter than actual bowling lanes, for faster-paced games!

While bowling isn’t new to arcades, what’s new to the Timezone Orchard Xchange is its new thematic zone which includes eight different lanes for bowling, with four designated lanes for social bowling and the rest being mini lanes for families.

The social lanes all utilise real bowling balls, while also having interactive elements – such as projections that appear whenever the balls roll across the lane, and designs that plaster the entirety of the flooring, making it a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Meanwhile, the mini bowling lanes are the exact same as you remember them, utilising mini bowling balls which are suitable for children and the elderly. A great activity to do with all members of the family!

Arkadia VR Arena

Timezone Orchard Xchange: VR
VR inside of an arcade? Yes Please!

It’s been quite a while since VR announced itself to the world, but it has recently gone from strength to strength. Timezone has introduced the Arkadia VR Arena to the new outlet, and it looks to be a hit!

You can play solo or with up to six friends in different games, such as WingRun – A hoverboard racing game, Raverz – a two-to-six PvP shooter and many others. You can even play different games at the same time if you so desire.

Timezone Orchard Xchange: Shooting Gallery
A classic arcade game amidst the new fancy games that line the arcade

One of the games exclusive only to the Orchard Xchange outlet, Hillbilly’s Shooting Gallery offers a sense of nostalgia and old-timeliness in contrast to the flashy new games inside the arcade.

Utilising animatronics, up to six players can compete against each other to see who can get the highest score by shooting at targets littered around the booth, so you can grab multiple friends and family out to enjoy this one!

6 Different Zones 

As a whole, the entirety of Timezone Orchard Xchange is divided into six different zones for the public to enjoy! These zones are: 

  • The Arkadia VR Zone
  • The Competition Zone
  • The Driving Zone
  • The Dancing Zone
  • Everyone’s Favourite Prize Shop 
  • The Party Rooms 

In these zones, you can find games such as NBA Gametime Pro, the classic Wangan Midnight, Asphalt 9, Air Hockey, Claw Machines and maimai, just to name just a few. 

For the prize shop, you can expect to find some rather appealing prizes, including BE@RBRICKs, POP MART figurines, Electronics such as PS5 and Nintendo Switch, and other household items such as ovens, if you so desire.

Timezone Orchard Xchange: Prize Shop
Some of the things you can find inside the Prize Shop

Are you excited about the launch of the arcade? Then, grab your friends and family and head on down to town to experience the new Timezone Orchard Xchange now! 


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Timezone Orchard Xchange Details

Location: 437 Orchard Rd, B1-01 to 04/07 to 18/25 to 44, Singapore 238878
Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday (11am – 10pm) 
  • Friday & Eve of Public Holidays (11am – 11pm)
  • Saturday (10am – 11pm)
  • Sunday, Public, and School Holidays )10am – 10pm)

Photos by Glenton Weng of the DANAMIC Team.

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