Bacha Coffee Celebrates Ramadan With A Whole Bacha Goodness

Know any coffee addicts, or are you one yourself? Heritage Moroccan brand, Bacha Coffee, most well-known for its quality Arabica coffee, which comes from reputable countries, is here to give you the caffeine kick you desperately need. 

In commemoration of Ramadan, the month of fasting, Bacha Coffee is now offering specially curated hampers and gift sets. Products do not contain pork or lard and the coffee bags are purely 100% Arabica beans, making it the perfect special gift, for you or your loved ones. 

New Moon Hamper

If you’re looking for a variety of goodness, the New Moon Hamper (S$260) features a Majorelle Coffee Canister, a large Parisian Press Coffee Pot in Gold with a generous 800ml capacity as well as two ground coffees to use with it; One of them is The Turkish Delight – which has a sweet-smelling wild honeycomb fragrance that is reminiscent of a dessert.

Bacha Coffee Ramadan; New Moon Hamper
Indulge in the full coffee experience with the New Moon Hamper.

The hamper also includes the Marocchissimo! The Signature Nomad Gift Box is filled with an aroma of spices, dried fruits and nuts. Lastly, the Caramel Stick Biscuits complete the set with its delightful dash of sweetness. 

Expedition Coffee Collection

Coffee enthusiasts can also opt for the Expedition Coffee Collection, which consists of Bacha Coffee’s most sought-after single-origin and fine-flavoured ground coffee selections. These come in two, four, or six 150g canisters priced at S$60, S$110 and S$160 respectively, and are chosen based on different travel themes.

Bacha Coffee Ramadan; Expedition To The Desert
Explore the world with the Expedition To The Desert Gift Set.

With the Expedition To The Desert gift set (S$160), you get to travel to the land of endless possibilities and sand from Marrakech, Milan and Sidamo Mountain if you opt for their six curated selections. Otherwise, the Expedition to El Campo gift set (S$60) allows you to roam through the streets of Brazil and Colombia with the duo of single-origin beans.

Festive Iftar Table

And if you’re preparing to get your house party-ready for the celebratory month of Eid, adorn your table with gold and silver timeless accessories for a festive touch.

Bacha Coffee Ramadan; Bacha Coffee Pot in Gold
Bedazzle your table with the Bacha Coffee Pot in Gold.

When you’re too busy entertaining guests, the Parisian Press (S$71 – S$115) is a well-loved accessory to steep grounds in, producing a strong cup on the quick. Additionally, the Bacha Coffee Filter in Gold (S$96) is an elegant, reusable filter that is a sustainable solution for crafting a pour-over. Pair it with the Coffee Pot in Gold (S$354) which sports a graceful gooseneck spout for the perfect pour – the perfect solution for when you’re overwhelmed during large gatherings at your crib.

A sprinkle of sugar is definitely needed after all that caffeine. The Biscuit Assortment- a trio of Cinnamon Stick biscuits, Caramel Stick Biscuits and Cracknel Butter Biscuits, is the perfect choice to serve alongside a fresh cup of coffee. 

Build Your Own Hamper

And if you’re tired of browsing online looking for personalised gifts, you can now build your very own hamper that comes complete with a complimentary note card and gift-wrapping service on Bacha Coffee’s website. 

Bacha Coffee Ramadan; Build Your Own Hamper
Make your gift infinitely more meaningful and memorable with a personalised Bacha Coffee Hamper.

Nothing is better than adding a personal touch to the gifts, especially for your loved ones during Ramadan, making it a meaningful gift for a meaningful month. 

So if you’re looking for gift ideas to gift your loved ones, or in the mood to treat yourself this Ramadan or Eid, head down to any of the physical Bacha Coffee stores or simply click the add to bag button on Bacha Coffee’s website.

Visuals courtesy of Bacha Coffee.

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