End Off Ramadan On A Good Note With Great Meal Deals

Ramadan is a time for friends and family to gather and build closer relations, and with it soon coming to an end, it is best celebrated over some hearty meals with your loved ones. 

Though it may be ending, you can still experience the spirit of Ramadan with some Ramadan-exclusive deals that are too good to miss out on! Here are some meal deals you can indulge in with your family during this period.

Deli Hub

Ramadan Meal Deals: Delihub Nasi Ambeng
Deli Hub’s Giant Nasi Ambeng

Deli Hub is one of Singapore’s largest halal-certified corporate caterers and recently launched Singapore’s Largest Ever Nasi Ambeng, making it the perfect accompaniment if you come from a big family, or hang out with a big group of friends. 

The feast comes in two sizes, Classic for 3 to 4 pax at S$128 (available for delivery with a minimum order of 2 sets), and Giant for up to 15 pax at S$488. The center Fragrant Blue Pea Rice is surrounded by 8 or 11 mouthwatering side dishes such as spicy udang sambal and the all-time classic rendang – now that’s variety. The Giant feast is served on a giant plate that spans over 70cm in diameter, which will definitely wow your friends and family as they get treated to a mountain of lovingly curated food. 

Deli Hub also offers Raya Signature Buffets for more than 30 pax from S$30.24 per pax And if you’re expecting a smaller group of people, don’t fret as the Mini Buffet Set for more than 15 pax, at S$24.84 per pax, is also available.

With special Raya Bento sets from S$14.58 also available, Deli Hub is a great choice for those accommodating large groups. You can order directly online to get yours now!

Cherry & Oak

Ramadan Meal Deals: Cherry&Oak Ramadan Platter
Cherry& Oak’s Ramadan Platter

In the mood for fancy Iftar food or celebrating a special occasion? Cherry & Oak, a restaurant specialising in artisanal wood-smoked cuisine, offers an extensive menu featuring smoked dishes and desserts. 

During this Ramadan season, they have specially curated a Ramadan Platter for 2 pax at S$68. With Smokey Wings, to give a bold flavour and Rainbow Sausages to add a vibrant touch to your platter. It also comes with Karedok Salad, a Sundanese signature dish, Seasalt Fries, Nasi Lemak Bakar, Roti Bakar and Burnt Ends, to give you a variety of flavours.

They also offer the Ramadan Beef Shank Dulang for 10 pax at S$347, which includes 4.5kg of delightful Black Angus Beef Shank, Karedok Salad, spicy Sambal Quail Eggs and Nasi Lemak Bakar. The set is only available for orders placed for 30 March to 20 April and requires pre-orders to be done a day before, so be sure to order early!

Additionally, in celebration of the upcoming Hari Raya, Cherry & Oak will offer the Dulang Raya DUO at S$158 and Dulang Raya MEGA at S$288 for the festive occasion — coming with items like Lemar Bakar, Ayam Masak Merah, and Serunding, among others!

Order now on Cherry & Oak’s Official website for Islandwide Delivery and Pickup with no minimum spend. 

All Things Delicious

All Things Delicious is a halal-certified, bakery cafe not just known for its iconic baked goods but for its chef-prepared, comfort foods too. Their all-new Iftar Mini Buffet Set for 4 to 6 pax at S$129.50 will not only impress your guests at Iftar but also fill them up adequately as they offer a wide range of foods from appetisers to main courses and lastly, desserts. In addition, each Iftar Mini Buffet comes with a small serving of Bubur Lambuk, a tasty rice porridge with quinoa, lentils, and vegetables traditionally served during the fasting month.

The Mubarak Set for 6 to 8 pax at S$199.70 is also an excellent choice for sharing a meal with the family or guests, for Iftar or Raya. Each set includes; one Roast Organic Kampung Chicken with Sausage Filling along with a box of the all-time favourite Mini Sub Sandwiches, a box of creamy and sweet Raya Edition Mini Fruit Tarts and a Pasta Tray.

Not only do they offer Iftar sets, but also Sahur, pre-dawn meal sets for when you struggle to wake up early in the morning. Your pre-dawn meal is settled with the Sahur Set at S$76.90, which consists of two All Things Delicious’ Houseblend Granola (Ramadan Edition), one Oatly Oat Milk, and an assorted Dates Gift Box.

As Hari Raya approaches, All Things Delicious also offers various sets, such as the Aidilfitri Set for 6 to 8 pax at S$228.70 and the Lebaran Set for 6 to 8 pax at S$207.70, and many more to celebrate Hari Raya.

All food is made fresh to order from All Things Delicious’ Official Website and delivered to your doorstep, in time for Iftar or Sahur, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Canadian Pizza

Zero ideas on what to have for Iftar? Well, you can never go wrong with pizza! Canadian Pizza should definitely be the choice as it offers a wide range of pizzas, such as meat-free – for the health-conscious or transitioning to vegetarianism, with local flavours and classic flavours available as well. 

Canadian Pizza now offers various good deals for up to 18 pax, allowing more good food to be shared with more people. For example, order the DIY Raya Family Iftar Meal for 2 to 4 pax from S$35.90, which includes any two Regular Standard/Super Value pizzas of your choice, Chicken Nuggets, two beverages and a cake of your choice.  

The DIY Raya Family Feast Meal for 5 to 6 pax from S$56.90, includes any two Medium Standard/Super Value pizzas of your choice, two sides, a 1.5L beverage and two cakes of your choice. You can’t go wrong with the Hawaiian Classic with its savoury and tangy combination, or you can be adventurous and try their Nasi Lemak Pizza.

If you’re expecting a large group over at your house, the Super Saver Raya Party Meal for 18 pax from S$118.90 is fit for big groups! The meal consists of 2 Medium Standard, two Medium Super Value and any two Regular Super Value pizzas. It also includes three sides; Garlic Bread, Korean Chicken Drumlets and Pandan Churros Balls, and a pair of 1.5L drinks.

And if you’re looking for some light snacks, you can choose from the Raya Sharing Snack Box for 2 to 4 pax from S$19.90, or the Raya Party Snack Box for 8 to 10 pax from S$29.90.

Order directly from Canadian Pizza online, and sweeten the deals by receiving some free dates (we obviously mean the edible kind).

Pepper Lunch

Everyone knows Pepper Lunch, right? The DIY casual dining restaurant has been serving good quality, delicious food at great prices for some time, from their signature Steaks and Pepper Rice to their Teppan Pastas and Japanese Classics — there’s bound to be something exciting to satisfy your taste buds. It is the place to be if you want a full dynamic dining experience.

For Ramadan, sizzle with excitement as Pepper Lunch offers their Ramadan Combo Feast at S$34.90. It includes a Spicy Teriyaki Seafood Trio, a combination of salmon steak, saba and scallops drizzled in sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce, the perfect choice for seafood lovers. It also includes a Jumbo Beef/Chicken Pepper Rice with 100% more beef and 200% more satisfaction, with two side dishes and any two soft drinks of your choosing. 

While it may be only available for dine-in at any of Pepper Lunch’s physical outlets, the self-grill meals present a unique Iftar experience with family and friends that you can only get at the restaurant!

Hei Sushi

Craving for some Japanese food? Like Sushi, perhaps? The classic Japanese food item is loved by many, and luckily for us, Hei Sushi is one restaurant that can satiate our cravings for it this Ramadan.

The halal-certified restaurant is ensuring that all its customers can enjoy high-quality halal Japanese cuisine. Among Hei Sushi’s offerings include a diverse range of delectable Japanese dishes, such as sushi, mini-baked rice, grilled yakimono, fusion udon, hibachi, and nabemono.

Indulge in Hei Sushi’s scrumptious Iftar Bundle for 4 pax at S$75, now available! This bundle includes a mouth-watering Special Ramadan Seafood Platter, crispy Yasai Kakiage, fragrant Japanese Rice, and comforting Miso Soup. 

With the bundle available for delivery, dine-in, and takeaway, you can savour some delicious Japanese dishes anywhere you like!

Order directly from them now to enjoy this limited-time promotion till 18 April too! 

We hope these suggestions interest you, and we wish you an early blessed, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Let us know your Iftar buys by sharing with us on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

Cover Photo courtesy of Thirdman (via Pexels). Additional visuals courtesy of Deli Hub and Cherry & Oak.

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